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I absolutely loved Zootopia, please go see it this weekend! I was so impressed with it’s prescient and nuanced take on bigotry and identity politics…plus it’s just a great adventure!

On a more frivolous note, the bunny farm festival was so irresistibly cute with the carrot-shaped balloons and all, so I had to doodle a little bunny! Maybe one of Judy’s siblings? 


Ruby was one of my dreamies who sadly moved away from Popcorn, so it’s nice to hang out with her again in HHD ^.^
Ruby’s cottage: 0491-7771-503
Mayor of Popcorn
Dream Address: 7000-3514-3916


Here’s my FNAF Valentine collection! In the first two sets the individual ones are 4" x 5", while the third set has 3" x 3.75" ones. Feel free to share online or print them off - they should print off okay on a 8.5" x 11" sheet.

Hope everyone has a great day on the 14th!

If you thought that the whole url change and everything means that I’m no longer that interested in DMMd just know that last night, I spent an egregious amount of time thinking about how the first of Noiz’s and Mink’s birthdays, respectively, would be spent after they get together with Aoba in their good ends

With Noiz, Aoba would go all out. Streamers, decorations (all of them rabbit themed), balloons, all of his favorite foods, a huge fucking cake with ‘Happy Birthday, Noiz!’ written on it in bright green letters and little green frosting bunnies, birthday presents wrapped up all pretty, and he’d make sure that Noiz doesn’t know a inch of it. Aoba programs Usagimodoki to sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ (Ren already knows it). He’d get Theo involved and they’d put a ton of effort into making it be happy, bright and exciting. When Noiz’s birthday finally comes around, they manage to surprise him and Noiz just surveys the entire thing before looking at Aoba and says ‘What am I, a kid?’ but it’s very obvious that he’s super, incredibly happy. They sing him the Happy Birthday song, he blows out the candles and they spend the rest of the day eating, opening presents and such before Theo goes home and Aoba gives him a very special birthday gift

However, with Mink, it’d be much smaller and modest. Mink doesn’t really care for cake or extravagant stuff so Aoba cooks him his favorite food, makes his favorite kind of pie and sticks a single candle in the middle (because gosh dang it, there are just some birthday traditions that you just don’t skip) before setting everything up nicely on the kitchen table along with a couple of gifts, neatly wrapped in simple paper. When Mink gets home from work, he comes into the kitchen to find Aoba waiting for him with a gentle, soft smile on his face and wishes of Happy Birthday on his lips. Mink gazes at him quietly for a moment before giving his head a little shake, sighs a little but not at all trying to hide the small smile tugging at his mouth. Shedding his coat, he sits down to eat with Aoba and when they’re done, Aoba lights the candle, halfway expects Mink to not blow it out but is pleasantly surprised when he readily does so. They spend the rest of the evening at the table, munching on some pie, opening Mink’s gifts (which are books and some new crafting supplies) before they retire to the bedroom where Mink receives one more special gift

Distraction - 14 (Harrison Reader)

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Cisco and Caitlin drove straight to the hospital once they were informed which one you were going to. Caitlin kept her face hidden as Cisco raced through the halls, “Excuse me! Coming through, best uncle in the world here, gotta see my favorite niece. Come on people move it!”

“Cisco!” Caitlin hissed at him, “He’s in a wheel chair…”

“I can see that Caitlin…it doesn’t matter…My niece was born and I wasn’t there!” Cisco looked at her holding balloons, chocolates, and bunny rabbit.

“She’s not going anywhere, baby Taco isn’t just going to disappear.” Caitlin told him as they found your room.

Barry looked up at them as they walked inside. He smiled looking back at your baby in his arms, “Y/N, just fell asleep, but she wanted me to introduce you to our new addition.”

He walked over showing her swaddled in a pink blanket. Caitlin gushed over her as Barry spoke, “Caitlin…Cisco, meet Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Wells.”

Caitlin looked at him tearing up, “Ronnie…she named her after him?”

“She said she would’ve never met any of us if Ronnie hadn’t called her about the job opportunity. She loved him like a brother.” Barry told her, “Do you want to hold her?”

“Yes.” Caitlin smiled taking her gently in her arms, “Hello Veronica.”

Cisco looked at her putting a hand on Caitlin’s shoulder, “She is so small.”

“She’s a baby, Cisco.” Caitlin looked at him, “She’s perfect.”

You smiled looking at all three of them through slitted eyes. You had the best family ever.

Harry stood your apartment unsure of how to proceed. Barry had simply let him in and then took off to meet you at the hospital. He sighed shutting his eyes taking in the scent of the place.

He smiled smelling the warm vanilla and cinnamon smells. It astounded him the similarities of these worlds. You were everything he remembered. Everything detail seemed to be the same, just shifted in time.

His eyes opened as he became mission oriented. He was here to build a crib, not learn about you. How hard could it be?

He walked down the hall his eyebrows coming together. This place was a small one bedroom apartment. It would be fine for a while, but….

“Stop it…she’s not your responsibility…” He sighed shaking his head, “She is a strong capable woman who will be fine.”

He found the crib leaning against the wall of your bedroom. Tilting his head slightly he looked at the picture. It was some fancy crib with drawers and a mobile. He shrugged taking it and laid it down popping the box open.

He licked his lips as he pulled out the instructions, “Take the screws from package A and connect board G to board T…Okay well it’s spelled out easily enough, but of course there is no tools include. Fantastic.”

He stood up huffing to himself walking out to the kitchen and reached under the sink. He smiled finding your tool box under it just like your father taught you. He walked back to your bedroom and knelt down starting to work on putting the crib together.

An hour later he wasn’t getting very far, “Ow…dammit.” 

He put his bleeding finger to his mouth and stood up quickly needing a break. In doing so he tripped falling backwards into your dressing making the items on top of it fall. He scrambled to get everything to stop moving before it fell on the ground.

He stood there placing things back up his heart racing from the sudden excitement. He stopped when he set up a picture of Wells and you. He stared at it with ferocity.

It was his face, but it wasn’t him.

He shut his eyes going back to a time he hadn’t thought about until coming here.

“Babe…just stop…I need to study.” He tried not to smile as you wrapped your arms around him holding out your camera.

“Study later…” You smirked kissing his cheek and snapped the photo.

He pulled out his wallet letting his thumb pull out the photo. He set it against your photo. They were nearly identical. Faces were older, but your arm was out stretched taking the photo kissing his cheek, while he played it like he was annoyed. 

“What were thinking breaking her heart?” He stared at the man in your photo, “You’re an idiot. You lost the best thing that ever happened to us.”

He knew how badly you wanted to move away from home. You worked hard for your grades to get into college. You had planned on joining him as soon as you graduated. He intended on proposing as soon as you did.

He put the photo back up and his photo away before wiping his eyes and sniffing. He sat back down on the floor to finish the crib. He let his anger for his doppelganger fuel him to work. He would at least be better then him and follow through.

“It’s looking good.” Barry’s voice snapped him out of his trance, “You know she picked the hardest one to build?”

“I have experienced it, why couldn’t she just get one from IKEA?” He glanced at the clock. He’d been working on it for four hours.

“Well she said this one had all of her baby needs for her small place and she’s a crazy engineer.” Barry walked over to him, “Need a hand.”

“Why does she have such a small place?” He looked at him, “She has to be able to afford something more sizable.”

“She likes her space. She’s stubborn.” Barry told him watching him nod, “Why don’t you take a break…I can sneak you into see her and Veronica.”

Harry smiled, “She decided on Veronica.”

“Yup, Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Wells.” Barry watched him carefully.

Harry’s mouth fell open slightly before he swallowed, “She…decided that too…”

“Yeah.” Barry nodded slowly, “She wasn’t going to. She didn’t want to let her baby know what a monster her father was…but we talked about it a lot since you arrived. You reminded her that people aren’t monsters, they choose it.”

Harry twisted the screwdriver in his hand as Barry continued, “She said that you were the man that she wanted her daughter to know. The man before Eobard. The kind man with a heart. That the Wells name didn’t deserve to just disappear because of unfortunate circumstances.”

He smiled a little and looked at Barry, “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because the way you looked at Ronnie.” Barry told him with a smile, “You might not have been part of her creation exactly, but you looked like a father would. I mean I can’t say that’s a fact because I’m not a father…but…Well…for being as secretive as you are…you’re not very good at it with Y/N around.”

He put the screwdriver down and sighed taking his glasses off, “Nothing…can come of the feelings that I have for, Y/N. One day I’m going to go home…”

“Why can’t she go with you?” Barry looked at him and watched his shocked reaction, “What? Your world is surviving without you…and it’s not that I want her to go. I…it will break my heart if she did…but if you really have such strong feelings for her, why couldn’t she go home with you?”

Harry swallowed and looked away from Barry, “I had not thought that was an option.”

“I had the option to go back in time and save my mother.” Barry put a hand on his shoulder, “I had a chance to change my life completely…this really isn’t that much different…think about it.”

“I will…” Harry nodded slowly and sighed, “I could use a break…”

Barry smiled standing up, “I know a little person who loves to be held by people who need breaks.”