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Inanimate Insanity Episode 11 Part 2 In a Nutshell
  • Baseball, crying: NICKEL IS GONE
  • Suitcase, crying: BALLOON IS GONE
  • Bow: *singing about her depression since her own death*
  • Fan: *shaking and crying on the floor*
  • Microphone: *is being manipulated by Taco*
  • Paper, washing down his Prozac with Red Bull: Heh. Amateurs.
A Thesaurus of Bellies

A reference for writers. If this enables one more sentence of chubby fic, my job is done.

Suggestions very welcome.

Updated here on a dedicated page with way more words (and organization)


 ample  apple/pear  beefy  big  big boned  big frame  bigger  blimpy  blubbery  bulky  carrying extra pounds  chubby  chunky  corpulent  cuddly  dimpled  doughy  fattie  filled out  flabby  fleshy  floppy  fluffy  heavily built  heavy  heavyset  hippo  husky  large  meaty  obese  on the bigger side  out of shape  overweight  paunchy  plump  porker  porky  portly  pudgy  puffy  roly-poly  rubenesque  stocky  stout  thick  tubby  tubs  unfit  voluptuous well-nourished


 abundant   bloated         blob of    chunky  chubby  doughnut  flesh  full  heft   lush          mass  massive  mountainous       padded    plump     plush      rotund  round, rounded, rounded out  softened   swollen, swelled up  thick  wide 


 abdomen  beach ball  beer belly  blubber  girth  gut  middle  midsection    padding       paunch  pillow  pot belly  spare tire  stomach  tum  tummy  waist  waistline


biggest/fattest/fullest/roundest part  love handles       mound    muffin top  overhang  rolls, fat rolls, side rolls  shelf   stretch marks   swells of fat    underbelly


 balloon out  bounce    bow out    bulge out  bump  droop  fill out  folds hang  jiggle  overflow  poke out  pooch out  protrude  push  quiver  settle  shake  shelf  sink       soften   stick out  suck in  swell out  tremble  wiggle  wobble


 brush  drift over  explore  ghosting fingertips over  glide over  grab  hands sink in  knead  massage  pat  pinch  poke  push into  rest hand on  rub  rub circles /draw circles  squeeze  squish


 comfy  cuddly  cushiony   dimpled   doughy  firm  lumpy  mushy  pliable  smooth  soft  squishy  warm  yielding


 barely fasten  cling to  gape  outgrow  pop off  pull at  ride up   round out shirt  strain  stretch  struggle  tight  too small  wrinkle


Ok, here is the other page of II characters!

First page:

It Hurts Like Hell

                               - Part II

Kai Parker x Reader

! Part I …

*not my gif


“Wake up Y/N.” Kai shook her shoulders a couple of times.
A few moments later Y/N opened her eyes looking confused around the room , her gaze falling on Kai.
“How are you feeling?” he asked leaning over her, a hint of worry in his voice.
“Where am I ?” Y/N asked confused , her hand reaching for the place Kai had stabbed her with a knife. “You stabbed me with a knife …” she raised her voice sligthly. “How am I healed ?”
Kai sat on the bed next to her.
“Whoa you ask a lot of questions… You are in my bed.” he said , as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Y/N’s eyes widened. What had happened ? Did they … She tried to focus her thoughts. Kai stared at her amused.
“Love that shocked expression you have on right now.” he said letting out a short laugh , Y/N turned to face him , a million questions going through her head but before she could speak Kai said “Relax. Nothing happened.” He sounded almost disappointed , or maybe she had imagined it. “…and your wound is healed because I healed you with magic when I got back a few hours ago.”
Y/N stared at him in disbelief.
“What ? You didn’t think I’d really let you die , did you? In what universe does that make sense ?” he said , a slight smile on his face.

Y/N sighed. “It’s kind of what I thought , yeah.”  
A look of hurt crossed Kai’s face but faded away quickly. Suddenly tossed a paper bag on the bed next to her.
“Get changed. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  he said leaving the room.
Y/N waited until she could no longer hear his footsteps and emptied the bag on the bed. Black skinny jeans and a white top with print on it saying ‘cupcakes’. At least Kai knew what clothes she liked … which for some reason both creeped her out and flattered her at the same time.  She changed as fast as she could , but still not fast enough because Kai walked in just as Y/N was changing her shirt.
“Ooops … sorry!” he said grinning without lowering his gaze. “You know .. you are like really pretty.” he said.
Y/N felt her cheeks blush but didn’t get the chance to say anything because right after that Kai grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the room.
“Come on.”  he said smiling.
Y/N sighed, he was so confusing. Yesterday he had her tied up and nearly choked her to death and now he was being super nice and lovely … His mood swings were making her feel dizzy.

Kai dragged her down a small hallway and into the kitchen. Y/N stopped at the door. He turned around , not releasing his grasp on her wrist.
“What?” he asked confused “I made you breakfast.”
Y/N still refused to step inside.
“Oh come on , Y/N. Can’t you see I am trying to apologise ?” he said , looking at her with an apologetic look on his face. Y/N sighed and walked inside.
“You seem in a good mood … Whyyy ?” she asked while sitting on one of the chairs.
Kai pile stacked a couple pancakes and some bacon in two plates , grabbed the maple syrup and took them to the table. He placed one of the plates in front of Y/N and sat on the closest chair to her. Yep , he clearly had done research.. .she thought starring at the breakfast he had made. Pancakes and bacon were her favourite breakfast food.
“Thank you for the change of clothes …and the pancakes.“she said while snatching the maple syrup from his hands.
Kai looked amused. Y/N poured maple syrup all over the pancakes , slightly mixing it with the crispy bacon and then left it on the table.
He hadn’t taken his eyes off of her the whole time.
“You really like pancakes , don’t you?” he said grinning while pouring some maple syrup all over his pancakes. Y/N couldn’t help but smile back at him , his smile making her smile.
They ate in silence for a while, Kai glancing at her every few seconds , a grin on his face. He was in a REALLY good mood …

“While you were sleeping …” Kai said after they had finished breakfast “… your friends called taking the deal. They tried to pull one over on me , so in the end I didn’t get the Ascendant but on the bright side I got to do the merge. Of course Luke had to interfere so in the end I merged with him instead of Jo, which I’m fine with , I guess. I won and all…”
Y/N’s eyes widened. If Kai had merged with Luke and was there with her that means Luke was… “Luke is dead , isn’t he?” she asked , her voice hollow.
Kai nodded. “I told him ‘It’s your funeral’ but he didn’t listen.”
Poor Liv , she thought , the pain she must be going through…
“So what does that mean for me ?” Y/N asked curious , if he hadn’t gotten the Ascendant maybe he would keep her there until he does.
Kai clenched his jaw , suddenly he looked sad , all the happiness gone from his face. “You can go.”  he said getting up.
Y/N glanced at him. Something was not right here , she just couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Kai looked different and even sounded a little different.
“Or , if you want , you can stay..” he said with a hopeful expression on his face.

   *   *   *  

Kai’s hopeful expression when he had asked her to stay , then the look on his face when she was leaving his apartment was seared into Y/N’s mind. Every time she closed her eyes , it was right there. It’s not like she had wanted to leave straight away. Y/N wanted to find out why he was acting strange but she had left because she had to go see her friends. They would surely freak out if they didn’t see her or hear from her and go after Kai. She also had to go find Liv…she’d need a friend right now , but Liv wasn’t picking her phone and no one besides Tyler had seen her.

Y/N walked to the Salvatore Boarding House. Walking always helped her gather her thoughts and put things in perspective and she had a lot of things to think about that day. For some reason she couldn’t get Kai out of her thoughts and she wanted to see him again.
About a half hour later she was already at the door ringing the bell.
Caroline opened the door almost immediately and pulled her into a hug.
“I am so glad you are OK !” she said , relief clear in her voice. “Thought we lost you.”
“Yeah ….” Y/N replied. “I was worried there for a moment too…”
Walking into the living room Y/N noticed balloons and Miss Cuddles - Bonnie’s favourite stuffed toy from when they were kids.
“It’s Bonnie’s birthday … God ! I had completely forgotten ! … ” Y/N said , feeling guilty. Bonnie had helped her through so much and was now stuck in the 1994 prison world , alone.
“Being kidnapped by a psychopath gives you a pass.” Elena said smiling pulling her into a hug. “How are you?”
“I’m good.” Y/N smiled back taking a cupcake from the table. Caroline stared disapprovingly but said nothing. “Thank you…”
Elena pulled her into another hug nearly knocking the cupcake off Y/N’s hands.
Suddenly Y/N felt guilty and she couldn’t understand why ….
“Want to help us with the decorations ?” Caroline asked holding a large box filled with balloons , multi colour bows and other decorations.
“Sure. I could use a distraction.” Y/N said , finishing her cupcake.

A few hours passed. Y/N helped Caroline finish setting up the decorations and the balloons. Anything to distract herself from Kai and all the thoughts and feelings swirling in her mind. Why had he acted like this this morning ? Why couldn’t she stop thinking about him ? And most importantly why was she craving his presence … ?

Caroline left with Stefan to go find the version of Miss Cuddles she had buried as a child , leaving all Y/N alone.  She sat on the couch , starring at her phone screen checking her contacts. She wanted to call Kai and talk to him. Her finger hovered over the screen for a few moments before pressing the ‘call’ button. Shortly after she heard a familiar ringtone from somewhere behind her.
“I wondered if you’d call…” said a familiar male voice behind her. Turning around , she came face to face with Kai , his expression unreadable.
“What are you doing here ?” Y/N asked , hanging up the phone.
“Nothing much. Just a favor for a favor … ” Kai said trailing off.  He walked towards the couch and sat next to her. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes. She wanted to ask him so many questions but couldn’t find a way to begin …
Y/N turned around to glance at him and found him looking at her, his eyes were glistening with tears. Before she even had the chance to think about what she was doing , Y/N wrapped her hands around him and pulled him into a hug.
Kai stood there awkwardly for a few seconds and then hugged her too , burying his face in the crook of her neck.
“I … I am so sorry , Y/N.” Kai said , his voice breaking. “I shouldn’t have done what I did to you. ”
Y/N pulled away and Kai looked disappointed the hug had lasted such a short time. Suddenly all her thoughts came into focus. Kai deserved a second chance and she wanted to give him one. Clearly the merge had done something to change him. He wouldn’t meet her eyes tho …
“I forgive you.” she said making him look up , a smile spreading across his face.
“You really forgive me?” he said. “After everything I did to you ?”
“Yes. ” she said pausing for a moment. “I think you deserve a second chance and I am willing to give it to you.” she smiled at him and leaned in closer to whisper in his ear “I like this new you… ” and then kissed him on the cheek.
All of the sudden Kai pulled her into another hug , wrapping his hands around her tight. Y/N had to admit it to herself , as crazy as it sounded after all Kai had done to her … it felt really nice being in his arms.
“Thank you.” he whispered. “No one has ever given me a second chance before …”
Kai was holding her so tight , she could feel his heartbeat getting faster.
Y/N didn’t know how long they had stayed like this , but the longer she was in his arms the more she realised that she needed him.
“This feels nice.” she muttered more to herself than to him.
“It really does..” he whispered back. In this moment Kai felt a kind of happiness he never had experienced before. The guilt that used to keep him up at night the past few days was washing away … because of her. Y/N had forgiven him even tho Kai knew he didn’t deserve her forgiveness.

“Well , aren’t you two getting all nice and cozy on my couch.” Damon said , scaring both of them. Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other so fast , Y/N nearly fell off the couch but Kai grabbed her and kept her in place. “Get up , creeper. We have work to do.”
Y/N looked confused from Kai to Damon and back to Kai.
“He is going to help us bring back Bonnie…” Damon said answering the question in her eyes , pouring himself a glass with bourbon. “And he is going to do it today.”





Ruby was one of my dreamies who sadly moved away from Popcorn, so it’s nice to hang out with her again in HHD ^.^
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A Complicated Step

For @farronheit, who asked for First Meeting (which I wrote a long time ago in Land of the Free and Home of the Gay) or Dancing, which is what I went with. Whole OW verse is here. 

It was a beautiful wedding.

Mercy had dabbed her eyes, full of tears, all throughout the ceremony, even though she barely knew the couple. They were Pharah’s friends, comrades in Helix, and Pharah had seen this as a good a chance as any to introduce them to the commander’s lovely rumored Swiss girlfriend. But Mercy had cried anyhow. She was more sentimental than Pharah had thought a doctor might be, and she loved her for it.

And there was something that tugged at her, there, as they recited their promises to love each other. Pharah was no stranger to sentimentality herself, though she tried to deny such, and there was something in that promise, in finding love amidst the dirt and the violence, and she looked over at Mercy, a smile coming to her lips without her request.

Fareeha, you have been seeing her less than half a year. Pull yourself together.

Mercy gently intertwined her fingers with Pharah’s as they strolled toward the reception, balloons and brightly colored bows festooning the place.

“I have always been wanting one of the chuppahs with the flowers,” Mercy said, almost to herself, but she blushed when she realized she had said it aloud, “Whenever it happens. Very far from now, I am sure.”

Pharah grinned. Maybe they were both moving too fast, and being foolish, but they were doing it together.

Mercy took a glass of champagne, trying to change the subject. “Do you dance?” She looked at Pharah hopefully.

“Not,” she thought for a moment. She had, of course, been to plenty of gay bars, and whatever passed for dancing on those floors, but not like this, in quiet step with each other, “Not like this.”

“Good,” Mercy gave a giggle, “I cannot either.”

“Would you like to try?” Pharah was getting a bit tired of the way her mouth was flying on its own today. She wanted to blame the champagne, but seeing as she had only held the glass so far, it seemed less reasonable.

Mercy’s eyes glittered. “Oh yes. Very much.”

Pharah set down her glass and extended her hand out to Mercy, leading her to the dance floor. They stumbled clumsily to the music, trying to sway in time to the music, and in time to each other, grace eluding them. But they laughed, foreheads pressed together, and the world began to fade away as Pharah counted the time softly, like she’d seen done in the movies.

Mercy responded to her touch, moving her body in time to Pharah’s, reading the cues of her hands and holding her breath, waiting to match even her inhale.

Neither of them knew how.

But they both wanted to try.

Be Her Valentine [2/2]

Read the whole thing on Ao3

Part 1 on tumblr here 

The competition based on actually doing their job properly heats up between Eren and Levi.


There was only one more week left until Valentine’s Day before Levi dared make his next move. Eren hadn’t done anything new either. Or at least, not to Levi’s knowledge, and it was making him fidgety.

What with Eren’s brazen first interference, you’d think he couldn’t wait to show Levi up with some other attention-grabbing intervention. Maybe he was preparing something. Something big. Maybe he actually had set some great plan in motion. Maybe he actually could be subtle, and Levi just hadn’t caught on. Actually, scrap that thought, probably not. Was Levi worried? No of course I’m not worried, why should I be worried, there’s nothing to worry about. Though, just in case, he decided he’d better step it up fast.

He needed to be able to work with the assumption that Farlan knew the perfect opportunity to ask Isabel out was coming up fast.

Well, Eren would no longer be the only one lacking subtlety around here.

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