ballon d'or is the next one

Eden Hazard has his eye on the big prize on Friday, as the Blues could clinch the Premier League title with a win away at West Brom, but the Belgium winger is also hoping a major personal accolade is attainable one day, too. Specifically, the Ballon d'Or, an award for the best footballer of the year, which has been won only by Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in the last 10 years. The award may rest in Spain, but Hazard, who has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, doesn’t believe he has to leave England to vie for the trophy.

Eden Hazard: “I hope to win the Ballon d'Or one day. It’s in my mind. If I don’t, it won’t be a problem. I try to make a good career - the best I can - but I think some other players deserve to win it also. When Ronaldo and Messi retire, maybe it will be another couple of players like Neymar, Paulo Dybala, or Antoine Griezmann, who knows? We will see. It’s not something I think too much about. Could I win it? If I play next season, we win the Champions League, and I win the World Cup with Belgium, why not? In the last 10 years, the Ballon d'Or winners play in Spain, but it’s not automatic. If a player is better in England, he will win it.”

Neymar: ‘Leo is from another planet’

BarcaTV: Ney how are you? Very elegant as usual

Neymar: Thank you very much. 

BarcaTV: Leo won five Ballon d’Or’s. That’s amazing, right?
Neymar: Really amazing. Leo for me… He’s from another planet. He’s not from here. Congratualations to him. I think he deserves it; he deserves everything.

BarcaTV: Do you see yourself over here lifting up that price one day?Neymar: I don’t know…  I hope so. I work towards that; so that can happen.

BarcaTV: Final question that I also asked Leo. Do you see yourself, Messi and Suárez nominated one day?
That would be a brilliant dream. The three of us here; let’s hope that happens next time.

(Note:Translation is from the English version, but then this translator ruins Ney’s beautiful voice)

Meet Arjen Robben | FC Bayern München

sooo todays post is about arjen robben because soooo many people only know him as a “diver” or that he is “selfish” and hate him because he has a “bad personality” - well, let me tell you something: he hasn’t. he’s an amazing player and mostly bvb fans hate him because of reasons (we’ll talk about that later)and yeah so here we go

arjen, who is also known as “Mister Wembley” or “the bee slayer” plays at bayern munich since 2009, his jersey number is number 10 and normally he plays on the right wing

he also played for PSV Eindhoven (2002-2004)

Chelsea FC (2004-2007)

and Real Madrid (2007-2009)

he also plays for the dutch national team and is their vice captain behind robin van persie, he really loves his country and is very proud to play for his national team

he was vice world cup winner with the dutch national team in 2010 and is third of the 2014 world cup in brazil

he played an absoutley fantastic world cup

he’s married to his beautiful wife bernadien since 2007

they’ve got three kids and seriously, his wife is so beautiful, look

she’s so pretty

and his kids, luka, kai and lynn, are the sweetest ever

his family is perfect and means everything to him - he’s a great dad

but let’s start with arjens own story in which he show what a true fighter he is

the whole drama started in the dfb final in 2012 (we lost it 5:2 against bvb, don’t you even dare to talk about it)

this video summarize his own, personal story against the bees perfectly

arjen missed a penalty kick and yeah.. the drama continued

in the champions league final 2012 against chelsea, arjen missed a penalty we got in the extra time and later, in the penalty shootout he did not dare to go to the spot

we lost

and everyone blamed him - but it was not just his fault

our own fans booed and whistled at him because they blamed him for the loss and this was so unfair

mark van bommel (arjens former team mate at bayern and in the dutch national team) said: “If I would be Arjen, I would think twice about staying in Munich.”

arjen went through a hard time in summer 2012, but he did not give up and stayed at bayern (even if a lot of people think he wouldn’t stay because he was also often injured)

and he got his revenge against the bees - it started in the dfb quarter finals against dortmund, he scored the winning goal

and in the champions league final 2013 against bvb, he scored the winning goal in the 89. minute and saved our ass - and also brought us our fifth champions league trophy

nobody deserved it more than him (okay maybe basti but this is not about him)
this songs wrote bayern fans for him (x)

he got his revenge and he’s still not done

in the dfb pokal final 2014 he also scored against the bvb

and in the last match against the bees, on november the first, he also saved our ass

and you know what ? his winning goal was a penalty

this video is so amazing and accurate

sadly most people only see him as a selfish person who always dives - and not as that awesome player and amazing human being he is

YES he did this a lot of times, but it became less - and have you seen neymar ?

YES it’s true that he played damn selfish - but it stopped after the lost champions league final 212, he changed

he is still a bit selfish sometimes, but we can live with it - at least, no player is perfect

he loves bayern with all his heart and says, we are his family - in 2014 he extended his contract for three years to 2017

and he scores so many beautiful goals for us

like this one against schalke (x)

or this one against manchester united (x)

and his skills are just fucking awesome (x)

he and thiago showing us their skills (x)

they also have a lot of fun together (x)

you remember his beautiful goal against barca ?

so, besides all his amazing footballer skills he is such a nice and kind person and his german is so sweet :’) he talks about thomas hitzelsbergers outing as homosexual in this video (another amazing side of arjen: he says it’s normal and that it is a great thing)

his team mates appreciate him a lot like javi for example

and he’s such a cutie, after the champions legue final 2013 he was aked if he could put into words what this meant to him and he was just like “no“ :)

and i think they enjoy driving with him a lot

i mean, really, he’s always so nice and kind and smiling, how could you hate him?!

he would give everything for his club and country, is always honest and ambitious - he was the only one who seemed motivated during the champions league semi finals against real madrid tbh

he works so hard and is always so determined on the pitch

seriously, you can not like him, but hate? and saying he’s the worst player ever? there are even worse players than him and it’s just pathetic that you judge him for two facts

he is one of the nicest players in our squad and one of the few, who always give eveything - in every fucking match. and saying his personality is shit - are you kidding me ?! do you know him? i don’t know him either but as far as we know he’s an amazing person and player and, in my opinion, the only one next to cristiano ronaldo who would deserve the ballon d’or 2014. thank you and please - form your own opinion about him before you just say what others say. arjen does not deserve all this shit and hate and he’s fucking amazing

Neymar will one day wear Lionel Messi's crown

They call it a sombrero in Spain – flicking the ball over a player’s head and retrieving it the other side of him. When Neymar did it in the last minutes of the Spanish Cup final against Athletic Bilbao he was accused of excessive showboating. His answer: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’ In Brazil’s first game of the Copa America he flicked the ball over Peruvian midfielder Luis Advíncula’s head and then did it again – a double sombrero. No player has more tricks up his sleeve than Neymar and the magic isn’t just to rub opponents noses in defeat as he was accused of doing in the Spanish Cup Final. He does it to win. He is not interested in points for an artistic impression - he wants a goal. 

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I hope to grow next to Messi, the best in the world, and one day become the best. I’m getting better all the time and I’m a guy who watches a lot and learns a lot from the best. Messi is the best in the world, an idol on and off the pitch. I hope I can learn from him and one day win the Ballon d’Or.
—  Neymar via Lance/AS

Just being one of the three finalists would be a great achievement for me.

It would be a dream to find myself up there next to Messi and Cristiano. It would be a great honour.

—  Neymar talking about the possibility of making in to the top three of the Ballon d'Or (Globo-26/07/’15)