balloon buddy


… As 99 red balloons go by..

Might make a lyric comic for this, but lemme explain what’s going on.

Tom wants to declare war on Tord, but needs to get the attention of Red Leader and his crew so he unleashes 99 red balloons, wanting to avenge Edd and Matt for their lost house, Jon’s death, Matt’s black eye, and the torment Tord put Tom through. (Probs going to make this comic in both English and German.)

Edit: *casually screams* ALSO,, CONNOR IS HELPING ME WITH THE GERMAN,, Thanks again, Buddy ~!

Welp, look at that, I made a SugarFavor colt. His name’s Balloon Buddy. You can just call him Buddy. He was born sometime after that town of former equal ponies grew and started commerce with other cities (I don’t like the name “Our Town”, it still gives me the creeps).

Basically, this kid’s quite adventurous, and likes the idea of flight. Of course, due to not being a pegasus, he uses other ways to get into the air. He could tell you many stories of many broken bones. He’s a little excitable, inventive, and very persistent in his goals. His antics worry Party Favor and Sugar Belle at times, and they constantly have to remind him to be careful. 

The things he’s wearing are birthday presents from Night Glider (aviator’s hat) and Double Diamond (scarf). He admires both ponies a lot. 

He’ll eventually grow up to run a hot air balloon service.