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Valentine’s: V


- Valentine’s day was more like V day for u bc u always shower V in affection and gifts and u never let him (on that day anyway)
- like this boy deserved to have a day all for himself <3
- But sadly, since you’re Jumin’s secretary, his hoe ass decided to schedule u for overtime on Valentine’s day
- “No listen to me MC, I have a great idea, a cat company dedicated to finding lonely people the perfect the cat, i need u to do the research immediately”
- You contemplate killing Jumin and making it look like Elizabeth the Third did it
- But V totally understands, work is important he tried to convince Jumin to let you come early but Jumin was like “bye bitch”
- Poor V is all alone, cuddled up on the couch by himself, hOW DARE U DO THIS TO HIM MC
- but then he gets a very brilliant idea
-wow gee I wonder what it is, definitely not a proposal like the past fics I’ve written, definitely not that nope
- When you finally get home, you don’t see V anywhere??? Wtf
- he always greets you and has a cup of tea ready for u when u get home
- where that hoe with my tea, I nEED IT
- But then you see a line of cocaine (i’M SORRY) rose petals leading the little art studio/gallery attached to the side of ur house (ofc V is gonna have one don’t even try me on this)
- when you walk in you see a bunch of balloons and floating lamps covering the celing???
- it’s so cute wtf
- wAIT
- omg at the end of every balloon, there’s a photo attached to the ends of the balloons string???
- the pictures aren’t just of you and V??? it’s pictures of everyone in the RFA!!! V I love u but wtf is this
- and then you hear something behind you and you turn around to see V on one knee with a ring in his hand <3
- “I know it seems weird that these aren’t pictures just of us, MC. But I just want to say that I’m so happy with you; with everyone. Because of you, I have a family now. All these group pictures? They wouldn’t have happened without you. You’re amazing and fantastic and everything I ever needed. Be my wife so we can officially be group mom and dad.”
- He doesn’t even ask he just tells u bc he knows ur gonna say yes
- You invite all of the RFA over after to tell them the good news <3
- Saeyoung tries to convince u to let him dress up as a girl and be the maid of honor
- Saeran punches him “I’m going to the maid of honor, not you”

- It’s a good night with good drinks, good food, and good friends <3

Animal Crossing : Happy Home Designer - Furniture Guide Masterlist - Unlocking Furniture

Hey Guys! This is a guide for what villager unlocks what items! It’s almost 2/3rds of the way to being completed - stay tuned :)

I’ll mainly be focused on the normal 333 villagers, but also amiibo card unlocks and DLC characters/items as well!

any questions/comments/concerns, send me an ask! ^-^

i’ll be placing everything under the cut, so that it is always up to date & you don’t have a 10 page essay to scroll through, Enjoy!

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Summary:  While attempting to cast a spell to find his true love, Stiles accidentally turns himself into a frog.


If there was one lesson worth remembering from Stiles’s two years spent training under Deaton, it was this: magic, as something great and powerful and mystical, did not appreciate being used for trivial things. It was a rule that Deaton had tried to impress upon him time and time again, usually by way of horrible stories about mages who’d tried to use magic to fix their plumbing and then came away with a permanent desire to drink dish soap, or an emissary who’d tried to use it to find their car keys and wound up merged with their car for two months instead. The stories were all true, or so Deaton claimed, and Stiles believed him just enough to be cautious about using magic for any old thing. Despite the definite temptation, he’d never attempted to use magic to find a misplaced item, get out of paying for a plumber, or stop missionaries from knocking on his door. He avoided the minor magical tweaks, the insignificant and everyday things, and as a result, he thought he and magic understood each other.

So, really, Stiles couldn’t be blamed for thinking that a spell, in a spell book, was legitimate enough to avoid the backfire. Deaton had hundreds of spellbooks, most of them locked away and guarded by Derek, his grumpy werewolf associate, but Stiles only wanted one book, any book. Just one harmless spell to try out on his own, without supervision or censure; he’d thought Derek, as the youngest son of a booming werewolf family, would understand wanting to test his skills on his own terms.

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