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Victuuri or kurotsuki? Take your pic :)

In response to the ship ask! I of course, have to give my OP some love. 


–Who said “I love you” first?

Man. I think it would be Kuroo. He would have wanted it to be in the perfect moment and all planned out, super cheesy and crap. But then something happens and it just drops out of his mouth. Like Kei is maybe doing something stupid or mundane. It’s after nationals, Karasuno just suffered their eliminating loss in the Sweet Sixteen brackets. So Nekoma’s coach invited everyone over for a friendly skirmish and a banquet afterwards. Kei and Kuroo have been texting and chatting on and off over the season. Kei does something, like bouncing a volleyball to himself or jumping because he’s annoyed at his peak spiking height going down, thinking that if he had just jumped a little bit higher. And Kuroo is there. He sees that determination in Kei and the desire to grow and get stronger and it just–the “Fuck, I think I love you,” pops out of nowhere and takes them both by surprise. 

–Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

YOOOOO. Established relationship period? Like two years of dating. Kei is in Tokyo for school because there are better courses available in the universities there than around Miyagi. They aren’t living together while Kei is taking classes because that’s one of the compromises he made to himself. Kuroo understands, but that doesn’t make it any easier on him. So, as he’s working his (mostly) dead-end job at a coffee shop, he’s comforted by the photo of him and Kei at the amusement park in his pocket that he looks at on every break.

–Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Both of them. At first Kuroo saw it on Pintrest or some other silly internet site. So he left a note in the fog one morning that Kei was getting ready for work. It was cute like “Don’t eat on your way home. I’m the main course today.” Kei rolled his eyes so hard he nearly tripped out of the shower. Kei turned it to his advantage though. Although, his notes are more making fun of it. He leaves things like “Pick up more rice on your way home.” and “Don’t forget to bring the laundry in.” or “Your suit is ready to be picked up from the cleaners.” Kuroo finds it endearing.

–Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Kuroo! Mostly when Kei was still in high school though. Once Kuroo learned that the school does small deliveries to students, he went 0-100 in no time. He would send little things like, chocolates, flowers, balloons and stuffed dinosaurs. Kei got so embarrassed that he told Kuroo to stop sending him shit at school. To which, Kuroo said, where should I send them then? Kei (reluctantly?) gave him his home address. Then Kuroo’s plan was revealed as a week later, Kei got a letter in the mail. That’s how the shoe box hidden under Kei’s bed stuffed with letters and cards from Kuroo got started.

–Who initiated the first kiss?

Kei! Kuroo kept tiptoing around him because he didn’t want to pressure Kei into anything. He also read an article the other day that was like “young teens find themselves under influence of older authority figures, psychological trauma ensured” and freaked out about it. So once, when there were at karaoke, after a duet that was OBVIOUSLY the perfect moment–Kei was sure that Kuroo would kiss him. When he didn’t, Kei basically said “fuck it” and kissed Kuroo instead. 

–Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

It’s Kuroo. Which really, with bedhead like that, he should be more focused on getting in the shower to be ready for the day than peppering Kei’s shoulders and neck with kisses. 

–Who starts tickle fights?

Neither. They aren’t ticklish and the last time Kuroo tried to tickle fight Bokuto when they were drunk, it ended with them going to the hospital to have Kuroo’s nose reset. 

–Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Kuroo does. The answer is always, “No. This is my relaxation time. If I wanted you in here, I would tell you.”

–Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

It’s Kei! This is mostly payback (?) for all those stupid gifts in high school. When Kuroo gets into that design firm that he’s been reaching for, Kei takes his two hour break between classes to go and visit. Sometimes he brings them a homemade lunch and other times he just grabs something from the bento store down the street. 

–Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

Kuroo was because he forgot to tell Kei that it was actually a date and not just two friends hanging out. Although, the fact that it was all stereotypical date things (dinner, movie, a walk in the park with Kuroo pointing out stars), really Kei should have been tipped off.

–Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Kei does! Things with long legs don’t bother him so he just scoops them into a cup and takes them outside. Sometimes he pretends he can’t find the spider after he’s already taken it out and acts like it’s landed somewhere in Kuroo’s nest of a hair-do. (Kuroo doesn’t ever appreciate the joke).

–Who loudly proclaims their love when they are drunk?

You might be surprised but, it’s Kei! Kuroo turns really flirty and sultry when he drinks. I imagine him to be one smoooooooth criminal! But Kei, lets himself go and really has even less of a filter than usual. So he squints his eyes at Kuroo, who is draped like a jungle cat in the club’s couch. His vision is blurry from the alcohol and he hadn’t put his contacts in to go out either. “Do you actually love me?” he’ll ask. Kuroo will laugh, sounding more like a purr. “Of course I do.” Basically it turns into a moment of self-depreciation for Kei because he finds it hard to believe that someone as talented and good-looking and nice and wonderful and smart like Kuroo would be interested in him. To which Kuroo responds, the diligent, hard-working, incredibly smart, hot as fuck Kei that he can’t believe actually likes him back? So Kei will say “Yeah I love you. I fucking love the shit out of you and it scares me half to death.” Kuroo’s grin lazy, but his eyes soft. “Me too.” After that they generally start making out which causes whatever friends they had gone clubbing with to groan and ask why they invite them anymore because this always fucking happens. 

Ahhhh I love my boys. I miss my children. Bring back KRTK2017. I’ll work on that after I finish my senior project. 

Thanks for the ask! I enjoyed doing it! (even though I should have taken this work period to finish up a scene in my project. OH WELL)


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illustrated cards by idlewildco

i’ve been loving idlewildco’s creative, cute, unique designs — these cards make me smile :)

Adventures in Gardening

So yesterday, in an effort to seize the day and get my shit together, I had an all day plant extravaganza.  I made an early morning trip to Home Depot to load up on new greens, excavated all the skeletons of last years dearly departed, and put in the new tenants.  (Incidentally, if I ever want to buy many flats of tiny plants again, No. Just No.  That was half my planting time right there, extracting the things without destroying them.)   I made far, far too many trips up and down from the third floor.  But at the end of the day, I was sunburnt, exhausted as hell, and feeling pretty good about it.

And then today, it monsooned

I got home from work and dashed out the back, “Everyone all right? Did you all make it?!”

The herbs reported in, “Present but oh god please tell us it’s over.”  (With the exception of the rosemary, because rosemary gives zero fucks.)  The flowers were more or less all right, wee bit in disarray.  … And then there was the hibiscus.  All perky and full of sass.  Like, “That was refreshing!  Care for another round, chaps?”

That thing might be made of sterner stuff than I am.

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Yey, another headcanons tumblr ^^ so happy right now! I will not be able to play the game since april, so i want to ask you if you will put some spoiler here and there. Just asking to be sure o.o anyway, can i request an headcanon? The chocobros have some kind of particular fear (insects, spiders, clown)? Thank you!

Hiya! i’m still currently in the middle of the game, so iv’e asked to keep this blog spoiler free for now! 

Noctis: This boy is terrified of snakes, the way they slither around disturbers him way more than he’d like to admit. His fear stems from Prompto accidentally letting his pet garden snake loose in Nocts room when they were younger, and the young prince waking up to it in his sheets in the middle of the night. Not exactly the type of pet Noct thought Prompto wanted to show him, the whole castle woke to the shrill screams of Noct that night.

Prompto: Claustrophobia is something that plagues Prompto, he can’t stand any space that’s to small for him to relax his arms at his side comfortably. His fear of small places has always been around, but got worse after a failed game of hide and seek when he got stuck hiding in a recycling bin. He cried for 30 min. before someone walking by helped the poor boy out of it, he still cringes thinking about it to this day.

Gladio: Nobody but his sister knows what scares Gladio the most and she’s been sworn to secrecy, but one time she told Noct and now Gladio will never trust his sis again. One time him and his family went to the circus when he was around 6 and one of the clowns thought it would be fun to chase after Gladio with a dinosaur balloon animal while making ‘roaring’ sounds. Gladio ran straight for his father while screaming and crying about a scary man with makeup on. Gladio can’t even look at another clown without jumping. Never again.

Ignis: When he was 8 his mother brought home a cat so Ignis could have a  little friend, but little did he know it was a demon spawn, the cat scratched and clawed at him whenever he walked by and often found high points in the house so it could literally dive at his head. When his mom went out to the market a couple weeks later Ignis purposely let the cat out the front door and told his mom it was an accident. To this day he’s not afraid of anything more than cats. 

Current cartoons from least to most realistic.

Edit: I added Star Vs. The Force of Evil and The Amazing World of Gumball

Gumball is in a category all on its own, on one hand it’s for the most part a wacky suburban story that’s mostly grounded in normal life, but on the other hand it’s populated by ghosts, talking animals, dinosaurs, living balloons and also occasionally features fractures in reality and the apocalypse.

Prank wars

Thank you i-have-loved-a-thousand-lives for the prompt: “ Three words hmmmm… 1)Sharpie (permanent marker was two words but that’s what I mean by sharpie) 2) Dinner 3) Rug Lol is that enough for a prompt ;D”
I have had a long lazy week and felt kind of bummed out for most of it so thank you! Messages and suggestions for stories give me life and I am eternally grateful and in debt to my beautiful Readers! Feel free to suggest a prompt with three random words that I have to use in my stories.

“Damn you, Owen Grady!” you’ve roared and the muffled laughter followed. Loud footsteps outside of your small office were quickly fading away. You’ve walked outside of your little office room, kicking balloons out of the way and heading towards the taser sticks just next to the prep cage of the raptor paddock.
“After I catch you, you’ll be Charlie’s lunch”
“It’s past lunch time and I believe you meant to say if you catch me” you’ve heard his voice above and you’ve involuntarily glanced up. You were facing the sun and it took you a moment or two to make out his grinning smug face. 
“The dinosaur balloon is a nice touch, however I will need help with getting rid of the rest” you’ve grunted. 
“No, the dinosaur mouse pointer on your laptop was a nice touch!”
“How the hell did you get past my laptops security?!”
“Y/N, “velociraptors123″ is not a very secure password” he shouted a little more loud than necessary.
“That’s not my password” you’ve mumbled confused and heard some of the guys laugh. The taser stick was charged and you thought about throwing it and the likeliness of it hitting Owen… You’ve longed for the tranquiliser guns. You were always more of a sharp shooter.
You’ve started to walk up the metal stair structure, shoulders wide, head held high and your hand grasping the taser stick confidently with intentions to frighten Owen. 
“Hey, hey, back up. BACK UP” he held out his hand. You’ve proceeded to close the distance faster, challenging him.
“How about I propose a deal” he was smiling “Dinner. My treat. I’ll help you clean up and I’ll take you to dinner”
“HELP me clean up?” your voice sounded more threatening than initially intended.
“I will clean up. Just go out with me” the boldness and sincerity took you by surprise. 
“If this is another one of your pran-”
“What?! No! Do you really think of me as such a terrible person?! I meant every single word of it!” he put his hand to his chest and looked into your eyes. You’ve now reached the catwalk, Owen standing just several feet away from you.
“Fine but there’s some conditions.” you’ve paused. “All of the balloons out of my office within the next half an hour and a lengthy step-by-step explanation of how you’ve hacked my laptop. Oh and I’m still pranking you back!”
“But, Y/N, you’ve already pranked me! Remember last workmates’ night out? You and Barry both used a sharpie to draw on my face, that didn’t come off for two days!” 
“Owen Grady, not only I cannot see the rug in my office due to the sea of balloons but you’ve also managed to get helium one’s and cover the ceiling too… Whilst it’s admirable and hilarious, I cannot find the paperwork I was supposed to send to the lab…” you’ve glanced at your clock for dramatic effect. “Fifteen minutes ago… You’re getting revenge. It’s inevitable”
“Sooo… It’s a date then?” he scratched his neck and the corners of his mouth formed a tiny smile. You’ve felt a heat wave go through your body. 
“I… I guess so. I mean, yeah it is…” you’ve mumbled still at loss of words.
“Great! Straight after work? I’ll drive” his eyes glistened with excitement.
You threw your car keys towards him playfully however he couldn’t catch them in time and they fell into the raptor paddock. Your jaw dropped.
“I guess we’re taking the bike” his face was equally surprised and you’ve both broke into a hearty laugh. You secretly hoped you two would take his bike. 
“I guess we are. Though you are getting those keys back” you’ve giggled. 
“Is that another condition? May I add some conditions to MY list!” he smirked.
God damn that smirk of his!

It’s my sisters 21st coming up, and we’re pretty close so for her birthday I want to fill the living room in our house with 500 balloons and buy a dinosaur onesie for her and myself so we can mess around in the balloons. My mother says that I can do it if I prove that people like the idea and it’s not just me being stupid - so we agreed to 350 notes on this post and I can fill up my living room with balloons and dance around in them in dinosaur onesies