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7.5.16+3:30pm // journal unfiltered + comments behind each spread! // wanted to show you guys what my bujo spreads look like with no filters/editing involved. i feel like this would give you a better perspective of the colors and washi tapes i’m using. just click for a bigger view and for commentary. :D 

Oh noes! A clown!

This won’t end well… what’s he aiming at?

Double oh noes, it’s Scooby, abruptly suspended by a bunch of balloons!

The clown throws his dart…

The dart hits the top red balloon…

…punctures it…

…goes out the other side… the red balloon doesn’t pop… and the lower purple one explodes instead?

And is replaced by another background purple balloon?

…I… wait… what the heck just happened?

DIY Photo Balloon “Chandelier”

This is one of my favorite “romantic” DIY ideas. It’s cheap and super easy.

All you need are pictures of you and your significant other together, cute notes, balloons, string/ribbon, and tape. 

Get a helium-filled balloon for each picture or note you want to hang. Either punch a hole on the note / picture and tie the string of the balloon through it, or tape the bottom of the string to the top of the picture or note. As long as the balloon is full enough of helium (which it should be), the pictures will hover slightly from the ground.
Fill a room with these balloon notes and surprise your special someone by bringing them into the room. It’s a super romantic surprise!


Have you ever wanted to go to space? Now’s your chance to do something about it!

Send Yourself to Space is a project that will allow you to send yourself to space! (Or more specifically, send an image of yourself to near space.) At the moment, sending humans to space costs a lot of money, so you have to be insanely qualified or insanely rich to get your chance to go. Even some astronauts never get to go up! In the future we’re sure it will be completely normal to go on holiday to the moon, but for now we want to get as close to living our dreams as possible. We’ll be sending a weather balloon up with a picture mounted in front of it; a drawing of a group of normal people that you could be part of! The balloon will be carrying a camera which will film the journey to (and from) space - a journey which will take it 30,000m above the earth. It will also be carrying the names of anyone who donates anything at all, allowing everyone to be a part of this exciting project!

Check out the kickstarter ( for more information and to back the project!

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unresolved skam questions: an extensive list

thank you to everyone who replied with their unanswered skam questions! @julieseven, @eksild, @onlineshawty, @thatssoskam, @evakkjaereste-main, @sanaknows, @alecoholic, @shadowhunterssizzy, @koninginnen, @teawithnobiscuits and a bunch of lovely anonymous people both on here and on jodel! 

so this will be a list of the questions we still have, sorted by characters and/or plot lines, and ill start with the characters/plots that were asked about the most! i have combined all questions that were more or less the same.  everything in bold was asked/mentioned 5 times or more:

  • EVEN
    • what happened at bakka/with him and the balloon squad????
    • will we ever hear about evens experiences, especially with mental illness and his suicide attempt from from even himself? 
    • what will happen between them? 
    • what’s yousef’s deal?
    • why did he kiss noora? 
    • why did he let sana go out to solve the fight by herself?
    • why does he have a locked insta account? 
    • yousef and religion - what’s up there? 
    • what is vilde’s situation at home? her mum? will this be brought up again? 
    • what happened to all the hints that vilde could be a lesbian?
    • will she ever apologise and learn re: islamophobia?
    • what was the thing with vilde and vacations in the beginning of this season? 
    • why were her and magnus so nauseating? 
    • is there anything between vilde and elias? 
    • does she really have chlamydia in her eye?
    • is she eating enough potatoes? 
    • how did they (if they ever did) find out about sara’s plan to throw sana off the bus? 
    • how could they just go from “not liking sana as much” to driving up with the van without any explanation? 
    • why did noora never know what was going on? 
    • why was elias so drunk that time? 
    • why does elias get to do nothing for a year? 
    • why does he have an insta account with only one picture? 
    • why were they acting weird that one time when they were invited to stay by sana’s dad? 
    • what’s the point of adding them all if half of them are never going to speak in an episode? 
    • what’s the point of the youtube channel, is it really just something extra for fun?
  • ISAK
    • what really made him punch mikael? was it really just jealousy? 
    • why is isak slacking in biology all of a sudden? 
    • follow up and apology for some of the things he said in ep7
    • what was isak doing when even saw him first day of school?
  • SANA
    • why was she obsessing over her biology test? 
    • has she forgotten/forgiven how the girls have treated her this season? or probably even before that? 
    • how do they get together? 
    • will they move to london again? 
  • miscellaneous/MY FAVE PART
    • how did linn get chlamydia 13 times? and what’s her deal?
    • what does it entail to have a lions dick? 
    • is lea an older sister or a dog? 
    • where is jonas? 
    • who is julian dahl??????
    • will jonas and capitalism ever be okay?
    • why were those high school students playing that children’s game in episode five? 
    • how did the pm girls turn out so lame? 
    • is jamilla still engaged to sana’s brother? 
    • does william have more than 1,5 facial expressions? 
    • what happened to the little girl who found evak making out in her pool? 

thanks for contributing everyone! and feel free to add more. and lets hope at least some of these questions are answered before the series ends :)