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Can you pretttttyyy pretttyyyy please write a fic for this prompt? Castle misses or forgets Becketts birthday

When she wakes, it’s not to the smell of fresh coffee or pancakes, it’s not to balloons crowding the ceiling (something he’s done more than once on this particular day of the year), nor is it to her husband propped against her side, waiting with a soft grin on his lips and a raspy, oh so welcome ‘Happy Birthday’ in his mouth.

Kate’s brow furrows as she shifts, sitting up and scanning their bedroom, empty save for him. But the loft isn’t, of that she’s certain.

She can hear the low tenor of Castle’s voice from the living room, attempting to soothe the high-pitched sounds of her boys, whiny and restless at seven in the morning. Lily must still be sleeping; after all, Kate’s birthday did fall on a Saturday this year. 

Kate touches the space beside her, cool with his absence, and shoves the sheets from her thighs. She slips from the bed, snagging the pair of his boxer shorts she had worn to bed last night, still strewn across the floor, tugging them on to accompany the drape of his t-shirt along her torso.

She isn’t quiet in her wakening, going to the bathroom, flushing the toilet and running the sink, padding out into his office with her bare feet tapping along the hardwood floors, entering the living room with a bated breath, but… he doesn’t even glance up from his position on the couch. Reece is laid out on one of the cushions, his chubby legs kicking while his father attempts to wrestle him into the clean onesie, and adoration floods her system at the sight. 

It soothes the unwarranted disappointment at his lack of acknowledgement. She’s used to him sensing the moment she walks into a room, but he’s busy with their son and it’s so unfair of her to expect so much when he’s already given her everything.


His eyes fly up to see her and he offers her his usual morning smile, a quick flash of his teeth, but nothing out of the ordinary, no mischievous sparkle in his eyes or excitement tugging at his lips.

Just another normal day.

“Hey, sleep okay?”

Her heart sinks a little and she hates herself for it, for how selfish she’s being. He woke up early, took her turn in the twins’ morning feeding, and she’s hurt by his lack of enthusiasm for her birthday? Not cool, Kate.

It’s just… he’s never not gone out of his way to make her birthday special, even when she hadn’t wanted him to, and perhaps she became a bit too spoiled by the eager attention. But she had learned to enjoy it when it was coming from him, cherished all the ways he had made her look forward to this day after it had become nothing more than another dreaded yearly occasion once her mother was no longer around to celebrate it.

“Yeah, great. Thanks for taking my turn with the boys,” she murmurs, stepping forward to cup his shoulder with her palm, bending to dust a kiss to his temple, bowing to blow a raspberry over Reece’s bare chest.

Her baby boy giggles and Kate taps his nose with the tip of her finger before drawing back.

“Not a problem. They actually slept in a little today, didn’t wake until six,” he informs her and she sighs, threads her fingers through his hair before she can head to the kitchen.

This is her first birthday with Jake and Reece in their lives, the first time they’ve had two six month olds to look after; no wonder he forgot. There are far more important things than her birthday on his mind and she’s glad, grateful.

“You’re a wonderful father,” she states, watching his gaze startle up to meet hers, bright blue and soft, loving.

“And you’re a wonderful mother, Kate,” he replies, reaching up to snag her fingers, dragging the top of her hand to his lips. “You okay?”

“Of course,” she murmurs, stroking her thumb to her chin before she drifts towards the kitchen, stalling along the way to find Jake in his bouncy seat, beaming up at her with… a small bouquet of balloons tied to the baby bouncer that she hadn’t been able to see from the living room area.

Her lips part and she spins back towards Castle, notices him already watching her, striding forward with Reece in his arms, his onesie buttoned up with ‘Happy Birthday, Mommy!’ embroidered across the tiny chest area.

“Castle,” she whispers, feeling like an even bigger idiot than she had five minutes ago when her eyes begin to water.

“You really think I would ever forget your birthday?” he teases, reaching forward to cover the bone of her hip with his palm. “When I’ve been celebrating it like a national holiday since I finally found out the date less than a year after we started working together?”

Kate bites her lip and sways into him, one hand rising to his chest and the other landing atop Reece’s kicking leg. 

“I know, I just-”

“Nothing could ever make me forget your birthday, Kate,” he murmurs, his lips at her eyebrow, and she nudges her nose to his cheek, lets her eyes flutter closed against his skin. “Too important.”

“Never more important than this,” she hums, touching her lips to the corner of his mouth, grinning when Reece coils his tiny fingers around one of hers and Jake shouts from his bouncy seat, calling for attention.

Castle squeezes her hip before he lets her go and Kate turns to retrieve Jake from his bouncer, hoisting him into her arms and allowing him to lean towards the still floating balloons drifting towards them with outstretched fingers.

“Happy Birthday, Mommy!” Lily’s voice resounds through the loft as she bounds down the stairs in her pajamas, a wide smile claiming her lips and a bouquet of wildflowers in her arms that she recognizes from Castle’s favorite shop down the street.

“Thank you, baby,” Kate chuckles, descending to her haunches at the foot of the stairs to embrace the rush of her daughter into her side.

Jake squeals with delight, Lily’s excitement catching, and Kate presses a kiss to the top of her daughter’s head, accepts the flowers with an awed smile.

“They’re gorgeous, Lil. Thank you.”

Lily beams, preening just like her father does under praise. “Daddy helped me pick them out. Oh, can we make mommy’s special birthday breakfast now, Daddy?”

“Sure, Peanut,” Castle calls back from the kitchen, bouncing Reece on his hip while he starts the coffee. “Come get your apron.”

Her four year old bounces on her toes, smacks a kiss to her mother’s cheek, and skips into the kitchen.

“We’re having a special family breakfast, then Lily has scheduled a ‘mommy and me’ birthday lunch, and finally, Alexis and my mother have volunteered to team up to babysit the munchkins tonight so you and I can have a special birthday dinner,” Castle announces, shooting her a wink that has a pleasant mixture of heat and affection swirling through her bloodstream.

“Special, huh?” she muses, approaching her family in the kitchen and holding her arm out for Reece as Castle begins helping Lily drag out cooking supplies from the cabinets. 

“Ours is gonna be the best part, Momma,” Lily pipes up, grinning triumphantly with her child-sized spatula in her grasp. 

“Stop trying to steal my thunder, child,” Castle huffs, bumping Lily with his knee, eliciting another giggle and Kate can’t help but release a quiet sigh, snuggling both of her boys to her chest, relishing the nuzzle of Reece’s cheek against her neck and the patting of Jake’s small palm to her clavicle. 

She’d hated that she cared so much about something as minuscule as her birthday, about celebrating it, but when it gave her even more excuses to have quality time with her family like this, the people she loves most… how could she not anticipate it with such bubbling excitement in her veins?

“Rick,” she calls, briefly distracting him from his instructions to Lily on how to mix the pancake batter, but earning the full attention of his eyes on hers. But he already knows without having to ask. “It’s already special. All of it.”

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Prompt: One shot AU- Riley and Lucas are single parents and they meet each other at a playground with their kids. They decide to go on dates + “I’m falling for you and I hope you’re falling for me.”

Word Count: 2,801

For: @josiebearx Thank you for waiting. I hope you’re pleased. :)

“Riles, you two got divorced two years ago. I think it’s time to move on.”

Her blonde best friend was right, but the wounds of her divorce from Charlie Garner were still fairly tender. In high school Riley was swept of her feet when Charlie asked her to homecoming by being a cliche romantic. He filled her locker petals, made balloons fall from the ceiling, and even got her classmate Yogi to rollerskate to hand her bouquet of flowers. After the dance they began dating through the rest of high school and two year of college before he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Everything felt perfect to Riley. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Sebastian Ryder. Riley’s fairytale soon came to halt when she found Charlie and some red haired woman in their bed. 6 years of marriage down the drain.

“Hon, are you still there? Listen, I know you feel like you can’t trust another man after what happened, but you can’t give up on love, Maya said sincerely through the phone.

“I know, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back in the dating world,” Riley confessed.

“You don’t have to right now. Just get out of the house and take a peek at the other fish in the sea. And I have the perfect idea on how you can: take Sebastian to the playground,” Maya suggested.


The best thing that came out of her marriage with Charlie. Riley was allowed to gain full custody of him because Charlie’s new girlfriend didn’t want kids. Sebastian was currently the only boy that could make her smile and filled her heart with so much love.

Riley looked over to her 5 year old son who was currently playing Jurassic World with his dinosaurs in the living room.

“I guess that’s not a bad idea. Sebastian could use some fresh air,” Riley agreed with her friend.

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I’m turning 20teen this 2017 and I’m planning to have a kiddie party. Haha. I never had a kiddie party or at least a party on my birthday. Laging kakain lang sa labas with the family, ganern. Eh kasi naman, March 30 birthday ko laging graduating mga tao. Ewan ko ba, every year ba sila guma-graduate? Chos!

And then gusto ko maranasan yung surprise surprise. Yung madaming balloons sa ceiling ko with nakasabit na mga memories/pictures, ganun. Eh kaso wala namang nagmamahal sa akin, kahit friends walang ka-sweet sweet sa kapwa friends nila. Hays. Hahaha.

Pero before yun, gusto ko makatanggap ng sunflower this Valentine’s Day. 💖

Also – pre-teen Clark Kent problems include randomly floating off the back porch and drifting uncontrollably upward while your parents scream in terror. Then you spend ten minutes hanging onto a goddamn weather vane screaming and crying until your dad gets a ladder tall enough to come up there and pull you down. 

Your nightmares include: falling into the sky and then dying of suffocation in space. Or floating up really high, then falling so far you hit the ground and die. 

The Signs At a Party
  • Aries: eating chips; slowly sipping at her beer while people watching
  • Taurus: creepily staring at crush from afar
  • Gemini: attempting to get the balloons from the ceiling; a lot of sloppy jumping while ppl watched
  • Cancer: drumming on pots and pans w chopsticks; thinks they're dave groul
  • Leo: being emo
  • Virgo: singing w Sagg
  • Libra: grindin to get some o dat gooooood shit yes sign her the fuuuck uppp
  • Scorpio: eating chips w aries and slurping from a bottle of wine
  • Sagittarius: singing terribly loud along to the music w Virgo
  • Aquarious: shakin dat booty
  • Capricorn: gettin high w Pices
  • Pices: high off their ass
It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to

Songfic of ‘Pity Party’ by Melanie Martinez

Words: 1180

Genre: Angst

Warnings: lots of homophobia/homophobic slurs, cursing, negativity, etc.

A/N: We don’t do this song justice, pls listen to it while reading this for the Complete Angst Experience™

Author(s): @lestersb00ty @amazing-fil


“Did my invitations disappear,

Why’d I put my heart on every cursive letter?

Tell me why the hell no one is here,                      

Tell me what to do to make it all feel better”

Dan was sat on the couch of his living room, pink and blue balloons lazily floating at the ceiling. Everything for his birthday party was perfect; the invitations were sent out to everyone he knew at school, and the decorations were in soft pastels to match his outfit. He had bought it specifically for all of his guests to see and think he was beautiful. Thinking that all of his friends would love him in a new baby pink sweater and a white skirt, Daniel had snatched it from a shelf in Charlotte Russe and bought it with some of the money he stole. He had been sitting for about 30 minutes, smiling and waiting for the familiar ringing of his doorbell.

“Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me

Whatever, whatever,

Just means there’s way more cake for me       

Forever, forever”

But.. it never came. He waited for another 30 minutes, and another, and another, until  soon he felt the strong twisting in his stomach, begging him to puke. He had been abandoned. He stood up and walked over to the telephone and started to call everyone on his list, in alphabetical order. All of them rang out to a dead line, except for his best friend Chris.

“Hey Chris!” Dan’s voice cracked. “A-are you coming?” he played with the frills on his skirt as he looked down at his feet.

“Oh, uh hello, Dan.” Chris answered. “…What should I be coming to? Exactly?”

“My… my party. It’s my birthday party today…. I thought I told you a million times,” Dan tried to talk through the lump in his throat that was growing rapidly.

“Oh, shit.” He mumbled. “I-Uh-I can’t, my…my cat is sick and she’s-” he was cut off.

“You don’t have to lie.” Dan said bluntly.

“Well what do you want me to say? That everyone ridicules me for hanging out with ‘Prince Daniel’? Even I’m scared you’re gonna hit on me for fuck’s sake. So, no, I’m not coming to your stupid little girls party.” Chris snapped back into the receiver.

Dan dropped the phone, and let the tears drop too.

“Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if i want to,

Cry if I want to, cry, cry, cry,

I’ll cry until the candles burn down this place

I’ll cry until my pity party’s in flames”

Maybe if I knew all of them well

I wouldn’t have been trapped inside this hell that holds me

Maybe if I casted out a spell                                       

But told them decorations were in pastel ribbons”

Dan started panicking in the middle of where everyone should have been if he wasn’t so alone. He was crying, the makeup on his face was running; dabbing under his left eye he could feel that all the concealer he put on earlier was rubbing off, exposing his black eye. He ran to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. His reflection made him so angry; that black eye was all his fault. He should have just shut his damn mouth and tried to fit in and play straight, and maybe those boys wouldn’t have done it. Why did he have to be this way? Why was he such a disgrace that even his best friend wanted nothing to do with him?. He kicked the sink in rage.

“Ow, ow, ok, shi-ow.” he grabbed his foot and hobbled up the stairs to his bedroom. He smashed open his door and ripped the sheets from his light blue bed. He took the scissors from his neatly organized desk. Dan began stabbing and cutting the cloth into shreds, ripping the frill and pom-poms off, sniffling quietly. It was a peculiar sight, quiet and deathly. He held up the masterpiece he had created. He threw it away in anger and stomped down stairs, fists still clenching onto the scissors.

“I’m laughing, I’m crying

It feels like I’m dying

I’m laughing, I’m crying

It feels like I’m dying

I’m laughing, I’m crying

It feels like I’m dying

I’m dying, I’m dying

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”

If no one was coming to his fucking party why even have it set up? Why does it even fucking matter? Dan stormed around his house and screamed, beginning his uncontrolled tantrum. He screamed out all of the horrible things people at school had said to him as he ripped down every meticulously placed adornment.

“Why the hell are you wearing a skirt, freak? Are you a fucking girl or something?!”

He shrieked in a mock voice as he stabbed the balloons right out of the air.

Fucking fairy can’t even think straight.”

Dan knew he was acting rash, but he couldn’t help it. His hands moved without consent. His brain raged with blank shapes. He dragged the scissors across the dining table, creating a long line.

“Does Prince Daniel need to be carried?”

Dan stabbed hard into the cake at the middle of the table. Picking it up and throwing it onto the ground in front of him, he stomped on it and splattered icing on his once perfect outfit.

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to

I’ll cry until the candles burn down this place

I’ll cry until my pity party’s in flames”

“Nobody loves faggots.”

Daniel screamed at the top of his lungs. He was broken. He knew nobody cared about him; his ‘friends’, his family, no one. They wouldn’t give a fuck if he dropped dead right then, and you know what? Neither did he. It always has been and always be like this; he would always be the little gay boy who would never find. Who everyone beat up. He already had a black eye for fuck’s sake.

Dan was sitting in the middle of all the chaos he created. Popped balloons, a smashed cake, fabric everywhere, and shattered glass. There wasn’t anything he wanted more than to to just disappear; he was going to strip himself down to nothing anyways. What did anyone have to lose if he just died? He thought that things would just be better off without him and his tantrums and mental problems. He was just an inconvenience.

“It’s my party, it’s-it’s my party

It’s my party, it’s-it’s my party

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to, cry cry cry cry”

With his face cradled in his hands he wept. This is what he was waiting for! A perfect little pity party, with just him and his twisted thoughts. But then, a sharp ring echoed throughout the house. Daniel’s head shot up. He slowly stood up and walked down the stairs. He held the knob with white knuckles, turning slowly. Dan opened the door and there stood Phil Lester.

“Happy Birthday!”

i think my favorite thing is going to the drugstore and buying snacks after work and i think my even more favorite thing is when all my stuff is buy one get one and i walk up to the register and the guy is like, “do you have a card?” and i’m like, “no, i’m buying all this stuff in twos because i don’t give a shit about deals and i’m totally not the card holding deal master of destiny spoken of in the legends- oh wait i DO have a card. look! look at how the reward savings are identical to the total! you don’t have balloons to drop from the ceiling when stuff like this happens? why isn’t everyone behind me in line carrying me on their shoulders? i’m about to walk outside and see two moons in the sky because i’ve clearly transcended to another world. cool…cool, okay. see you tomorrow.”

aesthetic for the venus signs
  • aries venus: roller coasters, bonfires, bloody knuckles
  • taurus venus: potted plants, cropped sweaters, soft denim
  • gemini venus: high waisted shorts, bubblegum, balloons on ceilings
  • cancer venus: hair cut just above the shoulders, knee high socks, pale blue eyes
  • leo venus: gold glitter, shiny hair, crowns
  • virgo venus: cats, antique pianos, that book smell
  • libra venus: pastel pink hair, light pink lipgloss, angel emoji
  • scorpio venus: cigarettes, tattoo chokers, lace
  • sagittarius venus: being in nature, ripped jeans, sneakers
  • capricorn venus: black and white stripes, black coffee, ink stained hands
  • aquarius venus: chunky black boots, alien emojis, laughing so hard you can't breathe
  • pisces venus: really pale skin, soft blankets, being surprisingly sassy
I Do Love Surprises||CLOSED|| Therani-queenofscience


Missy had practically been counting down the days. Setting up a few plans behind the scenes, buying decorations, making sure everything went swimmingly for the woman’s birthday. Hopefully this went different and she were appreciated for her efforts- and that she actually remembered. Always the kicker with living this long. Days seem to mesh together and make one lone day out of a week, or a month even.

The TARDIS was strung with streamers, balloons practically covering the ceiling of the console room. Confuting was strewn across the metal flooring and streamers were delicately wrapped around the railing for extra je ne se qua. A large paper sign was strung across the main entrance to the room that read “Happy Birthday Bitch” the last word looking like it had been added in with red paint- still not quite dry. 

The Time Lady took one last glance around, a wide grin spread across her face. “She’s going to love this… whether she wants to or not” She spoke to herself and plucked a party horn from the gift bag she’d bought at some local shop and made her way down the hallways and to the birthday girl’s room. Popping her head in first, she smiled and walked in careful not to wake her quite yet. Missy sat on the edge of her bed, drew in a deep breath and blew on the horn. “Upsy Daisy, Birthday girl!!” She exclaimed, a light glint of excitement in her eyes. “I’ve got so much planned for you today, I do. But go ahead- ask me what’s first. Ask me!”

New Year Headcannons

Hannah and Beth are always excited for the New Year party. While Josh would rather sleep that day.

“Mike we need like 50% more alcohol here”

Mike isn’t sure if Jess is a recovering alcoholic or what

Matt can’t drink ANY of this! PULL OUT THE SODA!


Emily stop buying all the New Year hats, glasses, necklaces, and whatever the hell else you grabbed!

Ashley these are too many balloons. Ashley the ceiling is covered with them.

Sam made so much food. A lot of food. Much food.

Josh don’t you drink another drop of alcohol, you’re not sleeping your way through this one.

When it’s time for the count down, everyone grabs a party popper and finds the one they wanted to kiss.

3….2….1….HAPPY NEW YEAR-this room is filled with way too much kissing.

when he makes you cum and confetti & balloons fall from the ceiling while celebratory music plays and your friends walk thru the door to enthusiastically congratulate him