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My Favorite Choices Book

Do you get that tingle when you’re about to start a Choices chapter? Or a feeling of excitement when the music changes? Maybe when one of your favorite characters comes on the screen or the POV changes you do a happy dance? All of those relate to me. But which book do I relate the most with that?

You might ask why it’s this book but there are a lot of reasons why. Why i don’t I start with some of them. In no particular order:


From peppy ballroom music to energetic battle music to chirping crickets, this book had it all. The music was absolutely delightful to listen too. There was one soundtrack (the one that played while consoling Rose, or remembering a sad moment) that I could NOT get enough of.


Since we’re being honest, I didn’t think that I would like The Crown and The Flame… but I was dead wrong. Although it was the last I played from the first 3 books aired, it was the first that I had finished. From Aurelian sieges to Gabriel’s untimely death, this book had everything. Every twist left me craving for more; I was almost tempted to buy keys. Not diamonds, KEYS. That’s how in love I was with this series. And you don’t want to know how high-pitched my squeal was when I checked my phone one fateful Wednesday and saw Book 2…


The point system here was great. Being the only book other than the (now-defunct) Most Wanted, it flaunted this system, with 20% of the potential Prestige points appearing in Chapter 1! Some VERY important choices stemmed from how much Prestige/Power you had gained, ranging from saving Rose from death to slipping out of a Lykos spy’s attack. The best part was that it almost never costed diamonds to gain these benefits; they solely depended on skill.


Most other stories, such as The Freshman and The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, only offer the story through one point of view (POV)–that of the customizable main character. In The Crown and the Flame, you play as both Kenna and Dominic, and in Books 2 and 3 Val and Raydan play important roles in those respective books. Additionally, more plots in the story are accessible through other (potentially diamond-bought) POVs. These enriched the story, and I am glad that they existed.


Ever since the first chapter, Kenna’s web of allies kept growing, from spies to technological prodigies and dragons and more. Having allies not only increased your army score, but also gave mini occasional cameos from those characters. Heck, having Sparky and Bubbles gave a super cute cutscene at the end of the book! Allies were one of the best features in TC&TF, alongside…


The weapons were another great feature! Each weapon served a different purpose at the time it was introduced, but all ended up having the same purpose: aiding Kenna in battle. Some weapons were amazing in their sense of badassery such as the Deadman’s Flail, while others were better to gawk at, a la the Golden Mountain Fang. Utilizing weapons were really fun and I will admit to imagining some while waiting for Book 3 (they all rhymed kek).


The army score was one of the most integral points of this series! Whether it was counting Kenna’s troops at the siege of Stormholt or at the Battle of the Bay, the army just kept growing and growing! it also helped our allies revere us and make our enemies fear us. I, personally, loved seeing Azura be scared upon seeing how many soldiers I had. But the best part about the army score? Making smart choices would give it to you, and you could still gain more troops for your army score without the usage of diamonds.

And best for last…


The characters were what made this book amazing. From main characters like Princess Kenna and fire-wielder Dominic to minor characters like soldiers Eda and Claudius, they were completely different and complemented the story perfectly. I was so invested with this story’s cast. I cried when Gabriel died–and I never cry. Whenever I gained an ally, I would cheer, knowing that I would see a character more often. And these characters were realistic and flawed too: Dominic had a problem with controlling his fire in Book 2, Raydan never told anyone about his plans involving spying on Azura, Leon had an affair with Queen Adriana, etc. Plus, these characters would react differently depending on how you acted with them: Diavolos would betray you if you acted rudely towards him and Annelyse would only flirt with you if you followed her to the Aurelian gardens. These characters helped make this story wonderful and I love each and every one of them.

This is why The Crown and The Flame is my favorite of the many Choices books. Feel free to reblog this post!


ImWithKanye’s Top GIFs of 2013:

15. TLC, “Waterfalls”

14. Beyonce, “Superpower”

13. Tilda Swinton leading 1,500 person dance-along

12. Beyonce, “Haunted”

11. Debra Messing’s face during the Tony Awards

10. Leonardo DiCaprio laughing

9. Amanda Bynes lost in the world

8. Rick Owens SS 2014

7. First Look: The Normal Heart

6. Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler singing carols with strangers

5. Paris Hilton and her 35 pets

4. Ballroom battle

3. NC State baseball player twerking 

2. Jennifer Lawrence photo-bombing Sarah Jessica Parker

1. Dancing flamingo

You know, I love the Allydia queen-and-knight thing that fandom’s got going on and all, but what about the reverse?

Allison as the warrior queen, beautiful, shining, bold, who took her kingdom by the sword and will protect it with her life, queen of silver crown and silver bow, fierce and just glorious ruler.  Lydia as her very most loyal and beloved lady-in-waiting, who keeps Allison’s hearth and castle warm.

(And when the other sort of battles need to be fought, the duels of sharp and poisoned tongue, and honeyed words, and secrets kept or whispered in glorious ballrooms–well, in those battles, the Lady Lydia will ever be her Queen’s very best champion.)