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Aone with his turtle buddi, pls,,,, its for a friend

If the signs got a turtle as a pet

Aries: Names it Voldetort 

Taurus: Holds it up in the air like the lion king

Gemini: Teaches it how to get laid

Cancer: Joins a turtle lovers cult 

Leo: Makes the turtle do the dishes 

Virgo: Treats the turtle like a brand new shoe and cleans it daily

Libra: Puts the turtle in the toilet and takes it for a spin

Scorpio: Accidently kills the turtle

Sagittarius: Brings the turtle to school

Capricorn: Sells the turtle on Ebay

Aquarius: Ties a balloon on the turtle and screams “fly turtle fly”

Pisces: Becomes a manager and creates a turtle rock band

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What do you think are his favorite kinds of balloon animals to make? You think he'd be cool with making a balloon turtle?

i think pennywise would love to make dogs or elephants! but like if he makes an elephant he gon mAke an elephant and the ballon animal is gonna be hUge! and i dont think so, haha! considering the turtle/creator is his, basically, nemesis!

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So here's my thing; there's a pic of a balloon tied to a turtle as it crawls on the floor with the caption: 'how to keep track of your turtle.' How would the guys react if you sent it to them as a joke, or teasingly suggesting to try it sometime?


He’d just laugh heartedly and pick up the little guy and take it to you.

“This is possibly the cutest thing someone has done to me (y/n).”

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Finds it adorable actually, like Leo.  He’ll put the little guy somewhere safe and try to do something that same way to you.  Maybe a flower somewhere or a treat. 

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“Can we keep it? :3″

It’s the first thing he says, but once he reads the tag he just laughs and kisses you the next time he sees you.

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Today is a very exciting day: It is friend Waffles’s hatchday!! Waffles is two years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAFFLES!!

We found the perfect card to say happy hatchday to Waffles! It has a turtle, balloons, and lots of presents in a row! I inspected the card to make sure there were as many nom-colored words as possible inside.

We are excited that our card got to Waffles in time for his birthday party today! We have also sent along a special present in a separate package that is going to arrive soon. :)

Waffles, we hope you are having a fabulous day filled with delicious noms and fun times!

Okay the one question everyone is asking why are they showing the boys in their vision quest outfits when the episode already aired?

Well heres my shot in the dark. I think we are gonna have an episode with them in their outfits again, and you see that air balloon? Its been in this theme the whole time so im pretty sure it will be very important, as for the outfits? well it is possible that we may get more episodes of the boys in the outfits.

I could be wrong about this all, but i just wanted to point these pictures out.

I really love them like this, and i cant wait to see that air balloon. haha.

Flying turtles away!