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valentine's day fic prompt: first anniversary <3

This was supposed to be a short little ficlet but it turned into an almost 6k mess, so I hope you enjoy it, Charlie! (also on ao3!)

Derek had never celebrated an anniversary before. At least, not an anniversary for a romantic relationship.

In the past, he had never had the opportunity nor the necessity to. But now that he was dating Stiles, and had been for exactly a year now, he finally did.

Precisely a decade ago, way back in high school, he had only ever dated one person seriously and that had been Paige. Despite the fact that they had been together for several months, they had never celebrated an anniversary.

They had been too busy making out behind the bleachers and passing love notes and secretive looks in class, too preoccupied with being stupid teenagers to worry about anniversaries. Not when they could be focused on thinking about the next time they could slip away to some vacant broom closet or the backseat of a friend’s car.

And then Derek had made one of the worst, most disastrous decisions of his life, getting the idea in his head that things would be so much better if his girlfriend was a werewolf like him. Poor Paige had ended up dead, buried in the middle of the woods away from her family and friends in an unmarked grave by the Nemeton.

The only anniversary present she ever got from him was a funeral bouquet.

He had no anniversary to speak of with Kate. They had never even really been dating in the first place. It had taken him a long time, years, as a matter of fact, to finally realize that.

She had just been using. A much older woman seducing a vulnerable, naive teenager, manipulating him with sex for her own gains.

Unfortunately, it was only after the fire and years of intensive therapy that he realized she was nothing more than a monster.

It was almost the exact same situation with Jennifer, or rather Julia or whatever the hell her real name was. All she had done was use him for her own nefarious purposes, using a bit of dark magic to help her turn him into a pawn.

Luckily, he had come to terms with the fact that she too was nothing more than some kind of heartless monster. He wasn’t sure if it hurt more or less that time.

But it was different with Stiles. They were dating. Really dating. And it was wonderful. He didn’t think he had ever been happier.

After the frankly terrifying ordeal with the Nogitsune, the whole debacle nearly costing Stiles his life, Derek had finally mustered up enough courage and gall to act on his feelings for the beautiful, brave, infuriating boy. Steeling his nerves with a deep breath, Derek had thrown caution to the wind and strode right up to Stiles, carefully grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and kissing the daylights out of him.

Looking back, Derek had to admit that his timing had been absolutely terrible considering the fact that they had been in the middle of a crowded hospital room, right in front of the Sheriff and the rest of the pack. Admittedly, he hadn’t thought much about that, too busy making sure that Stiles knew how much he cared about him.

And if that meant that they shared their first kiss in front of all of their loved ones then so be it. He certainly didn’t regret it. Especially since shortly thereafter they had begun officially dating.

With turnabout being fair play, a few days after their first kiss, Stiles had strolled up to him in the middle of an important pack meeting to grab him by the lapels and tug him into a deep kiss. The chorus of raucous wolf whistles and fake gagging from the pack that greeted their kiss did absolutely nothing to detract from how meaningful and amazing it was.

Pulling back from the kiss, his big brown eyes still closed as he licked his lips, Stiles whispered a soft request, inquiring if Derek would like to go out to dinner with him sometime, maybe that upcoming Saturday. Derek had eagerly, suggesting one of the local Mom and Pop diners that he knew Stiles loved, drinking in the smile on Stiles’ gorgeous face with a beaming grin of his own when he said yes.

And now, exactly a year into their relationship, Derek was busy making preparations for what was both his and Stiles’ first anniversary and the first anniversary he had ever gotten to celebrate.

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she saved us again  raven reyes saved us again


Highway (Part 10: Finale)

Originally posted by lightbox

Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1,667

A/N: And this is it! We’ve followed the road and now we’re at the end. I’ve had a blast writing this series and the comments and reviews that I’ve received have been so inspirational and have kept me motivated! I appreciate that y’all have enjoyed this series so much and I hope y’all will hang around for my upcoming series!

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 (FINALE)


“You like that, doll?”

If you could talk, you would. But you found yourself temporarily incapable of speaking a single word as the deep-fried Oreo left your fingers covered in oils and left your throat coated in a warm mixture of butter and chocolate creme. After you downed the last bite of the fatty treat, you had to take a deep breath to compose yourself before looking at Bucky, “God, that should not exist but I’m so glad it does.”

“Ya liked it, huh? I can get ya another one?”

“Nah,” You shook your head at his offer, “You’ve gotten me more than enough food tonight, Bucky. I feel like I’m about ready to explode. You’ll have to hose my guts off the cement.”

At your comment, Bucky couldn’t help the playful grimace that crawled onto his face.

You leaned back further into the small bench that he’d found for the both of you to take a break and relax on. It was questionably small and dirty. The wood was sticky at some parts, and you were more than sure that there were piles of gum stuck to the bottom of the bench. But the soles of your feet were starting to ache and your tummy was starting to feel uncomfortably full. After recalling everything that Bucky had encouraged you to eat, you suddenly remembered watching him devour nearly every food option in the carnival.

“How are you not full?” You asked before looking up at him as he slung his arm over the back of the bench, “You easily ate half your weight in hot dogs and cotton candy tonight.”

“I’m a bottomless pit, I guess,” He shrugged nonchalantly with a crooked smile. He watched you for a few seconds longer before he craned his neck a bit and he looked forward at the rest of the carnival. While he watched with nostalgia as kids ran around with balloons, as rings were tossed over bottles, as the brightly lit carousel turned soothingly, you watched the lines of his neck tattoo shift with his flesh. “Think I used to eat much more when I was younger, believe it or not.”

Now that was new. “Really?”

“Really,” Bucky nodded with a small smile, “I was a, uh, a chubby kid growin’ up.”

“That…to be honest, I can’t really picture that,” You chuckled, giving him a short once-over. “You’re kinda,” You waved at his physique awkwardly.

“I know. Lots ‘o…discipline, doll.” He smiled and you could see the devilish twinkle coming to life in his blue eyes as he leaned in an inch closer. And you had no capacity to doubt his remark, his powerful and strong physique more than enough proof. Hell, if you looked hard enough, you would be more than able to find the exact slopes of his biceps through the fabric of his Henley.

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Cherry Pie

Derek Hale is a dreaded customer at Beacon Hills Bakery, but perhaps he’s not as terrifying as Stiles has been led to believe. 1616w

Edit: Now with fanart here by @classy2shoes ♥♥♥~!

Stiles has heard horror stories about Derek Hale.

He supposedly comes to Beacon Hills Bakery four times a year for cakes for his parents’ anniversary and the birthdays of his mother, one of his sisters, and his niece. Cakes for other family events get divided between his two siblings and Stiles has already had the pleasure of meeting Laura Hale, a beautiful woman with an easy smile and sharp wit.

It makes the stories about Derek difficult to believe: that he’s made Christine cry — more than once — and he had Greenberg refusing to leave his house for a week. He’s also apparently the one to thank for Stiles getting his job in the first place because the previous employee up and quit after dealing with him the last time he’d made an order.

In his two months working at the bakery, Stiles has only ever seen him once, and that was as the kitchen door was swinging shut, but he’d only had to catch one glimpse of his eyebrows to know all the stories are true.

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Sooooo in keeping with some of the theories, leaks, etc….of this weekend, there’s some stuff that now has me wondering. And I would like to add: Mr. Trolly House seems to fucking LIVE to surprise Ms. Frilly Mineheart, so he might do things a bit unexpectedly… whit:

We’re still all pondering how the world’s most casual celebrity couple, for a weekend doubtlessly spent naked at LEAST half the time, had a ridiculously huge bag…..or how such casual people, who walk and bike all over Vancouver and SF, took Ubers and ate happily at dive greasy spoons while on their getaway would have a LIMO to bring them home, for the least glamorous part of their vacation.

Or why Mr. Troll “Three Shirts” House had glossy new boots AND a new jacket and instead of jeans (like Frilly) for the plane ride home (as he always does) wore his dressiest suit pants and the shirt from his OTHER Comicon dress up outfit, albeit VERY wrinkled and buttoned all wrong???

We also know they watched the sunset from the rooftops, something which has a sort of romantic, Parisian feel…..

Oh and how ridiculously happy Cole looked (at least until their limo didn’t show—-as well as the many signs he had been recently and really nicely sexed by Frilly)

So what do I think?

Cole didn’t propose in the hot air balloon. Either the ring wasn’t ready or that was legit Lili’s bday present…..Cole proposed yesterday. I think he got dressed up, he made HER get dressed up (or maybe he didn’t even care and his princess in jeans was aokay, too), they had either room service or a private function room……he proposed as they watched the sunset….they made epic love, Lili changed into jeans and Cole barely even GOT his clothes back on to get to the airport.

Her dress (if it survived) and the suit jacket were in the carryon.

I mean someone’s hella happy, here…..and someone waited until the last minute to make it an even bigger surprise…


Stim Toy Storage - At Home Stim Kits

Something I don’t see discussed too often is storage of stim toys, so I’m going to talk about some photos of the ways I’m storing my collection, now that I have a fairly large collection of toys. How often I use an item and how reachable I need it to be impacts a lot on how I store it and where.

Some degree of organisation can help with acceptance, I’ve found, as there’s less feeling of “things everywhere” and “toys for kids” and a little more sense of purpose or focus.

This is my “left over” or “spare” kit - comprised of items that are extras, usually from buying multiple items in a pack because I can’t find them for individual purchase, making too many of a handmade item (I tend to “samemake” in the way I samefood, once I find a pattern or design that works), gifts, or items I reviewed that I just didn’t click with. I like having an extra kit because I dislike other people touching my toys, so having toys meant for handling by others is great for sharing if I’m stimming in front of guests. It’s easy to put a box like this on a table, too, or bring to a community gathering. It’s also something I can show other people, with everything neatly laid out, and a full kit like this is great for introducing people to the idea that stim toys exist.

(I struggle to communicate stimming in the abstract, but putting someone’s hands in a box of toys and letting them explore while I talk is so much easier. I’ve found that NT folks new to stimming don’t necessarily click with any one or two toys I’ve showed them, but having lots of options means at least one “gateway” toy, and once they’ve happened across something that provides a positive/pleasing/relaxing sensation for them, they’re more open to other toys. It happened this way with Mum: she wouldn’t touch anything until I made my marble mazes, but she’s now got her own spinner, massage balls and hedge balls…)

This kit is housed in a cardboard box and two plastic trays which fit inside it. The smaller, more tangly and rattly items (like bead fidgets, marble loops, Tangles, spinners, hedge balls, telephone cord bracelets) are housed in the trays, as I can stack one tray on top of the other and simply lift the top tray out of the box, meaning I don’t have to burrow through as many little items to find things. Some things will still take some burrowing (there’s a marble maze in the top basket, hidden by everything on top of it) but it’s a lot easier to use, and less overwhelming, than my previous method of stowing everything loose in a box.

The larger items like Play-Doh tubs, stress balls and plush are stacked in the other half of the box, with large pieces like plush keyrings and bean bags sitting loosely on top, so I don’t have to move too many things to reach the tubs underneath.

Slinkies are great for neatly containing smaller items, just like a pen caddy or cup: the one in this box holds a stress ball and two makeup blending sponges. I’ve got one on my desk holding several Tangles, a sponge and a few Hama bead loops!

My cardboard box is 31 cm long, 24 cm wide and 11.5 cm deep. It’s deep enough to hold a full-size plastic Slinky and a full-size snake puzzle standing on its shorter end. I paid $2.50 AUD for this from Fantastic Variety, a local dollar shop, but I more often see boxes of this size between $3-5 AUD. The plastic trays I bought from the same store in a 3 pack for $2 AUD, and they’re 23.2 cm long, 15.5 cm wide and 6 cm deep. With all the toys in it, the box is quite heavy.

For this sort of thing, it’s often better purchasing in person (if possible) as you can check that any inner trays fit inside your intended box. For this kind of storage, with a variety of toys of many different shapes, you ideally want a box deep enough to fit two trays on top of each other, leaving the rest of the box for taller items.

There are sewing and gear boxes designed to take larger items, many with compartments and removable trays, but most of these are very expensive. This set up cost me less than $5 AUD and is easy to use.

Image description under read more cut:

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Star Trek/Green Lantern #2 ( in a nutshell)

Things Ace Attorney has Unconsciously Made Me Start Doing

- Jump before I run anywhere
- Thrust my hand out before I say anything important
- Hold my hands to my chest whenever I cry
- Throw jewelry at people
- Pull my glasses upwards onto my forehead and pull them back down onto my eyes whenever I look at my phone
- Grimace whenever I’m holding an umbrella
- Creepily fold my arms whenever my glasses fog up
- Smack whatever I’m holding against my other hand whenever I laugh
- Hit tables with my elbows when I laugh
- Flex whenever I yell
- Hold my hands against my face like Yuno Gasai when I fangirl
- Clap excessively when I laugh
- Bend sticks weird sometimes
- Grin maniacally whenever I stretch a balloon
- Keep ring pops on my finger for much longer then I need to, sometimes even a whole day
- Spin my hands around with my eyes closed when I talk
- Say “like” a lot
- Slam my hands on the wall behind me when I get pissed

kisame nsfw and minato proposition headcannons (thanks for the oportunity!)


  • first of all, lemme say: oh boyyyyy dem theth. he is going to mark u up everywhere; thighs, neck, tummy, boobs.
  • not very much into dirty talk, but when he does, you can wet yourself in .3 seconds because…thats his secret talent.He locks his eyes on you, and with the deepest, 
  • most silky voice you have heard in your life, he talks.
  • *to compensate (or not) he loooves teasing.
  • when he wants to get in your pants, he gets particularly handsy; one hand in dem pants, one hand in the hips, he gets all over you, leaves lingering kisses, and the second you want to get to him, he is gone. And you gotta wait for him till he comes back from his missions.
  • as he is scared of biting when giving oral,he prefers to use his hands.he is a big man,with big, calloused hands. 
  • as one hand is placed in your core, the other is tying you down to the bed, because he doesn’t want you to move; he wants you squirming and he wants to hear you say his name like the pretty needy whore you are.
  • and when ur close to your orgasm, hes gonna quit.
  • kisame is pretty dominant, but somehow, he loves when his partner rides him. He gets them by their hips and makes them move as they want to. Sometimes, expect a hand on
  • your throat, because, why not?.
  • *the other position is, obviously, the reverse cowgirl. Our blue guy almost has an obsession butts. 
  • as soft as he tries to be, kisame ends up being rough, but he tries to compensate by showering you in kisses, big hugs, and warm blankets when he is done.


  • hes a pretty much romantic guy; so he s gonna plan for it for months.
  • Initially, the plan was to appear in your workplace in formal clothes, one hand full of your favorite flowers, and in the other one, balloons.
  • in the balloons is tied the ring, so when he gives them to you, you see the ring and go crazy.
  • but hey minato is a magnet of bad love life plans somehow???? and that day he gets at your job, and while he is waiting for you, all the bad stuff happens;
  • it starts raining, so the flowers got ruined, his clothes too, the balloons exploded, and by the time you get out of work, you find a wet,blonde puppy, with a handful of
  • something and the other full of strings. He is sad, ashamed, and sorry.
  • you go running to him and ask what happens, but he doesnt want to say anything. poor puppy boy.
  • when yall finally get home, you get him some towels, and he is so absent minded, that he forgots about the ring, and it clatters into the ground. You look at him and he is like
  • *obs u say yes. and he runs to hug you and cries a little more because ya. he likes crying let him be.

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Boyfriend Johnny...

• he complimented your shirt when you guys first met
• “listen pal, I also have a cool shirt collection that consist of super corn… Super broccoli..”
• you honestly thought he was a salesperson instead of an idol
• right off the hook he friendzoned you
• or as you thought
• his term of endearment is a list consisting of but not limited to: piece of poo, smol loser, midget, piggy, dingus
• you are dating now and he still rarely calls you bae!!!
• “hey loser can you help me with these dishes”
• it doesn’t matter if you’re 30cm shorter than him or 2cm shorter if you are shorter he will call you smol!!!!
• boyfriend Johnny is never boring… EVER
• he takes you on adventures even in your living room
• you know how when you were a kid you would have an imaginary best friend whom you’d talk to while building forts
• that best friend is no longer imaginary he is named Johnny and he is also your boyfriend
• he got a cardboard box, placed you in it and pushed you around the house
• you guys also bake together
• “mommy mommy let’s bake a cake together!! I want rainbow”
• “ Johnny I know your fans call you daddy but I never knew you had a mommy kink”
• he doesn’t but his 5 year old high pitched voice is just annoying
• you might’ve accidentally left him in the kitchen cause you had to run to the store to get icing
• you find yourself walking through the door with a smoke filled house, a black cake, and a whiny johnny with several burnt fingers
• time goes by so fast when you’re with him, but ironically the hands of time also turn back as you guys live as 5 year olds again
• surprising as it is, Johnny is also really romantic
• but romantically awkward
• he once brought mark on a date with you guys with the excuse of Mark needing ideas to court a girl
• Johnny was uneasy the entire time and was constantly looking over at Mark
• you literally thought Johnny was going to propose to you after 3 months of dating
• “Johnny is there something you’d like to tell me…”
• Mark comes back with a green balloon after he excused himself to go to the “washroom”
• Johnny starts off a speech on why he loves you
• “I know we’ve only been going out for a bit, but I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful. I’ve never met anyone with such a beautiful… SHIT!”
• you look up and realized that Johnny accidentally loses the balloon that Mark gave him
• “THAT BALLOON HAD A PROMISE RING WORTH 400000₩ ($351, €303)!!!!”
• Mark looks up at the sky… then looks at you…then looks up at the sky…then looks Johnny before laughing
• “Johnny that truly was one as long ass ride”
• you engulfed Johnny into a tight embrace and laughed along with Mark
• “ I don’t need a promise ring, just promise me you’ll love me for a long time”
• johnny replies, “ is forever long enough for you?”
• Johnny is really cheesy
• Johnny also makes a lot of sex jokes
• you’ll sometimes hear Ten and Johnny just laughing and you know it was a sex joke
• sometimes you ship Tenny more than your own relationship
• sometimes Johnny ships Tenny more than he ships you guys
• Ten calls Johnny “darling”
• so sometimes you’ll randomly burst out “darling darling darling” just to tease Johnny
• he likes to wrap his giant arms around you
• and kiss the back of your head
• he also likes to kiss your forehead
• and your lips
• but it may be hard to reach
• “ I don’t want to get on all fours just to kiss you…”
• you kicked his groin and ran off declaring that you’ll never kiss him ever again
• he chased after you, picked you up bridal style and kissed you softly on the nose
• he’s a good kisser
• among other things
• he also laughs a lot
• but you can’t help but to smile and laugh after seeing him happy
• he’s been through a lot
• so on the nights that you’re upset he comes over with a care package filled with your favourite little treats
• actually he comes over more times than you invite him with your favourite treats
• he builds a blanket fort for you guys to snuggle
• Johnny is so SARCASTIC
• “okay dear YES I LOVE it so so much”
• “shut heLL UP JOHNNY”
• whenever you are annoyed with him he will kiss it away
• he just really likes to kiss you
• and likes to make fun of you
• but he would always make you realize that choosing a clumsy, lanky, sarcastic LOSER is the best thing you’ve ever decided on

Reasons part 2/2


-Typical Hanbin angst

Oh shit, this part is so long haha. Sorry, i got carried away.


-“where’d all this come from? I thought we were fine…” 1:30

-“please, reply” 1:45

-”please baby, i need something, anything at all” 1:50

-“are you seriously just going to ignore me after dropping a bomb like that?” 2:05 

The texts went on all night as you lay there trying to figure out where everything had gone wrong. As far as you can tell, the relationship was stable. Sure there were small arguments here and there but nothing serious enough to cause this. It couldn’t have been his label because you were given permission to date as long as he keeps up with the work. Was there someone else? Could he have met someone from the company, a trainee maybe? After all you guys did agree that if the thought of someone else ever cross either of your minds, you guys would end it rather than putting each other through the pain of cheating. 

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Avengers at the Fair Part 4

Hello everybody! Here’s the last part of Avengers at the Fair. No warnings for this one. I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading! I have some more one shots on the way that I am PUMPED about, I think you’re going to enjoyyyy theeeeeem!!! (Hint: hot showers) Anyway Happy Saturday! 

 Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

The ice cream vendor was the next stop on the Avengers’ Must Visit List. Clint promised it was the best stuff around.

After you had scarfed the best chocolate ice cream you had ever had, you heard Sam say, “Let’s make this interesting. First person to loose their treat on the tilt-a-whirl coughs up 50 bucks.”

Tony, Clint, and even Natasha were up for the challenge but you passed. “I think I’ll just walk around the games for a while. I like to keep my desserts inside my stomach after I eat them.” 

“We’ll join you.” Steve said referring to himself and Bucky.

After some teasing and mentions of being wimps, you and the guys finally freed yourself from the rest of your gambling team. 

The three of you wandered through the ring tosses, balloon darts, basketball hoops, and water gun games until something familiar caught your eye hanging off the tent a few feet away from you. Walking over with a big, goofy smile on your lips you chuckled and said, “I had this exact bear when I was a kid.” 

“Really?” You nodded to Steve and the two of you kept walking to the next game until you heard the sound of wood cracking.

The two of you spun around and your eyes landed on Bucky, slouched in embarrassment and guilt. You heard him quietly apologize to the man in the booth and then point to the bear you had been talking about. 

While the man quickly handed Bucky the prize, you and Steve had gathered that he threw the bean bag so hard at his target, it went straight through the back wall of the wooden booth after knocking down all the bottles on his first try. 

You turned to Steve’s wide eyes and you tried to hold back a chuckle as Bucky walked over to you. When he stood across from you he held out the bear and said “This is to make up for the ride over.” 

“Thanks, Bucky.” You let the joy you felt inside you leak out in the form of a big, toothy smile. You felt heat rise to your neck and cheeks and butterflies growing in your stomach. Trying to hide your emotions, you looked down at the bear in your hands. It was soft with big brown eyes, and it was holding a big red heart. It was better than you remembered and you blamed that on the person giving it to you. 

You didn’t know it, but you made Bucky feel normal. No one treated him like a regular person anymore, not even Steve. Buck knew he tried, but things had changed between them and you were the first person to make him feel like his old self again. He watched you feel the soft bear in your hands and couldn’t believe how something that he did would make you blush like that. He still had it, he chuckled to himself.

Steve’s voice pulled both you and Bucky out of your thoughts. “Who lost?”

“Sam” Clint said with glee. You saw him waving money around and you connected the dots. Sam threw up first.

The group continued to walk around the park until it got dark. Bucky stuck by your side the rest of the day and you felt… safe, you decided was the right word. 

In the dark, the lights from the rides and games shone in his chestnut hair and made his eyes dance. The two of you didn’t talk much, but you enjoyed his company.

Later, you all made your way to the cars and you jumped into the same seat you had ridden over in. Before you closed the car door behind you, you heard Bucky tell Sam to take the front seat. 

Bucky now sat to your right, the heat you felt emanating from his body sent shivers down your spine and blush to your face. 

When Steve put the car in drive and followed Tony out of the parking lot, Bucky shifted closer to you in the back seat. His left arm flew over and behind your head to rest on your shoulders. You returned his grin and laid your head back on his shoulder and took his right hand in yours, playing with his fingers and tracing the lines in his palm. 

You felt his chest rise and fall with a deep sigh of contentment and his arm tightened its grip around your shoulders. You were looking forward to the long drive home with Bucky by your side. 


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Jane’s Blue Teacup in Season 4: Appears in Episodes 4.02, 4.03*, 4.04*, 4.11, 4.13*, 4.14, 4.15*, 4.16, 4.18**, 4.21*, 4.23

*Appears in two non-consecutive scenes in this episode.

**Features the appearance of the Blue Teacup’s sibling, the Yellow Teacup.