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You didn't think much of the balloons at first, assumed they were for someone's birthday party. But they were still there the next day, and the day after that, and by the fourth day you could swear that they were getting closer to your dorm room with every passing hour. A week in you asked your roommate about it- the balloons were near the hall doors now, impossible to ignore. Your roommate said they hadn't seen any balloons nearby for some time now. They're outside your door now. Waiting.

they a r r i v e

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Balloonsssss \('0')/

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I had to do a double-take on this ask before remembering about the Adventures of Eptory :’D Eptory’s just the anagram of Poetry, which is what the project circles around. Ahahah… did it for the first year of my high school language arts class ;3. (((this is what you’re talking about……… is it? >:’D)))

Btw….. highly recommend watching The Red Balloon. It’s so beautiful and will get you in the feels ;3