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re:quest [tension] - chapter 3

Sorry for the delay. I ended up being pretty busy over the last few weeks, plus having other translations take more priority (like the actual manga chapters and the omakes). Hopefully the next chapters won’t take as long for me to finish.

For those who haven’t read “tension”, the short story about the CCG art festival, you can read chapter 1 here. Enjoy!

(Thank you @tokyo-ghoul-out-of-context and @kanekikenunot for proofreading.)


Urie silently clicked his tongue as he heard someone call him from behind. Even without looking back at the person he immediately knew who it was.

“…(Annoying prick.)”

He turned around and sure enough, it was his classmate Kuroiwa Takeomi. Between Takeomi’s tall figure and upstanding visage, it was his honest-looking eyes that grated on Urie’s nerves the most, because they were just like the eyes of his father, Kuroiwa Iwao.

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Gone - Pt. 2

Pairing: Aaron x Reader

Word Count: 1,610

Request: yes!  Request here

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Warnings: None

Summary: Recap: Y/N is devastated when Aaron and Jack flee into witness protection to hide from Mr.Scratch, who has been stalking Jack.  In order to keep her protected, Hotch tells the reader via note to stay put and not try to look for or contact him or Jack.  Oh, and she just so happens to be pregnant with his child.

Part One

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You’d only been inside the BAU a few times, usually to surprise Aaron on his birthday or to bring Jack on his.  

But this time, when you walked through the doors to the bullpen, your legs felt almost as if they were going to collapse under you, knowing the weight of the situation, and seeing Agent David Rossi carrying boxes out of Aaron’s office just made the realization of your worries worse.  He wasn’t here.  Of course, in your heart you knew he wouldn’t be, but something in you told you to check, told you that maybe he would be waiting for you in the BAU to give you a real goodbye.

Penelope Garcia walked up to the door of Aaron’s office, her red eyes were evidence that she’d been crying.  Slowly, she pulled his name plate from the door, sighing and holding it close to her heart.  When she turned around, she caught your eyes, a confused look crossing her face.

“Y/N?” you heard beside you.  You looked over to see JJ walking towards you with Dr. Spencer Reid.

“Where is he,” were the first words that came out of your mouth.

“He’s not here,” she replied, looking at you with concern.  

“Ms. Y/L/N,” David said from Aaron’s door.  He motioned for you to join him, and you hesitantly did so, feeling the eyes of your boyfriend’s coworkers on you.

“Where’s Aaron?” you asked as soon as you got to the door.  He motioned for you to step inside, and when you did, he came in behind you and shut the door behind him.  “Why did you move his stuff?” you asked between your tears.

“I need you to listen very carefully, Y/N,” Dave said.  “You might want to sit down for this.”  You obliged and sat in the chair across from Aaron’s - or what used to be Aaron’s.  

“What’s going on?” you asked, still unable to wrap your head around the fact that he was gone.  That Jack was gone.  They were gone.  Vanished.  Gone.

“Aaron turned in his resignation this morning.  He came to me and told me that Lewis was at Jack’s school today,” he started, leaning against the now vacated desk.  “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but he and Jack have been admitted into witness protection.”

Your heart felt like it sank into your stomach.  

They’re gone.

“It was ultimately his decision.  He didn’t want to drag you any deeper into the situation, so he decided to keep you out of it.”

They’re gone.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

They’re gone.

The mantra continued to play in your head, over and over you heard the words you were most scared of.  

Instinctively, you put your hands to your stomach.  Tears flowed freely to meet the fabric of your shirt, soaking into the blanket over your unborn child.

“They’re gone,” you said aloud.  It was the first time you spoke the words aloud despite hearing them so clearly in your head.

“I think it would be best to lay low for a while.  We can get you a protective unit if you’d like,” David told you.

“I- I need to talk to him,” you said, clutching at your stomach, wanting the little bundle of joy to have a father.

“I’m afraid you can’t,” David said sadly, inching closer to you, careful eyes watching yo as if you might break, but the truth was, you’d broken long ago when you found the note on your kitchen counter.

“No, you don’t understand,” you said, standing up, your legs surprisingly not failing you.  “I need to talk t-to him, please, you have to know where he is.”

“I don’t, Y/N, I’m sorry.”

“Then you have to know someone who knows where he is, p-please David,” you said.  You were backing to the door, trying to keep your balance

“Y/N.  I’m sorry, but there is no way to contact him.  He’s gone,” he replied, his voice slightly raising.  He didn’t want to hurt you any more than you already had been.

“Please,” you whispered.  “Please.”

He only shook his head and sighed, not know what else to tell you.  The once strong and fearless woman he once knew was crumbling in front of him, and despite what he did for a living, he suddenly didn’t know how to handle telling you that you may never see your boyfriend ever again.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice slightly shaking.  Rossi was hard to break, but here you were, managing to do it.

“I have his baby,” you said, your voice still a soft whisper.  David looked at you, shock evident in his features.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked you, his voice rising in pitch.

“I didn’t get to tell him,” you said, burying your head into your hands.

They’re gone.

Alone and pregnant is not exactly how you pictured spending your birthday, but you were glad you weren’t at work with all your annoying coworkers.  Instead, you thought it would be nice to have yourself a bubble bath, candles lit and Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

Once you spent the day relaxing and eating cake by yourself, you thought it would be nice to head to the BAU.

Ever since Aaron was admitted into witness protection, you kept in close touch with his former team members.  Having them made it easier, especially since the loss of their team captain wasn’t exactly easy on them either.  They were able to comfort you, and you them.  

Walking through the doors of the bullpen, you were met with the sight of the whole BAU team sitting around a desk that was decorated with balloons and cupcakes and confetti.  They were all huddled around, moving things around as if to make it look more presentable.  

When Dr. Reid looked up from the present JJ was holding, he saw you and sighed.

“Uh, surprise?” he said.  The rest of the team halted their actions and turned around, all seemed upset when they saw you since the surprise was ruined.

“Is this all for me?” you asked, setting your leftover cake on the table with the rest of the goodies.

“Yeah.  I was going to call you when it was all set up and we were going to turn the lights off and everything.  Big surprised ruined,” Penelope said with a slight frown.  “But happy birthday !” she said, smiling and pulling you in for a hug, your eight and a half months pregnant belly making it harder to get close to your friend. 

“Aw, guys.  This is amazing thank you,” you said, giving each member of the team a hug, feeling tears prick at you eyes.

“Hey, now, don’t you cry on us,” Dr. Lewis said, squeezing your shoulder.

“I’m just so glad I wasn’t alone in all of this,” you said, motioning to your protruding stomach.  “Thank you all.”

“Anything for you, sweets,” Penelope said, handing you a present.

“You guys didn’t have to-” before you could finish, there was a sharp pain in your abdomen.  You stopped and held it for a second, wincing at the aching.

“Oh, no.  Are you okay?” Luke asked, holding onto your elbow.

“She’s going into labor,” JJ said calmly.

“No I’m not, I’m not due until next month,” you stated.

“Doesn’t matter, hon,” JJ said simply, pulling you towards the door.

Thirteen hours later, your baby boy was born.  He had your eyes, Aaron’s nose, and his dark, dark hair.  You smiled down at your son, happy tears running down your cheeks. 

JJ was in the room with you the whole time, walking you through the process.

“He’s beautiful,” she told you, grinning down at the two of you.

“Isn’t he?” you choked out.  He was so calm and small and beautiful.  Just incredibly beautiful.  And he was all yours.

And Aaron’s.

But Aaron was gone.

“Aaron,” you said down to your baby.  “Aaron Jack Hotchner.”

“Hi baby Aaron,” JJ said, waving to the tiny boy who was opening his eyes.  “I’m your aunt JJ.”

“Can we come in?” Penelope said from the door, grinning from ear to ear.

“Yes, please,” you said, wanting your practical family to meet the newest member.

“Oh my goodness,” the bubbly blonde said after laying eyes on Aaron Jr.  “He looks just like you.”

“And his father,” Emily said with a smile.

But his father isn’t here.

“Congratulations, Y/N,” David said, giving you a peck on the forehead.

You couldn’t contain your happiness.  You had the most beautiful son in the world in your arms, and although his father was absent in the moment, you felt everything but lonely surrounded by the ones you loved, knowing that every agent in the room would help you raise Aaron as if he were their own.

He was the son of their former partner and unit chief, of course they would.

But he was gone.

“Can I hold him?” Reid asked sheepishly.  You grinned and nodded your head, holding up your son carefully to let the doctor take him.

His dad was not here, but Aaron Jack Hotchner was surrounded by the people who love him and will go to the ends of the earth for him, and that was all that mattered.

Aaron was out in the world somewhere with Jack hopefully safe, but wherever he was, he had no knowledge of the baby boy just born with his name.  He didn’t know that you thought about him every day, and probably didn’t know that since he left, you spent every night crying yourself to sleep.  He didn’t know any of this because he was gone.

They were gone.


PART 11, 12, 13 and 14 of my FNAF gijinkas!

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 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 145
warning : character’s death
summary : Reader and Kai have a child together.
[CONTINUES IN - Part II , I couldn’t possibly fit all I wanted to say in one part , sorry 😅🙈 not sorry 😜]
* gif by jake-riley

Y/N and Kai went on their daily afternoon walk in the park. It was warm , sunny with not a cloud in the sky , unless the super thin clouds that looked like a stroke of a brush. They got some ice cream , or more like Y/N got some ice cream , and they sat on one of the benches in the shadows near the duck pond. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her , his eyes drifting between Y/N’s face and her pregnant belly. His life could’ve taken a completely different turn if it hadn’t been for her. He loved her so much , he didn’t even mind all those times she woke him up in the middle of the night asking him to go get her something from a store near by. Her cravings had been all over the place , so had been her moods. Sometimes they fought , she’d yell at him and then start sobbing without any warning. Lately however she seemed calmer. Maybe it was because the doctors had said that any day now the baby would be born. Kai couldn’t wait to see his child. His excitement grew more and more each day, so did his love for both Y/N and their baby.
“I love you.” whispered Kai , placing a soft kiss on her neck. “And … I love you.” he repeated , placing a hand on Y/N’s giant belly and leaning in towards it and placing a soft kiss on her stomach. A moment later his eyes lit up and he smiled widely. “It kicked ! I bet he or she can hear me. How awesome would that be ? I wonder if our child will remember me talking.”
Y/N laughed , nearly dropping her ice cream. Her fingers brushed through Kai’s hair. She was sure the baby would remember. Kai had been talking to their unborn child for months now , day and night. Her husband looked so beyond happy the past 9 months. The night she had told him she was pregnant had been the night he returned from 1903. He had sneaked into her bedroom through the window like he had done a dozen times before and nearly had scared her to death while she had been taking a shower saying he couldn’t wait a second longer to see her. The next day was Jo’s wedding and he mentioned that he wants to get his revenge on that day because his entire coven would be there. Then he noticed that Y/N had started looking nervous. A few moments later he realised her shirt was a bit tighter on her meaning she had put on some weight. He had asked about it and she had told him she is pregnant , halting his plans for revenge. Kai’s entire world had shifted in that moment. He still wanted revenge but he also realised that if he does what he had planned , he’d kill his own child and that had changed everything. Y/N hadn’t asked him to change his mind , he had done that on his own and he never regretted it.
“You are such an adorable softie.” teased Y/N.
“I am not !” he protested , a smile spreading across his face a moment later. Y/N scooped up some ice cream from her cup and held the spoon out for Kai. He shook his head. “No. You enjoy it. I’m fine just enjoying my day in the park with the most gorgeous , strong , fierce girl that has ever lived on this planet.”
“Oh shut up.”
Kai laughed and pressed his lips against hers , his palm brushing against her cheek. It had been almost 5 months since their wedding and and he still couldn’t believe it. Any of it. Y/N was his sunshine , even in the darkest moments she always found a way to brighten things up. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. Not anymore.
“You taste like chocolate.”
“That’s because ever since I got pregnant that stuff has literally gotten into my bloodstream.” she said scopping out another spoon with ice cream. “Apparently our baby boy or girl loves chocolate as much as you do.”
Y/N tapped him on the nose with her tiny plastic spoon. Kai laughed , his eyes sparkling with love and excitement. In all his life he had never imagined he’d find someone , that out of their relationship would come something as special as a child. If someone had told Kai that he’d be this excited about becoming a dad , he probably would’ve laughed and called them crazy.
“I still can’t believe you didn’t want to know the gender of our child.” said Kai , resting against the bench with his hand across Y/N’s shoulder. “How will we call our child when he or she finally arrives? Can’t call it ‘baby’ all the time. We have to pick names.”
“OKAY .. You go first.”
“No. You go first.” he said softly in her ear.
Y/N’s heart fluttered and just as she was about to suggest a name , a sharp pain tore through her stomach. Her hand automatically held onto it as she scrunched her face in pain. The feeling was similar to her monthy stomach cramps only much more intense.
“Wh-what is it ?” asked Kai worried. Sometimes when their child kicked a bit too hard , Y/N would groan out in pain. “Are you okay ?
“Yeah I’m- I’m fine. ” she sighed. “Wow that hurt.”
Kai stroked her hair and then Y/N groaned in pain again.
“I think the baby is coming.” she whispered turning towards him.
“N-now ?”
Y/N tilted her head , glaring at him. “No , tomorrow. YES NOW.”
“Can’t you hold it ?”
“Yeah yeah sure of course..” she said. “I bet thats what everyone does - hold it when the baby decides to come into this world until a more convinient time. HEY maybe we can go on to the movies and later on stop at the hospital.”
“Your sarcasm is not helping.”
“KAI …” she groaned in pain again.
“What do I do ? Tell me. What do I do ?” he said with panic in his voice. Kai knew it was the 9th month and that the baby could show up at any moment but all of the sudden everything vanished from his head. Y/N glanced at him opening her mouth to make a comment and groaned in pain again. Her hand shot for his forearm , squeezing it tightly.
“Call Jo you dummy !” she snapped. “And stop panicking. You are not the one about to give birth to a new human.”
They had gone over the scenarios dozens of times. How can he forget it all now ?!
“I am not -”
Her hand reached for him and Kai helped Y/N get up , pulling out his phone with his other hand and dialing his sister’s number. Y/N had thought ahead creating a speed dial button on his phone for when the time comes. Jo had given birth about a two months and a half ago and was still technically on medical leave but had promised when the time comes , she’d be there to help.
“Pick up , pick up , pick up …”
About a minute passed before his sister finally picked up.
“It’s happening ! Jo … It’s happening NOW.” he said looking at his wife , they were a few metres away from his car. “I don’t sound panicky. Why does everyone keep saying that I’m panicky ?! Just - just meet us at the hospital. Now. ”
Y/N and Kai got in the car and he quickly pulled out of the parking lot heading for the Whitmore hospital. Her contractions had started happening more frequently and her hand shot for his forearm digging her fingernails in it each time pain cut through her body.
“Just breath.” he kept repeating and Y/N wasn’t sure if he was talking to her or trying to calm himself down. They got to the hospital faster than Y/N had expected , mostly because Kai kept using magic to turn all traffic lights on their way green. A few minutes later just as they were about to turn down the street to Whitmore hospital -
“Oh God … I think my waters just broke.” she said quietly , turning towards him and groaning in pain a few moments later.
Jo arrived a little after them , right on time for the newest Parker’s arrival. Kai went in the operating room with them , holding Y/N’s hand the entire time. She kept squeezing and squeezing it so hard nearly breaking the bones in his hand, sweatdrops appearing on her forehead for the effort. Kai kept talking to her to keep her calm but didn’t appear to be helping much. He started hating himself knowing his is in pain because of him. Never in his life he had imagined that giving birth can be this painful. Then their baby cried for the first time. Kai had thought Y/N’s laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world , now there was another sound he loved maybe even more. Kai smiled through tears , carresing Y/N’s forehead.
“It’s a girl.” said Jo smiling and glancing at them. “A healthy beautiful baby girl.”


Kai had been at the baby ward most of the night looking over their daughter. It was starting to get clear he wouldn’t let anyone even look at her without him around. Meanwhile Y/N got a few hours of sleep. Giving birth had exhausted her in a way she never even knew existed. When her eyes opened Kai was sitting next to her and the room had been filled with balloons , flowers and cupcakes. Y/N couldn’t help but smile seeing everything but what got the most to her was Kai. He was glowing , literally. His entire aura had shifted a bit and he had turned into literal sunshine , even more than usual. In his hands there was a cupcake and some frosting had smeared across his lips. His eyes lit up seeing she was looking at him. It had been a long night and it was hard to believe less than 15hrs ago they had been in the park eating ice cream while Kai talked to their unborn child.
“Oh hello my queen.” he said smiling widely. “Want some ? You must be hungry. I know I am.”
“Yeah.” he laughed nervously. “You are the queen and our little girl is the princess.” he said as if its the most obvious thing in the world.
Y/N laughed. “My king , where is my royal treatment then ?” she teased tapping on her lips with her finger , pretending to think. Kai got up and kissed her lips briefly. “Nah-uh. I want more.”
Her hands quickly tangled in his hair , pulling him towards her until he was almost on top of her , tugging on his lip at the end of the kiss. He pulled away leaving her leaning into the empty space between them.
“Always so greedy.” teased Kai , kissing her deeply again. “Not that I am complaining. I could never get enough of you.”
“I could never get enough of you either.” she smiled. “I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“Knock knock.” interrupted Jo. “I believe someone wants to see you… and by the looks of it , her dad can’t wait a second.”
Kai had jumped up so fast getting to Jo , his eyes fixed on the little girl in her arms. Her eyes were closed for a moment , then they opened and she yawned. Kai was absolutely mesmerized by the little budle of joy. He looked at her with such affection , Y/N got a tiny bit jealous for a second. Kai tapped the little girl’s nose and the baby gigled a for a few seconds. Kai’s smile was getting wider by the second. A few hours into this world and he loved his daughter more than anything and was ready to do whatever just to see her smile and make sure she is happy.
“I would’ve jumped too , but it still hurts a bit.” laughed Y/N , outstretching her arms for Jo to put the baby in them. Y/N had seen the baby right after it had been born but now she could get a really good look at their daughter. Jo put the baby in her hands and Y/N’s eyes lit up like never before. “She is so beautiful.” she said smiling.
“Just like her mother.” smiled Kai leaning against the bed. “Look at her smile and how she just scrunched her little nose..”
Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from his girls. How was he that lucky ? After all that he had done , he had never expected to find love , thought never even crossed his mind. Sure there had been girls back before he was sent away but … it had felt different until he had met Y/N. And now he had not one but two people in his life , making him the happiest person in this world. He didn’t want to disappoint any of them , ever.
“You are going to be the best father there is.” said Y/N taking her eyes off their new born daughter to look at Kai. Their eyes locked for a long time and he could see him worry about that. Like he thought he wasn’t good enough. “Our daughter is the luckiest girl on this earth to have you as a father.”
Y/N could see their baby daughter all grown up and Kai acting like the most carrying yet a wee-bit over protective dad when she went on her first date or more like every time any boy even dared to breath near her.
“Jo ?” she wondered. “Could you take a picture of us ? I want to remember this moment forever.”
“Yeah , of course.” smiled Jo. Kai reached in his back pocket and gave his sister his phone. He was sure he’d remember that moment even without the pictures. Kai wrapped his arms around Y/N and kissed her cheek gently hearing the camera click in that moment and then again and again as he looked up. “I never thought I’d say this - but …I’m beyond happy about you brother.”
“Jee thanks sis.” he laughed , a geniune light laugh. “Could you give us the heads up next time before taking a picture? I think I blinked.”
Y/N and Jo burst out in laugher.
“Hey baby girl.” said Kai gently , brushing his finger against their daughter’s tiny cheek , his daughter wrapping her tiny fingers around it a moment later. “Remember me ? I’m your dad.”
Y/N stared at Kai , his eyes glowing like never before. It was as if a completely different person was standing in front of her. Kai was quite literally melting at the sight of their child. And still they had to pick a name.
“Can I hold her ?” he asked Y/N , barely able to contain himself from grabbing his daughter out of her hands. Kai quickly left the rest of his cupcake aside , wiping his hands and reached for his baby girl.
“Careful with her head , okay?” said Jo.
“I’m not going to break her , sis.”
Y/N carefully gave Kai their child. He looked so happy to have her in his arms , it was as if he was flying. He held his little girl in his large arms, afraid he might actually break her. She was so tiny and fragile.
“So tiny…” he whispered smiling.
Their new born daughter looked like a mini version of Y/N - same eyes , same nose… except there was this michevious spark in her eyes , the same spark he had in his eyes. Her tiny hand wrapped around his finger making him smile. She had been brought to this world barely a few hours ago and it appeared she already loved him.
He knew in that moment he’d protect her at all cost. Always.
“Daddy’s little girl.” he whispered smiling at the little budle of joy in his arms. Then he looked up at Jo who was starring at him as if seeing him for the first time. Same with Y/N. “What ? I don’t have cupcake frosting on my face anymore right?”
“Nope. No frosting..” smiled Y/N , wiping happy tears from her eyes. The most dangerous sociopath , as her friends always described him ,turning to jelly because of his newborn baby girl.
You definitely don’t see that every day. she thought.
“Have you thought of any names ?” asked Jo.
“We were just about to talk about it when this cutie here showed up.” said Kai smiling at his daughter and making funny faces at her to get her to laugh. “Would’ve helped if we knew if our child will be a boy or a girl but someone insisted on it being a surprise.”
“Hey. You could’ve still found out and not tell me about it.”
“We both know I can’t keep a secret from you..” he winked at her.
Y/N reached for one of the cupcakes , swirling her tongue around the frosting. During the past few months she had thought of names but now that she had to pick , it was like half of the names had vanished from her mind.
“I like Emma.. Katie.. Alexandra? ” she paused seeing how they were looking at her. “I got frosting on my nose , didn’t I ?”
She wiped her nose with the back of her hand , another name popping into her mind. “Lucinda. Lu for short.. or Victoria.”
Kai shook his head.
“You are terrible at this.” he said.
“OH and you can do better ?”
“What about Grace ? Alice ? Mel or Meg ?”
Y/N thought for a moment turning to his sister.
“Care to weight in Jo ?”
“I’d rather stay out of this discussion.” she laughed. “I’ll leave you to it. Call me if you need me.”
Jo carressed the baby’s head , squeezing Y/N’s hand for a moment before leaving the room. Kai looked after her. His baby girl cried out in the next moment.
“OMG What … what did I do wrong?!” he asked with panic in his voice. “Why is she crying ?! I swear I would never hurt her ! Why … why is she doing this ?”
Y/N laughed.
“Calm down. Our daughter is just hungry.” she said. “Give her to me. Bet you’ll be jealous of her in a moment.”
“What ? Me ? Why ..?” he paused for a moment realising what his wife meant. “OHHH… ”
Their baby girl calmed down pretty fast after starting to feed. Kai sat on the chair next to the bed, his elbows resting on it and holding his head in his hands. He looked at them with such interest and affection it was turning Y/N’s cheeks red. Not longer after their baby daughter fed , she fell asleep in her mother’s arms.
“How about Alexandra Grace Parker ?” she suggested.

A few hours later Kai went outside to grab something for Y/N to eat. There was this place barely a street away from the hospital that had her favourite avocado/chicken/leafy green salad. When he came back to the room she had fallen asleep. He left the paperbag on the far edge of the bed and leaned in to kiss her forehead. Something was wrong. Kai placed his hand on her forehead feeling her skin burn. Quickly he ran outside and down the hall to where Jo’s office was.
“Jo ! Something is wrong with Y/N.” he said opening the door without even bothering to knock. “Her skin , its burning to the touch I -”
He didn’t wait for his sister to reply and directly grabbed her hand , pulling her after him. On the way Jo grabbed another one of the doctors and they rushed into the room. Y/N’s eyes fluttered open for a second and then closed again. She was mumbling something that sounded a lot like ‘I’m coming. Wait for me.’ Jo and the other doctor quickly checked her eyes , pulse and blood pressure , her temperature and looked at each other with empty expressions on their faces.
“What is it ?” asked Kai , pacing back and forth around them not taking his eyes off Y/N. Her eyes seemed unfocused and sweat drops had appeared on her face. “WHAT IS IT JO?” he snapped.
“Her blood pressure is too low and her body temperature is almost 40C.” said Jo calling out for one of the nurses. They quickly hooked Y/N up to an EKG , a needle and a tube going in her forearm leading to a fluids tube. One of the nurses passed Jo a syringe and his sister pludged it into Y/N’s arm.
“What does that mean ?!” asked Kai. Everything around him was happening too fast and too slow at the same time. “JOSETTE , TELL ME NOW!”
“There must be an infection in -”
“K-Kai ?”
Kai turned towards Y/N rushing to her side in an instant. He took her hand , bringing it to his lips kissing her knuckles. His other hand caressing her face.
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Why am I on fire?”
“Don’t worry. Jo is going to fix everything.” he said softly. “You are going to be OKAY and in a few days we will go home with Alex , start decorating her room. We have to buy the pink curtains now , remember ?”
Y/N smiled weakly , her eyes fluttering closed for a few seconds too long. Kai hated that knot forming in his stomach. She was everything to him and he couldn’t imagine his life without her in it. That life no longer existed. Y/N was slipping away and everything Jo and the doctors were doing didn’t have any result. He had never feared losing her more than in that moment. Seeing the light slowly drain out of her eyes made him feel as if he was the one dying.
“I want to tell you so-mething.” she said weakly.
“You can tell me later.” he said with a small smile on his face.
“There is no-time.” her eyelids fluttered closed again. “You need to know… just in-case. I -”
Her mouth and eyes froze semi open. A machine near by beeped.
“Y/N? Y/N wake up.” he cried leaning in closer to her. His palm brushing against her cheek. “No ,no no. Come back to me. Jo please do something !”
His sister shook her head. “There is nothing I can do. I’m sor-”
“I don’t need your sorries ! I need you to bring her back!” he snapped. “Please Jo , I can’t live without her. There has to be a spell or something.”
“There isn’t. I know you love her but -”
Kai looked at his sister with tears in his eyes then at Y/N , her hand still in his , her head turned towards him. It was like someone had thrown him straight into hell , a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from no matter how much he wanted to. Kai felt all air being pulled out of his lungs , feeling like his soul had been ripped away. He was ready to do anything just so he can have her wrap her arms around him again , just so he can see her smile and hear her say his name one more time. Just one more time. He hadn’t even gotten to tell her he loves her one last time before she had slipped away. Kai let the tears fall down his cheeks , not minding all the water pooling in his eyes at all.
“I love you.” he whispered, pressing his lips to hers on last time.
Jo closed Y/N’s eyes , hugging her brother from behind. They didn’t like each other much but she knew he needed her. Kai’s hand still held onto Y/N’s , not willing to let go. In all his life she had been the only one who never looked at him with a disgust and threated him like a person and not like trash like his whole family had. When they had met , he had been at his darkest - freshly out of the 1994 Prison World , ready to slaughter his entire family for sending him away. Even then , before the merge he had felt something towards her , an inexplicable desire to be near her. Kai had told her the truth about who he was the first night they had met and she hadn’t ran. Y/N had hugged him and comforted him , promising him he would never be alone ever again , that she’ll always be with him.
“You broke your promise.” he whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks. A moment later he realised he wasn’t going to be alone. Y/N hadn’t wanted to leave him. It had happened , but before she had died , she had left him a part of herself. Even in death she had found a way to keep her promise.
“Jo?” he asked. “How soon can I take Alex home?”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Unlock the Good Ending in FNAF 3 by completing the easteregg endings within the easteregg mini games within a certain order… SAVE HIM. SAVE HIM. well guess what? YOU CAN.


A/N: I’m really enjoying this whole fic writing thing. Again, I’m not really sure what direction I’m going with this whole thing yet, all I know is I’m happy. There’s some stuff in here out of expertise, so I did my best to research and I’m sorry if anything is inaccurate! 

TW for death and cancer mentions! 

Description: I don’t want to say too much…. but it involves a birthday (no shit Taz). 

Originally posted by mggandme

Spencer knocked the door softly, “Y/N, are you awake?”

“Come in,” she called.

He turned the knob to see his wife sprawled out on the bed. She’d been sick, the poor thing. Worst of all? It was her birthday. Spencer walked over to her side of the bed and laid a plate of goodies on the nightstand.

“What is this?” she turned her head over.

“It’s your birthday, silly. We’re going to celebrate,” he smiled holding up a cupcake with a candle on it.

“Woah, that’s one big cake,” she laughed sarcastically.

“You don’t like it?” he frowned.

“Spence, I’m joking,” she snickered. “I love it, it’s adorable.” she grinned.

“You know, in 1989, the world’s largest birthday cake was created to celebrate the 100th birthday of Fort Payne, Alabama,” he began. “The cake weighed 128,238 pounds, and actually used over 16,000 pounds of icing,” he added.

“As delicious as that cake sounds, I think all that frosting would hurt my stomach. This however looks delightful,” she reached for the cupcake only to have Spencer push her back.

“Ah ah ah, not so fast, we haven’t sang happy birthday yet!” he interrupted.

“Gaahhh fine!” she groaned with a hint of laughter.

Spencer sang the song, albeit extremely off key, but it was a sweet gesture nonetheless.

When he finished the song, Y/N was once again reaching for the cake, only for Spencer to push her back yet again.

“Can’t I eat it yet!?” she complained.

“One second,” he held up his finger as his other hand searched in the drawer. “Found it,” he finally said.

In his hand, he held a lighter and lit the candle.

“Make a wish,” he smiled.

“I wish that my body would stop feeling like shit right now,” she coughed, as she blew out the candle.

As she put the cupcake in her mouth, she continued to cough.

“Y/N are you okay?” Spencer asked in a concerned voice.

“Yeah, don’t worry I’m fine,” she waved her hand, swigging a cup of water.

Spencer shook his head, and touched her forehead, “Y/N you’re burning up. I think we should go to the hospital.”

“I – I’m okay,” she rasped.

“Okay come on, we’re going,” he grabbed her hand.

At first she wanted to protest again, but there was no point. The fact was she felt horrible. This was even worse than the time she had the flu back in middle school. Y/N found herself too weak to even walk, so Spencer guided her. He helped her put her coat on, even putting her arms up was tiring.

Spencer linked arms with her, so she could stay steady. He wasn’t even a germaphobe, he just didn’t like touch from other people unless he was comfortable with them. So he didn’t really mind the possibility of getting sick.

They took the elevator rather than the stairs, even though it was one flight. With the way she was moving, tripping would have been inevitable.

At last, they stepped out into the parking lot. Spencer never drove, but of course in this case, he would. He helped Y/N into the passenger seat, her breathing heavy.

“Everything’s going to be okay, everything’s going to be okay,” he whispered over and over, but not to Y/N, he said it to himself.

                              *                      *                         *

Y/N and Spencer sat in the room, patiently waiting for the doctor to give them some answers. They’d said she likely just had a case of the flu, but took a blood test just in case. Spencer’s palm rested on hers tightly.

Y/N leaned her head into his shoulder, “Spencer, I wanna go home.”

“I know, I know. We will soon, don’t worry,” he replied softly as he kissed the top of her head.

After another ten minutes or so of waiting, the door opened behind them. A doctor stood in front of them holding a clipboard.

“Mrs. Y/N Reid, upon looking at the results of your tests, it seems your red blood cell count is rather low,” he began. “Furthermore, your bloodstream showed a presence of lymphoblasts which may indicate Leukemia, but we can’t come to that conclusion without a bone marrow test, which we would like you to stay for.”

Y/N and Spencer looked at each other with the same expression of fear. Both of you were about to break, but had to hold it together in front of the doctor.

“Um, yes absolutely,” Y/N managed to choke out.

“We’ll get the test ready, Mrs. Reid,” the doctor said before walking out the door.

Leukemia? No it couldn’t be.

Being the genius he was, he obviously knew quite a few things about the disease.

“You know. The average age for Leukemia sufferers is about seventy, and you don’t fall even close into that range,” he tried anything to ease her.

“Yeah, Spencer, thanks for telling me I’m not old,” she rolled eyes.

He knew she was too smart for that. Not that the statistic wasn’t true, but the fact remained she had the symptoms. That’s all that mattered.

“Actually, in 2011 the number of people who died from Leukemia was only –

“Spencer please!” she yelled out. “I am begging you to talk about anything else.”

Spencer was taken aback at her outburst. He knew she was upset, but didn’t expect her to react the way she just did.

Y/N sighed, “Spence, look I’m sorry just….” she trailed off. “I’m freaking out and I really don’t want to talk about it right now.”

“What would you like to talk about then?” he asked.

“Anything please, anything but this,” she begged. “Please spout off facts about the most arbitrary thing you can think of. You know I love hearing you ramble.”

He paused for a moment, thinking of a topic to discuss. After some pondering, he thought of something.

“Balloons, Y/N, would you like to hear about balloons?” he offered. “It’s an appropriate birthday topic,” he added.

“Spencer Reid, I would absolutely love to hear about balloons,” she smiled.

“Well, the first rubber balloon was made by Professor Michael Faraday in 1824,” he started. “It was made out of two sheets of rubber whose edges were pressed together.”

“What else can you tell me about balloons?” she asked, now wrapping her arms tightly around him.

“Hmmm,” he thought. His eyes lit up as he thought of another factoid, “Before toy balloons were invented people actually inflated pig bladders and animal intestines.”

Y/N stuck her tongue out slightly, “Yeah, decorating for parties is fun, but I don’t think I could ever be that committed.”

Spencer chuckled and ran his hand through her soft curls. Just then a door opened behind them.

“Mrs. Reid, your bone marrow test is ready,” the doctor informed.

Y/N stood up, reluctantly letting go of Spencer.

“Follow me this way,” the doctor opened the door which led to a hallway.

Before she walked out, she gave Spencer one last look. He returned her stare with a simple nod. That was all she needed.

                                 *                      *                         *

The two had sat there for hours. It was no longer her birthday, but her day had been ruined nonetheless. The similar feeling of dread occurred again as the door behind them creaked open. They both looked up at the doctor, who met Y/N with a grave expression.

“So?” she mumbled.

“Mrs. Reid, upon inspecting your bone marrow. 28% of the cells in the sample were blasts,” the doctor explained, “which indicates that you have Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.”

Y/N felt like her heart just dropped out of her chest. Leukemia. She had Leukemia. This couldn’t be happening. It wasn’t real.

“I’ll talk to you about your steps to recovery, Mrs. Reid, but I’ll first give you and your husband a moment,” he exited the room.

“Spencer, what am I gonna do?” she sobbed.

“Y/N, what you’re gonna do is fight this,” he answered. “I know you can. I know how strong you are. I love you so much, and you will get through this,” Spencer held back tears, he couldn’t break down, not now.

“I’m so scared, I’m so scared,” she muttered repeatedly.

Spencer once again ran his hand through her curls; it always calmed her down. He didn’t know what else to say. What was there to say? In a moment like this, no words were better.

                            *                         *                         *

1 Year Later

Spencer waited by the room door. He didn’t think he could stand any longer, with everything he was carrying: balloons, a cupcake, a book, and some flowers. Finally a nurse allowed him into her room. She lay in  a bed, just as she did one year ago. The most amazing part was she was still as beautiful as ever. No matter how much Y/N cried about losing her hair, or looking sickly, Spencer always insisted she was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

As the door opened, Spencer looked at her and grinned, “Happy birthday!”

“You got a cupcake for me this year?” she asked.

“As always,” he walked over, handing it to her.

Spencer lit the candle with a match again and he performed the same ritual as last year, singing off key followed by a wish.

“You know, I didn’t wish for what you think I did,” she commented.

“What did you wish for then?” Spencer questioned.

“I wished for David Bowie to be alive,” she giggled.  


“I dunno, I just really miss him. And Penny told me the story of how she thought he was God in a hospital or something,” she commented.

“I actually remember that! Indeed, she did say it!” he chuckled.

The two laughed together recounting the story of their friend. In fact, they always laughed. The two agreed they didn’t want to be sad when they saw each other, they wanted to be happy. Just like they always were.

                                *                      *                         *

The two spent the whole day watching Doctor Who and dissing Bill And Ted’s Excellent Rip-off. It had nothing on the original. Although it was much less exciting than their usual birthday celebrations, it was still fun. Spencer looked over at Y/N who was starting to drift off. A nurse walked into the room and let him know visiting hours were over, and he nodded.

“Hey, I’m going to take off now,” he whispered. “I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you,” he kissed Y/N on the cheek.

“I love you too,” she said sheepishly.

And so, Spencer went home. He went home knowing he and Y/N had a good day. Not Y/N was miserable, not Y/N was dying, just Y/N had a good day. She did. That’s all that mattered. With those thoughts he slept peacefully.

                               *                      *                         *

Spencer was awoken to his phone ringing. He read the time, 3:21 AM. Who the hell was calling at this hour?

“Hello?” he answered groggily.

“Dr. Reid….. it’s your wife….” a lady on the other end said.

Spencer jolted up, “What – what about her?” he demanded.

“She passed away in her sleep,” she answered apologetically.

No. No no no no. She was doing so well. How could she be gone. This was real. Why was this real?

“Dr. Reid are you there?” she mumbled.

“Um yes,” he scratched his head. “I’ll be right there,”

He got out of bed and walked to his door, not caring to change his clothes. He went down to the parking lot and made his second trip of the day to the hospital.

                                 *                      *                         *

Her room was so… empty. It felt like nothing now, without her radiance. The hospital staff informed Spencer that they had collected her belongings and would retrieve them for him soon. He didn’t want soon though. He wanted something of her right now. He needed to feel her somehow. Then, he eyed something on the round table next to the bed.

There laid a single little candle.

They’ll Love Her

No Pairings

Request:  anon asked: could you do an imagine where the team doesn’t know that you’re bisexual except reid bc he found out by accident but has been quiet about it and ur girlfriend comes by work and kisses u in front of the team and morgan is like,,,,,, “i’m offended, u should of told me i could of been ur wing man!!” and just fluff also if possible could the girlfriend be jillian holtzmann from the new ghostbusters??? it doesn’t have to be, it’s up to u!!

A/N:  I haven’t seen the new ghostbusters, so I’m not going to base the girlfriend off that character, however, I will use still the name Jillian.  The characterization just may not be accurate.

Originally posted by toyboxboy

It was days like this that really made you need a break.  The endless stream of paperwork on your desk was unreal and it seemed like enough to kill a forest of trees, but it unfortunately had to be done.

Finishing the last bit of writing on one of your many files, you slumped back in your chair with a huff.  Tired was beginning to plague you and concentration was becoming difficult.  You took a quick glance around at your team, they were all buried deep into their own paperwork.  For the last hour and a half, your mind drifted to your girlfriend, wondering what she was up to.  Talking to her always helped take a bit of stress off you, so you took the opportunity, with all your coworkers too busy to notice, to stand up from your desk with your phone in one hand and coffee cup in the other to make your way to the break room, away from any listening ears.

Yes, you had yet to tell your friends and coworkers of your relationship, not wanting just yet to come out as bisexual.  But it was your personal decision and you knew that when the moment felt right, you’d tell them.  With the amount of cases you had and the wild amount of stress the team was under, you knew now was definitely not the right time, either.

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whoa-looking-cool-joker  asked:

Um how would the band celebrate Mother's Day with their S/O (sorry if this isn't that detailed I'm new to asking for head canons)

(It’s all good, friend!)

2D: 2D would want your help to find the best gift for his mother. He’d ask your opinions on flowers, candies, and cute little cards. You and 2D would give her a call on Mother’s Day. His mom was happy that 2D had finally found someone who was good to him. “Did ya get da pac’age, ma?” You giggled at how cute he was. “Oh yes! Everything is so lovely! Thank you both!” She sounded very excited. You two heard some background noises and his mom went, “Oops! I’m sorry, but I’ve got to run! I’ll see you two soon! Lots of love!” You said your goodbyes and hung up the phone. “Fank ya for dat.” 2D smiled sweetly. “Of course.” You kissed his nose and giggled.

Murdoc: Murdoc doesn’t talk about his parents much so when Mother’s Day rolls around, you don’t say much. You tell him that you’re going out to have lunch with your mom. He perks up and asks to come with. You’re a bit shocked but agree. When your mom sees Murdoc, she stands up and opens her arms, “I didn’t expect to see you today!” She hugged him then you. You kissed her cheek and handed her your present. “Oh! This is gorgeous! You shouldn’t have.” You had gotten your mom a charm bracelet with all of the kid’s birthstones on it. “Well, it was Murdoc’s idea.” Your mom gave him a gentle smile and he kissed her hand. “I just wanted to thank you for giving me this lovely fellow.” You and your mom laughed.

Noodle: Noodle never celebrated Mother’s Day since she was raised by the band. It never occurred to her that it was a big holiday that most people celebrated. You knew about Noodle’s past and felt bad that she didn’t have the chance to partake in this holiday. You sighed and looked down at Katsu the cat who was playing with a stray shoelace. “That’s it!” You whispered to yourself. You ran out of the house and got flowers, balloons, cat treats, cupcakes, and a Mother’s Day card. When you came back into the house, you signed the card and placed it in the envelope. You got everything together and walked into Noodle’s room. “Happy Mother’s Day!” Noodle looked up from her guitar and laughed. “What’s all this for?” You placed everything on the bed and said, “A very special mother!” Noodle laughed, “I’m not a mother though.” You picked up Katsu and held him out to her. “Who does he belong to then?” You both laughed and you threw Katsu a treat. “Thank you.” Noodle kissed you before handing you a cupcake. “Let’s dig in!”

Russel: Russel hadn’t talked about his family much so you didn’t bring anything up on Mother’s Day. You had called your mom earlier that morning and talked for awhile before she went to work for the day. You had sent her a package of her favorite candy and records. She had loved it. You were cleaning up your room a bit when you heard a soft knock at your door. “Come in!” You yelled without looking up from your dresser. Russel slowly opened the door. You glanced up and did a double take because your boyfriend was wearing what looked like a very expensive suit. “Does this look okay?” He asked you. You giggled and straighten his tie a bit. “Perfect. Where are you heading?” You asked with your hands still on his chest. “I’m takin’ my momma to the opera today.” Russel mumbled. You giggled and kissed his cheek. “That’s very sweet of you, Russ.”

Alright, I told my wife @the-calvaree that I’d write her whatever she wanted post-job interview and she asked for “IronFalcon, maybe in the Secretly Married verse” with “anything related to balloons and cupcakes” so. You all get this.

Somehow Peter Parker comandeered your story, my dearest Keeta, so… that’s a thing.

“Whoa, did a Party City explode in here or something?” Peter said, batting a balloon out of his face.

“Shut up,” Tony said, strolling out of the kitchen, a bowl of chips in his hands. “We may have gone overboard,” he added, glancing around with a slight grimace.

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the-horizon-came  asked:

michela? 💖

Light blue

Sprinkles on a perfectly iced cupcake. Water balloons and paint splatters on jeans. Someone who’s quirky and fun, the kind of person you can’t ignore. Mandalas and bright summer berries. Cute transparent backpacks and holographic pencil cases. Glittery nail polish. Someone who does exactly what they want, when they want to, and doesn’t care what people think. Short, face framing bangs