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Average Person: “My dream wedding is to wear a white dress, get married on the beach or a farm. Have glowing balloons or lanterns. I just really want it to be magical. What’s yours?”

 “Goth and Halloween. I’m getting married in a cemetery. the after party will be wild and take place in a haunted hotel. Everyone is dressing in costumes. It’s going to be spooky. A psychic will be there. Balloons will be filled with fake blood so don’t pop one or you’ll get bloody. Salem, Salem, Salem. Just a whole lot of spooky.”

Average person: ………..

Family time

Requested by: @luceromma4403
Pairings: Reader x Roman Reigns x Jojo
Warnings: Fluffy
Summary: Reader and husband Roman Reigns get a day off, so they decided to take Jojo to Disney World.

You and your husband were both WWE superstars who barley got anytime off.There was a lot of traveling and a lot of being away from home, which was hard for both of you because you had a daughter at home.Now Jojo wasn’t your biological daughter, but she was still your daughter regardless, she even called you mommy.

You and Roman finally had a day off and decided to make the most of it.You lived in Florida, so what better way to spend the day then at Disney World. It was going to be perfect, just you, Roman, and Joelle.

“Do you want to tell her or should I?”
“You go ahead.”

You made your way into Joelle’s room and sat beside her on the bed.She was still sleeping.You caressed her hair making her move a little bit.

“Jojo, baby it’s time to wake up.”

Her eyes began to flutter open and you could hear Roman walking up the hall, into the door way.She yawned and rubbed her eyes, finally waking up completely.

“Good morning mommy.”
“Good morning princess.”

She look over and saw her Roman in the corner of the room and started to get suspicious.

“What’s wrong?”

You chuckled and brought her into your lap.

“Nothing…me and daddy just have some exciting news.”
“What is it, ooo is it a puppy?”
“No it’s better than a puppy”

She started to get antsy, which made you and Roman chuckle.She was so cute.

“What is it daddy?”

Roman just smiled at her and made and ‘I don’t know face’, which annoyed her, so she looked back to your for answers.

“Okay, okay, okay, okay…WERE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!“

Her faced lit up with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.She jumped up and gave you a huge bear hug.


you barley managed to get out an your welcome before she flew out of your arms and into Roman’s.

“THANK YOU DADDY.THANK YOU.THANK YOU.THANK YOU”, she said while kissing his face all over.
“Anything for my princess.”

He put her down and she ran to her bed, jumping on it, yelling “I’m going to Disney world” over and over.

“Okay, now time to get ready”
“Okay daddy.”

You and Roman left the room while Jojo got in the shower.You two had already got ready, so you packed while she was in the shower.

“Hey babe, did you pack any ponchos?”
“No, we don’t need any.”

You turned and to look at your husband, glaring at him.

“What if it rains?”
“It won’t rain.”
“And if it does?”
“Okay fine I’ll get some.”

You smiled and kissed him on the cheek as you walked past him.

“Jojo, baby you ready?”
“Ya, here I come I just need to put my ears on.”

She came running down the steps dressed in her full Minnie Mouse costume.Her long curls were down and she had her Minnie Mouse headband in with a Red polka-dot bow.

“You look absolutely beautiful, Jojo.”

She smiled and flip her hair, as if telling you I know.She was just so sassy and confident, you loved that about her.

“Alright Jojo, go get in the car.”
“Okay, daddy.”

She grabbed your hand and started running out the front door.You opened the backdoor for her and made sure her self belt was tight enough, then got in the car your self waiting for Roman.Joelle rolled down her window and stuck her head out.

“Come on daddy, were ready to go.”

Roman walked out side with his hands up above his head.

“Okay, okay I’m coming just let me lock up the house before we leave.”
“Hey mommy, can we listen to my princess CD?”
“Ya, of course.”

You put in her CD, which had every single song from all Disney princess movies on it.
Roman got into the car and his head fell back against the seat with a sigh when he heard the music.

“Were listing to this the whole way aren’t we?”

Jojo smiled and said “yep.” Roman looked at you shaking his head.You just smiled at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips, then turned to jojo and yelled…



Joelle’s face lit up the moment she saw the Magic Kingdom from a couple of miles away.She was so excited that she could barley sit still.When you all held hands and walked to the get your bags checked and got to the park.There were two ways to get there a, ferry boat or shuttle.Jojo wanted to take the boat.You asked someone to take pictures of you all on the boat, you all looked like a perfect family.

Once you got to the park the first thing you saw was all the gift shops and a there were some of the Disney characters taking pictures with everyone.The first thing you all did was meet all the Disney characters that were in that area of the park and then you visited all the gift shops.You and Jojo got necklaces made with all of your names on it and put it on.You all made your way onto Main street and Mickey and Minnie were there.

“Look it’s Mickey and Minnie, we have to go get our pictures made.”

She grabbed your hands and dragged us both over to them. Jojo got her picture made with them, then we made our way to the front of the castle.You got someone to take pictures of you all.You took a bunch of them in front of the castle. You took one of Roman holding Jojo and you both kissing her cheeks, one of just Jojo ,and one one of just You and Roman.Then you all made your way into the castle, where you had lunch with Cinderella.After you left the castle, behind it was the carousel, gift shops, and so more princess themed hangouts.

You bought Joelle some toys, met the princess that were there and then started going towards the next section off the park.

“Okay I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to ride some rides.”
“Me to, how bout it Jojo you ready to ride some rides?”

You and Roman had got the FastPass+ passes to skip the lines, so you got threw the rides pretty quickly. It was getting dark and you Guys had made it threw the whole park. Meet every character, rode every ride, not to mention Jojo practically had a new toy box full of toys to bring home.You made you way back to main street and just in time too.They were clearing the road for the light parade.You got Jojo one of the balloons that glowed with a Mickey mouse silhouette inside, and luckily they had a plastic outer casing so they would last for a while.You all found a spot to watch the parade and got cozy, well as cozy as you could with a bunch of strangers crowding around you.

The parade was beautiful.Every single float was covered in led lights.Jojo was so happy.Her face was as lit up as the floats, she kept turning around and tapping on you and Roman to look, and kept thanking you for bringing her here.It truly was magical.

After the parade it was time for the fire works.Everyone was finding a place to sit down to watch them.You were so glad you had packed a blanket for you a to sit on.You all got lucky, there was a spot in front of the Walt Disney fountain , and you all ran to it before anyone else got it.You laid out the blanket and Roman sat down leaning against the fountain.You sat beside him, head on his shoulders and Jojo in both of your laps.The fire works started and your eyes lit up just as much as Jojo’s. The air was filled with OOS and AHS, it was amazing.

“There so beautiful.”
“So are you.”

You turned to look at your husband, blushing hardcore. After being together for 5 years, he still makes you feel like the only girl in the world.

“I love you so much.”
“Not as much as I love you.”

He gave you a kiss and turned his attention back to the fire works. Your family really was perfect, and you couldn’t wait to add a new addition to it…

  • such a gentleman at the start of your friendship
  • honestly he would always open doors for you, pull out your chair for you to sit on, speaking in a calm voice
  • but oh dear once you two are closer friends expect him to stop doing that 
  • he’ll rush to the door and enter it then hold it so you can’t open it, laughing at your reaction bc you cant open the door
  • but like one night he notices that every time he’s with you he feels something in his heart, but he denies it for months
  • every time he sees you hes like !!! jooheon!!! relax ur heart!!!! but then you start joking around with him more and you notice he starts laughing and/or getting more flustered with 99% of what you say
  • honestly once he finally accepts that he likes you he’ll confess with like little notes
  • but you’re such close friends that you laugh bc its not high school anymore and out of all ways he chose notes
  • then you open the notes and youre so blushy and shy 
  • OPEN THIS ALONE!! -ur fave, jooheon
  • “i like you ok bye”
  • “i also want to go on a date with you”
  • and you write back with “i like you too!♡”
  • cue jooheon’s dimples showing for the next two weeks
  • he’ll train for a lot more energy, his raps will be louder in live shows and his dances show his energy
  • this just comes from you and he’s just!!! never going to get over!!! the fact that he can call!!! an angel like you!!! his!!
  • he loves taking you to his studio, showing you his work and soon later creating a mixtape track dedicated to you
  • once you’re like freestyle rap for me
  • and he’s like “uh.. yeah.. jooheon… my ducky…” and then he gets all shy and he just raps a verse in amen 
  • he probably gets every cheesy idea from kdramas and tv shows
  • films and photographs everything, he doesn’t want to lose a memory with you
  • probably wants to do your makeup a lot and draw silly things with eyeliner
  • if you want him to do aegyo he’ll be like no.. i’m not THAT good at it.. and then burst with aegyo and youre laughing
  • and he’s like YEAH! HIP HOP! and you laugh even more and he continues bc he just wants to see you laugh and smile and be so happy bc HE made you happy
  • sometimes he’s just so mesmerised by you and he just stumbles over his words and his feet and he’s just like you saw nothing!!!!
  • if you ever read something negative about yourself jooheon’s voice will be so serious like it’s deep and he takes whatever he says into deep sincerity and consideration
  • “you’re more worth than what you think,”,”don’t listen to them, you’re my little precious baby, okay?”
  • rarely shows pda but if you’re alone and cuddling with anime or disney movies playing he’ll cuddle you and kiss you and hug you and compliment you
  • very competitive so he’ll give you a 30 second silent treatment if you beat him by like getting the cat he wanted in neko atsume or something 
  • he can’t stay mad at you, because he loves you so much so he’s like “it’s okay.. i can get it next time”
  • you love pinching his cheeks and poking his dimples, so when you ask he happily allows 
  • he’s like “do it whenever you want!!!”
  • do not watch horror movies with him, he’ll whine a lot and he’ll hide under the blanket and hold your hand tightly and he’s just so scared and all he wanted was to hold you against him, not be afraid!!
  • matching couple plushes is his favorite!! or matching snapbacks
  • honestly will text you with the stupidest things like “minhyuk just farted and it smells like horse poo”
  • and you’re like “i didn’t want to know that” but he’s like “i’m texting you everything so that it seems like you’re here with me!”
  • your 100 day anniversary will be so memorable; a night picnic on the roof top with balloons and glow in the dark bracelets and lightsticks
  • and. stargazing
  • he’ll be so amazed but he loves just lying on the picnic rug and you’re lying on his stomach and it’s just so peaceful and he loves it
  • his kisses are soft and you can feel his love within those kisses
  • he just loves!! kissing you!!
  • probably spends his 11:11 wishes on you like “11:11 to have an everlasting love with my beautiful date”
  • he’s the rapper, he’s been on smtm, he’s often on variety shows, he needs to write his mixtape, to train, to compose, he’ll get stressed
  • jooheon stressed is more like quiet, closes his social walls, etc
  • so if you went to help him and relax him, he’ll love you more than he ever did and appreciate you so much more
  • saying i love you isn’t very frequent but isn’t so occasional, it’s when he’s just like. they’re so amazing right now and i couldn’t ask for someone better to date
  • that’s when he’ll say i love you
  • but other than that he’ll say it in other ways, such as
  • please eat up and don’t starve yourself!
  • have a safe car ride! 
  • you look extra cute today!
  • lee jooheon is the ultimate bf tbh
2PM and Your Diary

What if 2PM found your diary lying open and noticed you’d written things about them?

Jun.K – He’d feel guilty but he would read the whole thing and never tell you. His insecurities would lead him to have concerns in a relationship that you really meant what you said to him and if he was truly making you happy. This would be a way for him to get that reassurance and he wouldn’t be able to pass the opportunity by. Positive comments would utterly melt his heart and make him feel like a king. Anything negative would hurt him but he’d make an effort to change things if he could. “I’m sorry…but I just…need to know.”

Taecyeon – At first he really wouldn’t intend to read it. But when his name on the page caught his eye the “King of Foul” would assert his presence, unable to resist getting that peek inside your brain to see how he’s doing. He’d be fairly analytical when reading it and would definitely tell you his thoughts about what you wrote. Initially he wouldn’t get too sentimental about the things you liked he’d just note that it was appreciated and he was going in the right direction. Negative comments would irritate more than hurt because he thought he was on the mark. It would be a few days later that the feelings behind what you wrote would sink into his heart and give him a warm glow. “Balloons in a car trunk are romantic damn it.”

Nichkhun – Would totally and unabashedly read it and you’d never know. Primarily his interest would lie in making sure you were happy and that you two were on the same page in the relationship. But aside from that he’d enjoy the ego stroking. He’d also look for anything he could use to his advantage to keep you swooning for him. Anything negative would hurt his feelings but it would depend on what it was regarding if he would consider making changes. “Mental note: she really likes it when I tuck her hair behind her ear.”

Wooyoung – He’d want to read it so badly the struggle would be real. His guilty conscience would win out but it would nearly kill him. It’d almost be a physical pain for him. He desperately wants to know how you see him but he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye later and not tell you what he did. He’d also scold you for leaving such private things out in the open. He wouldn’t be sure he could resist a second time. “You can’t test a man like that jagiya, it’s cruel.”

Junho – When he sees your diary lying out curiosity would overwhelm him. In his mind he’d justify it by thinking it was the same as showing you his lyrics. After reading one entry though his conscience would creep in and he’d be unable to continue. Anything positive he learned would be tainted by a guilty feeling that he just couldn’t handle. The next time he saw you he’d fess up to reading an entry and apologize. “I just wish you’d tell me what’s in your heart directly babe.”

Chansung – He wouldn’t be too tempted by this nor would he think much about it. He definitely wants to know what’s on your mind but he’d rather find out by asking you and sharing deep conversations. He’s also the type to take at face value what you tell him. He’d believe what you say so he wouldn’t really think anything in your diary would contradict what you’ve already told him. “Aish, this girl leaves her stuff all over.”

Omg cute idea
Surprise gift baskets/bags for your littles/kittens/etc!
You could like, go to the dollar store and only spend a little bit!!
You could get a box or two of their favorite candies, some nice smelling lotions, coloring books n crayons, stickers, glow sticks, balloons, and whatever else your bby would like ^.^
Idk I’m sleepy an little an thinkin about presents hehe 💜