ballroom battle




ImWithKanye’s Top GIFs of 2013:

15. TLC, “Waterfalls”

14. Beyonce, “Superpower”

13. Tilda Swinton leading 1,500 person dance-along

12. Beyonce, “Haunted”

11. Debra Messing’s face during the Tony Awards

10. Leonardo DiCaprio laughing

9. Amanda Bynes lost in the world

8. Rick Owens SS 2014

7. First Look: The Normal Heart

6. Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler singing carols with strangers

5. Paris Hilton and her 35 pets

4. Ballroom battle

3. NC State baseball player twerking 

2. Jennifer Lawrence photo-bombing Sarah Jessica Parker

1. Dancing flamingo

You know, I love the Allydia queen-and-knight thing that fandom’s got going on and all, but what about the reverse?

Allison as the warrior queen, beautiful, shining, bold, who took her kingdom by the sword and will protect it with her life, queen of silver crown and silver bow, fierce and just glorious ruler.  Lydia as her very most loyal and beloved lady-in-waiting, who keeps Allison’s hearth and castle warm.

(And when the other sort of battles need to be fought, the duels of sharp and poisoned tongue, and honeyed words, and secrets kept or whispered in glorious ballrooms–well, in those battles, the Lady Lydia will ever be her Queen’s very best champion.)