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Aaron Hotchner (& Rafael Barba) |Snipped (Two)| Tempting Fate

Part One

Imagine falling in love with Hotch when you weren’t supposed to (Soulmate AU) 

Pfft. I think my inner Pokemon fan came out in this. I really wish sometimes my nephews were into Pokemon, but they are all about that Power Ranger life. Anyway! I hope you guys enjoy this second part, and finally, we will be getting into some more drama in the next part!!

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So I’m working the usual millennial job in a food place, where I’ve been working a few months. The job is in a fairly ghetto part of my city and we’re always getting weird names and prank calls. So we had a call and a coworker took the phone. She ended up getting pissed off because she couldn’t understand the caller, so I walked over to take over the phone call. I take the phone and I am IMMEDIATELY greeted with heavy breathing and creepy laughter. So of course I’m like “ugh okay a prank call” but it was slow so I basically said fuck it and decided to sit through this. The conversation starts with “(insert store) at (insert main streets), is this going to be pick up or delivery?” Cue like 10 seconds of heavy breathing. Then a voice that sounded like the joker and a crack addict had a hell baby, and the hell baby got possessed by a demon comes through. “thiS IS GoiNG TO be….. heheh…. a piCK UP~” I roll my eyes, and I ask for the phone number, and they actually give me the phone number that came up, and then. Then I ask for a name for the order. And then this fucker responds and my day is FUCKING MADE.

“mY nAMe… is… Pennywise~ PENnywise tHE DANCing cloWN~ now WE ARent stRANGerS~ ARE we?~”

The stupidest fucking grin comes up on my face, but I have to ask something, right? “Alright, Pennywise, with all due respect, will you really be ordering pizza today or should I take this as a prank call?”

“NO noNo~ I am oRDERING, NOOOO worries aboUT THAT, sweetie~ I wiLL be having….”

Cue this fucker’s order. For the record guys, pennywise likes Hawaiian pizza and pepperoni pizza. And a lot of it, okay? This fucker orders 20 large pizzas. And needs them ready in a half hour. No problem, whatever. We crank out the pizzas and we’re cutting the last one. Of course the entire store is teasing me about the order because I’m the resident clown fucker and everyone knows, so they put me at the front counter so I can talk to “Pennywise” whenever he ends up showing up. I hear a “what the fuck” from outside and I look behind the customer I’m currently helping.

AND STEPPING OUT OF A MOTHERFUCKING FORD FUSION IS PENNYWISE THE MOTHERFUCKING CLOWN. HES GOT A RED BALLOON, AND A CLOWN COSTUME (it’s 2017 penny, and it looks a little thrown together but I’d give it a solid 7.5/10) I START CRACKING UP, AND BASICALLY FUCKING DYING WHEN THE FRONT DOOR RINGS AND PENNYWISE WALKS IN. I regain my composure and I nod at him, before finishing with the customer in front of him. The customer is getting a kick out of this too, and stands to the side while I help clown boy. Who’s STILL doing his crackhead-stuck-in-an-eight-year-old’s-body voice. I give him his fuck ton of pizzas and stay at counter a minute longer. I’m blushing hard as hell because like I said I’m a clown fucker, and also this is kind of embarrassing, ya know? Another customer in the lobby asks him “why the fuck’re you dressed that?” Apparently the fucker (who’s real name is Sam, and is a cosplayer) was headed to a costume party and was in charge of getting the pizzas. So we gave Pennywise the dancing clown his fucking pizzas and sent him on his way. And I had only been at work about an hour when this happened, so I guess today is gonna be one of those days. I hope Pennywise enjoys his pizzas.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | FALL FRENZY | 9.29.17

halloween confetti balloon and tissue paper circle confetti by paperboyparty

punch up your halloween party with some rad spooky-hued confetti — in both tissue paper circle and in-balloon form!! so fun!

And here is the final (big) squidween piece. Arnick and Tetrox are hosting a party for their teammates (Arnick was in charge of the decoration. Hence one single balloon)

These costumes, are of course, a reference to an ongoing fan fiction, Unwanted House Guest. Written by @somesquidnamedstevereblogs and often illustrated by @oranguin and @patar-fuifui 

It is always a happy day for me when I see a new chapter in my inbox from you guys. Thank you so much. If you have not read this fan fic, I really recommend it. Here’s link to the newest chapter (that has links to all the older ones at bottom)

Your Son and Your Boyfriend Part 4 - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: PG

Warnings: your ex-husband who I named DJ, just cuz I know way too many DJ’s, cute little Dimitri!, Barry being a little jealous

Summary: Part 4 to Your Son and Your Boyfriend (Part 2/ Part 3). Dimitri is turning six years old! Of course, all of Team Flash is helping out. However, a birthday surprise not even you knew about knocked on your front door. Your ex, Dimitri’s biological father, was back in town.

Word Count: 1941

“This is so-”

“Cisco, be quiet!”

“Yeah, Cisco. Listen to Cait.”

“I think that means you, too, (Y/n).”

“I, Iris, am the mother of the celebrant. I can speak whenever I want to.”

“And I am the father, so, (Y/n)…”

“Oh come on, Bar!”

“Sh! Guys.”


The five of you screamed in terror and faced the little menace. Dimitri laughed, falling onto his back. “You looked so funny!”

You giggled and scooped up your son. “Happy birthday, Mitri! How does it feel to be six?”

“Better than five?” Cisco offered.

Caitlin giggled. “How would you know, Cisco?”

“I am not five!”

Barry stepped forward and ruffled his son’s hair. “Are you ready for your party?”

“Yeah!” Dimitri threw his arms in the air. In turn, he shifted his balance and almost fell out of your arms.

Barry acted quickly, catching the child in his arms and swinging him up in the air. “Now now, you haven’t taken a bath. You need one.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Yes, you do.”




Barry and your son laughed. Your husband lifted Dimitri into the air and made whooshing sounds as he exited the room. You tailed after them, smiling and laughing.

Then, Barry’s watch beeped. Meta-human.

You took Dimitri into your arms. “Well, I think Mama needs to give Mitri a bath.” You looked to Barry. “Tell everyone to go. I’ll take care of our son.”

“Dad won’t be at my party?”

Barry shook his head. “Hey, I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

“Promise.” The child held out his pinky.

Barry linked his pinky with his son’s. “Promise.”


“I swear.”

Dimitri nodded with a smile. “Okay!”

Your husband kissed your forehead and sped off.

Dimitri pounded his tiny fists on your chest. “No bath!”

“You need a bath.”



Your son’s eyes widened. “Uh-oh.” Dimitri hugged your neck. “Bath.”

“Bath,” you agreed.

Later that day, Dimitri’s classmates were running around with a variety of items. Balloon animals, light sabers, costumes. You, Barry, Joe, and Iris were handling taking care of the kids. Cisco and Caitlin mysteriously left.


“(Y/n)!” Barry grunted as he adjusted his grip on Dimitri while sword fighting with one of his friends. “What is it?”

“Someone’s at the door. Might be the clown. Can you check?” You took out the cupcakes, setting them on the table and removing any nearby chairs. You did not need the kids to get more sugar.

Your husband nodded. “Yeah, I’ll get it.” He placed Dimitri down.

Your son pouted. “Aw!” He grabbed onto Barry’s leg and held tight. “No!” he laughed. “Carry, carry, carry!” he chanted.

Barry rolled his eyes with a small grin. He trudged over to the door, laughing as Dimitri, in your son’s words, “defeated the mighty dad monster.” Barry opened the door, Dimitri still clinging to his feet. Your husband looked to the person at the door. It was not the clown.

A man stood at the doorway, shaggy hair and bright green eyes. He towered over Barry. He wasn’t bulky or overly muscular, but Barry would seem like a mouse in comparison to him. Barry blinked. “May I help you?”

Dimitri peered up at the man. He let go of Barry’s leg and cowered behind him. “Stranger, Daddy.”

The man grit his teeth. His breaths shuddered. “I, uh, I was wondering if a (Y/n) lived here. I need to… to talk to her.”

Barry scanned the man. He had never seen him before. “I’m her husband. I can tell her for you,” Barry suggested politely.

The man gulped. “I need to apologize for something.”

Wondering why Barry would take so long, you appeared next to him, scooping your son in your arms. “Mitri, what is it?” You looked to Barry. “Who’s…” You blinked. There he was. Six years later. Standing right at your doorstep. You put down Dimitri. “Barry, I need to talk to this man.”


You smiled and kissed him before whispering, “It’s him. I’ll be fine.” You grinned a little.

Barry just glared at the man. He knew what you were talking about. Dimitri’s biological father. Barry cuddled Dimitri close to his chest. “Are you sure?”

You nodded. You kissed Dimitri’s forehead and ushered the two inside. You crossed your arms and leaned against the door. “DJ, what are you doing here?”

“Our son-” he started.

“My son,” you sneered. “Mine and Barry’s son.”

The man blinked. DJ shuddered and shuffled his feet. “I… I’m sorry.”

You stiffened in shock. Sorry? You didn’t see that coming.

“(Y/n), I am so sorry,” he continued. “I left our… I left Dimitri and you. I… I don’t know what to do anymore.” He shrugged with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m a horrible… father. I mean, even…” He shook his head. “This was a mistake.” He sniffed and smiled at you. “I’m sorry for disturbing your family.” He handed you a small bag with colored paper sticking out. “It’s for the birthday boy. Tell him, um, happy birthday.” With that, he turned around and started to trudge away with his hands in his pockets.

You stood frozen for a moment before reaching into the bag. The first thing you felt was a slip of paper. You pulled it out. A check. For a large sum of money.

All air left your lungs. So many times you pleaded for some money, some support, something from Dimitri’s father. You didn’t have a well-paying job at the time, and you knew the troubles that were going to try and crush you. The number on that check was more than enough.

“DJ,” you called out. “Wait.”

He turned around. His eyes were still glassy and his nose was still pink. “Yes, (Y/n)?”

You sighed. “Do you want to visit? Dimitri, I mean.” You quickly corrected yourself. “I must be there, or Barry, but you could visit. Maybe once a month, if you want.”

The man’s eyes widened. He smiled a little. Then, he blinked several times, his smile fading with each second. “What about… Dimitri and his, um, dad? I don’t want to, you know, um, ruin anything. If you don’t want me in his life, it’s ok. I just, I-”

“But you obviously made an effort to try.” You held up the check. “Your valuables from the safe. You told me about them once. You never wanted to give them up.”

He gulped. “I didn’t think you’d remember.”

It stung to think back to those times. However, DJ was trying. He wasn’t fooling around. You knew that. So, you would try. You would not fool around.You fidgeted with your outfit. “Barry and I can arrange something. But, we, um… He’ll probably call you mister, not Dad.”

DJ opened his mouth but thought otherwise. He nodded. “Ok. I can do that. I can.” He smiled a little.

“You did what, exactly?” Barry asked you later that night. Dimitri was asleep. The house was clean, and it was just the two of you.

You shrugged. “I know it sounds crazy, but he is genuine.”

Barry shook his head. “I don’t know, (Y/n). What if he does something worse than last time? What if he hurts you? Dimitri?” Barry gulped. “I cannot have that, (Y/n).”

“That’s why it’s once a month. Not weekly. If he does… anything bad, then we can butt him out.” You rubbed his arm. “Barry, don’t get me wrong. You are his father, ok? You are, and Dimitri, our son, loves you so much.” You licked your lips. “DJ is also someone who has had a part in his life. He was, for lack of a better word, a douche, but he’s trying. He wants a second chance. Who are we to deny him that?”

Barry tiled his head back and forth. “We are Dimitri’s parents.”

“We will continue to be. Dimitri will just have another…. Mister in his life.”

“I was a Mister,” Barry reasoned.

You sighed. “True.” You pursed your lips. “Look, Barry, I don’t know where this will go exactly. I know it’s confusing. I do. But,” you held his cheeks and turned him to face you, “I do know that Dimitri, you, and I are a family. Always will be. I promise, it will always be us. No one, no meta, no hero, no DJ can do anything about it.” you kissed his forehead and smiled. “If it really does bother you, I’ll… I’ll tell him off. He’d never bother our family again.”

Barry let his forehead rest against yours. His hands came up to cover yours. He grinned a little and grasped your hands as he kissed your forehead. “One visit.”

You nodded. “One.”

After DJ left the house from his first visit to Dimitri, Barry sang him to sleep and approached you. “No.”


“Not doing that again.” Your husband walked right past you.

You bit your lip in confusion. “And may I ask why?”

“He stepped out of line.”

“How so?”

“He didn’t even serve Dimitri’s food correctly.” Barry shrugged and sat down. “We have to tell him off.”

You stared at your husband. He was serious. You sighed. “I think you can serve Dimitri his food different ways.” You stepped around the counter and leaned against it. “Barry, you are Dimitri’s father.”

“DJ ‘s his biological dad.”

“Who left him for the first six years of his life. Barry, you are my husband, Dimitri’s dad. Your son’s love for you won’t lessen because DJ is back. It won’t.” You gulped. “Tell me, is Dimitri heartless?”

“Of course not! He’s the best kid. The perfect son!”

“Then, I’m sure he has enough room in his heart for you. For me. For Joe, Iris, Cait, Cisco. Even DJ.” You placed your hands on his shoulders. “I love you so much, Barry.” You kissed him on the cheek.

Barry laughed and held your hand. “I don’t know. I just need time. I need to get used to this. Or something. I mean, maybe a month. Two months.”

You hugged his chest. “Take all the time you need.”

Barry leaned back and smiled softly. “I love you. So much, (Y/n).”

You giggled. You leaned down and tried to kiss him, only to awkwardly miss his lips. Both of you laughed. “Only in movies,” you joked.

Barry beamed. His eyes crinkled and his eyes shined. “I don’t know. I quite liked it.”

“I missed!”

Barry pouted. He got up and pulled you by the waist. “Then, I guess you have to try again.”

You inhaled sharply, feeling your knees turn into jello. You smiled. “Alas, I shall try again. You reached up to play with his hair and pecked him on the lips.


Barry whipped around.

Your son was in the hallway, wiping his eyes. “Daddy,” he whined. “Dad.”

Barry sprinted over there and crouched down to rub his shoulders. “Hey, what is it?”

Dimitri yawned. “Can’t sleep.”

“Ok, ok. I can sing another lullaby. Do you want that?”

Dimitri shrugged.

“Mitri,” Barry drawled out, raising an eyebrow at his son.

He pouted. “It’s scary!”

Barry grinned. “Oh, all right. Do you want me to stay with you?”

Your son grinned, lighting up the entire house with happiness once again. “Always!”

Barry smiled. “Really?” Barry nodded. “Always, then.”


Barry held out his pinky finger. “Promise.”

Your son linked his pinky with his dad’s. “Swear!”

“I swear.” Your husband kissed his forehead. Barry scooped Dimitri up and carried him to bed.

You stood there, watching the entire scene unfold. Family. You finally had it, and you would never let it go.

Hello, everyone! This was fun to write! Hope you guys  have a wonderful day!

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NYPD is telling news stations not to show any footage of the protesters. Don’t be fooled by what you see of the Macy’s Day Parade on TV right now; while chipper news anchors are cheering about balloons and people in costumes, there is a revolution happening right behind them that the media is completely ignoring and CENSORING from view.

Also happy Day of Native American Remembrance.

a year ago i went to pride in a big city soon after the supreme court ruling and watched as a gay couple was married to the cheers of delight of everyone around

i saw people of all ages celebrating their identity, youths there with their parents, to the elderly who have seen so much and we’re so fortunate that they’re still with us today

city officials with signs saying “we love marrying you”

balloons and amazing costumes and floats and cheers and laughter and hugs

there was just so much happiness, so much joy, so much love

i just don’t understand why people hate this, hate us

how can they come into a place of so much goodness and want to hurt people

  • Family came in for the opening to our new Arby's. They came in approached the counter, their son looking incredibly upset while holding his balloon sword and pirate costume. I assumed either the kid really liked pirates or he came from a birthday party and it possibly don't go well. So I greeted the camily.
  • Me: Hi welcome to Arby's what can I do for you today?
  • The adults ordered and the kid approached the counter.
  • Now obviously I'm suppose to make the customer happy so I got on the other side of the counter and squatted eye level with the kid.
  • Me: Why don't you like Arby's?
  • Kid: Cause Pirates like Long John Silvers!
  • Me: I don't think that's true.
  • Kid: It is!
  • Me: Want to know a little secret?
  • Kid: What?
  • Me: Do you know what a pirates favorite restaurant is?
  • Kid: Long John Silvers!
  • Me: Nope! -curls finger and closes an eye- AAAARRRRRby's!
  • The kids face was absolutely priceless. The parents were just smiling and thanking me about it.
NU'EST through the eras
  • NU'EST during Face era: We stand out from other rookies because we sing about social issues!
  • NU'EST during Action era: *comes back with another badass social issue song*
  • NU'EST during Action era: We want to sing about more social issues in the future like the life of workers, parents, lost 20s and social equality.
  • NU'EST during Hello era: *comes back with a love song with typical lyrics*
  • NU'EST during Hello era: Our fans were upset that we sung a love song, we want to make them happy and go back to our old concept!
  • NU'EST during Sleep Talking era: *comes back with another love song with a 180 degree turn from their old concept*
  • NU'EST during Sleep Talking era: Our next comeback will be like Face!
  • NU'EST during Good Bye Bye era: *comes back with a slow love song that's like the opposite of Face*
  • NU'EST during Good Bye Bye era: We want to stick to the mature Good Bye Bye concept!
  • NU'EST during Shalala Ring era: *comes back with a cutie boy concept involving bear costumes and balloons and shalala rings*