thinking about the past

I just realize how lucky we are that we live in a time where we can easily find people that like the same fandoms, who we can share theories, fanart and fanfics. 

Because it must have been lonely before, in a time where only a few people from your town liked the same book or series as you do, or spending hours in a drawing of your favorite character only to realize you couldn’t really show it to someone. Imagine if you were the only kid in your class to watch anime, but couldn’t tell anybody because it would make you the “weird kid”

Im grateful that I was able to live in this time, so I could have the honor of meeting all this wonderfull people who I can talk and share my crazy thought and theories about the series and books I like, thank you for make me feel that is normal to be weird 

anonymous asked:

This might be a dumb question, but..why is water a liquid? Aren't the elements that make it up normally gases? Is it temperature?

Actually, that’s not a dumb question at all.  It’s a very fundamental question, and so the answer is something people often take for granted.

First and foremost, chemical compounds do not necessarily share the properties of the elements they’re made of.  This is an important principle of chemistry, because it explains the vast diversity of chemical substances.  The human body is made up of many, many different types molecules, but it’s mostly made of just four elements: Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon.  You can combine these four elements into all sorts of different combinations and proportions, and each combination has different properties depending on how the atoms of each element are arranged. 

Water is made up of two hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom. This happens because oxygen atoms have a lot of electrons in their outermost electron shell, while hydrogen atoms have very few.   Atoms can become more stable when they have a completely full outermost shell.  They can do this by giving up or acquiring electrons to become ions.  Another solution is to share electrons by forming chemical bonds.  This is something hydrogen and oxygen do very well. 

Hydrogen is the simplest element.  It’s outermost electron shell is its only shell, and it only has one electron in it.   It needs just on more to have a full shell.  Left to themselves, hydrogen atoms will solve this problem by simply sharing electrons with one another, forming molecules with two hydrogen atoms apiece.  We can call this molecule “dihydrogen” or “diatomic hydrogen”, or “molecular hydrogen”, but usually it’s just called hydrogen, since this is the form we usually deal with when we think about the element.

Since the two hydrogen atoms are sharing their electrons, they can both have a full outermost electron shell at the same time.   This form is more stable, but only if the chemical bond between them remains in tact.   But it takes some energy to break the bond.  Without that energy, the hydrogen atoms aren’t likely to separate on their own. 

What this means is that a hydrogen molecule isn’t particularly reactive.  It just sort of floats around without much interest in interacting with anything else.  This includes other hydrogen molecules.  Because each hydrogen atom only has one electron apiece, they can only form one chemical bond at a time.  So there’s not much point in switching partners.  The molecules of hydrogen will just sort of float around and bounce off one another without doing anything. 

This is why hydrogen is a gas.  You can condense hydrogen into a liquid, but only at a very low temperature, -252.9°C.  At that temperature, the molecules become so low in energy that they can’t bounce around as fast, and it becomes easier for them to stick together.  But they’re not tightly bound together, so they can still flow around each other.  That’s a liquid. 

By contrast, iron is a solid at room temperature because its atoms are much more willing to cling together and form rigid crystalline structures.  These structures don’t start to come loose until the iron is very hot, which is why iron has a very high melting point (1,538°C), and an even higher boiling point  (2,862°C).

The same principle that explains hydrogen’s low boiling point also apply to oxygen.  Oxygen atoms have six electrons in their outermost shell, but they need eight to be completely full.  So they pair off, much like hydrogen atoms, except they share two electrons apiece, forming two chemical bonds, or a double bond. 

Now it is possible for oxygen atoms to bond with multiple atoms at one time, this generally doesn’t work when it’s just oxygen atoms involved.  Ozone is a molecule of three oxygen atoms, and while they’re able to make it work, the arrangement isn’t very stable, so it doesn’t take much to pull it apart.  This is what makes ozone so reactive, and why it’s toxic enough that large cities will declare “ozone alerts” when there’s too much of it in the atmosphere. 

Generally speaking, oxygen prefers a two-atom molecular form, because each atom in the pair is too greedy for electrons to let its partner try to share with someone else at the same time.  So oxygen molecules behave similarly to hydrogen molecules, bouncing around without much interaction.  So oxygen is a gas too, until you cool it down to -183°C.  It’s boiling point isn’t quite as cold as hydrogen’s, but it’s still far colder than anything on Earth outside of a laboratory.  So we think of hydrogen and oxygen as gases.

However, while the molecules of these gases don’t interact much with themselves, they do react violently with one another.  This is because oxygen is greedy for electrons, while hydrogen is anxious to share electrons.  Their diatomic molecules make a decent arrangement, but an even better arrangement can be had by combining together to form a new molecule: water. 

Since oxygen can form two chemical bonds at a time, and hydrogen can only form one, the resulting molecule has two hydrogen atoms sharing electrons with the one oxygen atom.   But the water molecule has an interesting shape, and this is a consequence of the atoms it’s made up of. 

See, we might assume the molecule exists in a straight line: H-O-H.  But this isn’t how it works.  Oxygen atoms have six outermost electrons, and electrons repel one another, so when you have six off them in a valence shell together, they prefer to space themselves out.  The best way to do that is a sort of tetrahedral formation.  Imagine the oxygen atom like a big balll, and a pair of electrons sticks out at the very top.  Then towards the bottom three more pairs are arranged like the legs on a stool.  The advantage of this is that each electron pair is as far apart from one another as possible, including the electrons used to form bonds with hydrogen. 

So when all is said and done water molecules have this bent structure, with an angle of about 105 degrees.  And this creates an odd distribution of electrons in the overall structure. 

See, you’ve got these other six electrons on one side of the oxygen atom, and on the other you have these hydrogens sharing relatively few electrons.  This lopsided electron distribution leads to a phenomenon called a dipole moment, where each water molecule sort of has a little positive charge on the hydrogen side, and a little negative charge on the oxygen side.  Because of this, the atoms in a water molecule will be drawn to other water molecules.

The intermolecular attraction between hydrogen and oxygen isn’t as strong as a chemical bond.  Otherwise every water molecule would just fall apart as the atoms all swapped dance partners over and over.  But the attraction is there.  Chemists call this a hydrogen bond, since hydrogen atoms have a tendency to do this in molecules where they’re stuck to electron greedy species like oxygen.  This attraction between the molecules makes it tougher to force them apart.  In other words, it’s tougher to get water to behave like a gas, which means it has a higher boiling point: 100°C.   And that’s a temperature above what we usually see on earth, so we tend to think of water as a liquid

Note that water has very different properties from oxygen and hydrogen, but we can explain those differences because of the properties of oxygen and hydrogen.  Oxygen’s greed for electrons and hydrogen’s unique one-electron structure can tell us a lot about why water does what it does.  For example, the bent molecules and the hydrogen bonding are what cause water to arrange into hexagonal crystals when it solidifies, and this is why snowflakes look the way they do.


Sam x Reader

Message: Can you do an imagine where the reader is on a hunt w/ tfw and they’re in an abandoned building of some sort and they split up, Sam with Y/N and Dean with Cas, so while Sam and Y/N are checking out one of the rooms they hear someone (a cop or something) outside the door, so Sam and Y/N go to hide in the closet, but it’s super small and the reader and Sam are like pressed super tight against each other and Sam gets a boner. no smut tho just awkward bc they’re not dating but they do like eachother

Warning: uhm idk Sam has a boner?

Requested by: anonymous


AN: Sorry this took so long, I was away for a couple days and am behind on requests. /// Also, I saw that the request was submitted to more than one url, I didn’t read the other ones so I wouldn’t like, use any ideas (not that I would steal work) but I just wanted mine to be unlike any of theirs so I hope that’s what I did. If not, someone message me. 

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You tied your hair into a pony tail in the middle of your head as you waited for the beat up Impala to pull into the back lot. Brownfield land expanded for acres, stretching way beyond the old factory that leaned in front of you It looked especially menacing in the dark.

You heard it before you saw it, the purr of the worn engine and the crunch of the tires over the gravel getting louder as the Impala came loser. The headlights reflected off your mirrors and into your eyes.

You shrugged a jacket over your ripped garbage t-shirt and stepped out of the driver’s side. “Hello, boys. Late as usual,” You commented as the Winchesters and Castiel got out of the car. 

“(Y/N), looking lovely as always.” Dean flicked his flashlight off and on, testing it. You rolled your eyes and smacked his arm.

“Hi, (Y/N).” Sam wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and you blushed, timidly stretching up on your tip toes to wrap your arms around his neck and return the hug.

“Sammy. Can’t. Breathe.” He let go and you chuckled. “Is it possible you’ve gotten taller since I saw you last?”

“Is it possible you’ve gotten shorter?” He threw back at you, laughing lightly.

“Hello, (Y/N).” Cas stuck his hand out for you to shake, but instead you pulled him into a giant hug.

“Cas!” He awkwardly patted your back and you laughed. It’s always funny when someone makes the angel uncomfortable.

Sam cleared his throat loudly, “So, um. We should probably go in now.” 

Dean chuckled, “Right. I think it’s getting a bit chilly out here, don’t you think so, (Y/N)?”

Sam threw his brother a death glare and you let go of Cas, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot.

You, Sam, and Dean each got weapons from your respective arsenals along with the necessities like salt and matches; after, you headed towards the door to the factory, which was already opened because it’s been abandoned for so many years.

“So what was this girl doing in here anyway?” Your voice carried through the rusty halls. “The nearest town is like an hour away.”

“We talked to the people from the nearest town, and locals said that - and I quote - “frisky teens will come here for more than just one kind of thrill.” So naturally, we did some more digging and get this … eight deaths over the last twenty - three years: all women, brown hair, light eyes, relatively similar in terms of bone structure.” Sam filled you in.

"So we’re thinking vengeful spirit maybe? Some bitch seeking revenge on a woman with dark hair and light eyes.”

You entered an open doorway with an open AC duct hanging precariously by a strip of metal.

“Actually,” Dean started speaking loudly so you could hear him, “We were thinking that one of the old workers had something going on with a woman attending the dark hair, light eyes gene party and he died and wants women like her; just spit-ballling." 

Then, there was an obnoxious skidding an cracking noise. You all held up your weapons, Cas pulling out an Angel Blade. There was another sound, like the stripping of metal, and the giant duct fell from the ceiling, pulling piping, wires, and plaster down with it in a haze of sparks and dust. 

You looked around, coughing and sputtering, Sam stood a few feet from you. Cas and Dean were nowhere to be found. Oh shit.

”(Y/N), Sammy?“

"Dean? Are you guys alright?”  Sam flashed his flashlight in the pile of garbage, looking for a limb or any sort of clue that the others were alright.

“Yeah, we’re fine. We’re on the other side of this thing. So let’s, uhm, split up, I guess. There should be more than one exit. Keep an eye out for the ghost and we’ll meet back at the cars in an hour. C’mon, Cas." 

Sam picked up the flashlight you dropped. “Looks like it’s just you and me, pal.” Pal? Really? 

You chuckled halfheartedly and followed him down the hall and up the steps.

There were papers strewn across the floor, cabinets and chairs overturned. A slime on the walls - mold? - covered a layer of rust.  You both entered a room on your right, filled with low-power machinery. Sam picked up files off the floor and started flipping through them.

"So, Sam.” Sam looked up.


“Don’t tell me to - ”

Sam dropped the files and covered your mouth with his hand, placing a finger to his own lips. He looked around the room. Then you heard it. Voices. Definitely not the spirit, though.

“This place is fucking disgusting.” One said, it was male.

“I don’t get why teens come here. It’s unsanitary. Someone could get tetanus. You saw that girl earlier. I don’t want to be here and get strung up by my hair, I don’t care if my job depends on it." 

"We just have to do a sweep of the building, Emma.”

Sam looked at you quickly, you didn’t have your fake badges. He grabbed your arm and pulled you into a closet. 

“I thought you guys checked for po-9, Sam.”

“There were no cars in either lot.” He whisper-yelled back. 

Your hand was braced on the wall in front of you, the other on a shelf. You couldn’t see you feet but were sure one was stuck in a bucket. You shuffled as quietly as you could to get it unstuck, struggling and falling back into Sam. His arm went around your waist to steady you.

“I. Can’t. Move.” You grunted. You could here the officers coming close to the room. You twisted. “Sam could you please move?" 

"I - I can’t. This closet is like three feet wide. I really wish I could. Just don’t move - stop moving. Please.” You had to, though, your leg was twisted in the oddest angle. You had to pressed back into Sam even more.

“Sam, I - Sam is that . . ?” Your cheeks grew hot. 

“I told you not to move … ” He supplied awkwardly.

“Dammit, Sam.” You twisted around to face him, although you couldn’t see him. The transition gave you a few more inches of space. It also made things more awkward. Sam dug into your hip, and he was big. “Sammy.”

“It’s accidental, I can’t help it. Oh my God.” You slipped and fell into his chest, your bodies flush. “Really, (Y/N)?”

“I slipped,” You clutched his flannel to steady yourself. “Dammit, watch where you step,”

“It’s really hot, I need out. Screw the cops.” You could hear Sam reaching around for a doorknob but stiffened when he brushed your butt.

“Jesus, Sam. That was my ass.” He groaned, distraught. 

When he finally found the doorknob, he swung the door open and you both fell to the floor, you landed on his chest, your legs going on either side of him. 

You heard laughing and looked up, there you saw Dean cackling and Cas mortified. You hurried off of Sam and straightened your jacket.

“Enjoy yourselves?" 

Sam ran a hand down his face, exasperated. 

"Sam, I believe that you are arous - ”

“Thank you, Castiel.” Sam blushed deeply and brushed his hair out of his face.

You coughed awkwardly. “Did you guys see the cops? Did you hide?”

“Oh yeah,” Dean laughed, “Cas and I shacked up in the first closet we saw. Was she that good, Sammy? Still out of breath, I see.” 

You glared at him, your cheeks getting hot, “We did not - You know what? I am not doing this right now. Did you at least put the spirit bastard down?”

"Yup, SN, (Y/N).”

“That means, situation normal,” Cas piped up and you shot him a look. You helped Sam off the ground as the other two left the room, Dean still laughing to himself.

“I - erm. I’m really sorry, (Y/N). I couldn’t control it, honest. Jesus, this is embarrassing." 

You grabbed his shoulder and kept the straightest face possible. “Well, at least now we know, once you go Sam Winchester, you’re going to need a wheel chair.” You semi-quoted one of your favorite one-liners from “White Chicks.”

You patted his arm and walked out of the room, leaving Sammy aroused and confused in the center of an abandoned building.

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Fifty Gravepainters Sentences

1. Different

They’re so different from each other, but really it was because of those differences that drew them together.

2. Hair

La Muerte’s hair is made out of black licorice, but it feels like the finest silk and Xibalba loves running his hands through it.

3. Cheat

Xibalba may be a cheater, but the one thing he would never do is cheat on her.

4. Nickname

She’ll never forget how hilarious his face looked the first time she called him, ‘Balby’.

5.  Lips

He spent the longest time wondering if her lips where as soft as they looked and then one day when she grabbed him by his beard and hauled him down, he found out, yes indeed they where.

6. Question

“What do you see in him?” That is the question everyone always asks her. La Muerte just smiles and replies, “I love him, he loves me. What more is there?”

7. Happiness

He lays there wide awake on the bed with his new wife sound asleep, snuggled up to his chest as her warm breath hits his neck and thinks ‘So this is what it feels like.’

8. Melody

Xibalba’s head rest contently in her lap as La Muerte glides her fingers over his slightly sticky skin, humming a tune under her breath.

9. Camera

“Xibalba are you sure this device won’t steal your souls?” she asks, turning the small, black square object in her hands.

10. Temper

La Muerte’s anger is a force to be reckoned with. Xibalba knows that better than anyone.

11. Melting

Everytime she touches or kisses him, even if its only a little, he always literally melts into her hands and it never ceases to make her smile and laugh.

12. Falling

The sunlight hits her skin in just the right way to make it shimmer like a million diamonds as her long, raven hair flows behind her in the breeze. And when her beautiful, golden eyes meet his, it was then he realized how hard he’s fallen for her.

13. Feathers

Xibalba’s wings may look worn and torn, but they’re actually quite soft to touch.

14. Flight

La Muerte loves when Xibalba takes her flying with him. The feeling is so incredible and she detests the moment when they have to land.

15. Thoughts

During his time of being banished to the bleak, cold wasteland that was the Land of the Forgotten, thoughts of her helped keep him sane.

16. Necklace

She doesn’t understand how is it she could take off her wedding ring and yet she’s so reluctant to remove the locket that Xibalba gave her for their first anniversary.

17. Desperation

It’s because he adores her so much, Xibalba tries anything to keep her attention.

18. Jealous

The queen frowned and felt this strange feeling build up in her chest as she saw Xibalba gawk at Maria.

19. Slap

She quick to fix the problem by smacking him in the arm with a burst of a flowery firework.

20. Revenge

And got back at him by cheering, “Yeah, that’s my boy!” and clapping enthusiastically when Manolo entered the arena. When Xibalba cleared his voice and gave her a pointed look, she only responded with a “What?” along with an innocent look.

21. Bet

“How about a little wager?”

22. Eyes

The only red on Xibalba is his skull-shaped pupils and the only blue on La Muerte is on her eyelids. So they only have eyes on each other.

23. Silence

They could be in each others presence for hours and not need to say a word. They both just understood each other that well.

24. Doubts

Sometimes Xibalba truly wonders how an angel like La Muerte can ever love a demon like him.

25. Thankful

And yet he’s thankful every single day she choose him.

26. Need

They need each other like they need air to breathe.

27. Gentle

Xibalba is cruel and harsh to others, but he’s gentle when it comes to her.

28. Sun

Her eyes are as bright and yellow as the sun. He always finds himself getting lost in them, unable to tear his own eyes away.

29. Headache

Xibalba is a constant headache in her life, but La Muerte finds herself cherishing every migraine.

30. Forever

Eternity is a long time for some, but for them it just means they have all the time in the world.

31. Air

 Whenever she smiles or, gods, when she laughs, it always leaves him breathless.

32. Solitude

As La Muerte stands on the balcony overlooking her new domain, she starts to see why her lover hated it here so much.

33. Technology

Xibalba in his human disguise looked over the phone in his hand. “I don’t see why the humans spend so much time on these things.”

34. Protect

She always felt the safest in his arms.

35. Everything

La Muerte is his everything-his life, his heart and his light.

36. Charmer

He always has a way with words and she can’t help but be flattered by them.

37. Strange

The people in the museum see the pretty, red-haired tour guide with the old security guard and think ‘talk about your odd couple.’

38. Fairy Tale

There is no happily ever after for them, but that’s okay. They were happy enough.

39. Grapes

Xibalba could only stare at his wife when she pulled back from their kiss and then grinned to show she had stolen the purple fruit right from out of his mouth.

40. Share

La Muerte laughed at the stunned look on her husband’s face and after she finished eating the grape, flashed him a playful smile. “What? You didn’t want to share?”

41. Soothing

Xibalba running his fingers through her hair was very relaxing to her.

42. Innocence

As far as she concerned, the more innocent Xibalba looked, the more trouble he was going to get into.

43. Chocolate

Xibalba was surprised when La Muerte kissed him and place a piece on chocolate into his mouth while doing so. He hums in pleasure. “And just when I thought you couldn’t get any sweeter, mi amor.

44. Erupt

Xibalba cheated…with a two-headed snake.’ Manolo’s words repeated over and over in her head. She could feel her anger welling up inside of her and when she couldn’t hold it back anymore, she screamed out, “XIII-BALLL-BAA!!!

45. Trouble

The king appeared at her call with a bottle of wine and two glasses at hand, but when he saw Manolo and company behind his wife, he realized he had been found out and was so screwed.

46. Forgive

 Yes, Xibalba had lied and cheated, but he seemed genuinely sorry about what he did which is why she was willing to forgive him.

47. Seduction

When Xibalba came into her room and found La Muerte laying on the bed, wearing this gorgeous and revealing dress, his jaw dropped and swore his heart stopped.

48. Name

She loves the way he says her name. It just sounded so sensual.

49. Completion

Their bodies writhe and intertwine together causing them to become one complete whole rather then two separate beings.

50. Love

It’s a four letter word and it’s the best feeling Xibalba and La Muerte had ever felt.

Author’s Notes: More Gravepainters! This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I’m not sure if I’ll do more in the future, but I’ll keep it in mind. Hope you guys like it!