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TC's Too Pro Chain Fishing Guide for Too Pro Pokemon Trainers

Are you pro? Are you so pro that you’d call yourself TOO pro? Do you, being too pro, enjoy fishing? Do you, as someone who enjoys fishing and is also too pro, enjoy pokemon?

Then it’s time to up your weaksauce fishing game with a little CHAIN FISHING!! *air horns*

Chain fishing is to shiny pokemon what pollen is to bees, my too pro trainers. Shinies be lining up to bite dat bait you got on yo pole (don’t take that out of context)

Here’s what yo need to do, bruh:

1. Get a Pokemon game loaded and ready (if you’re reading this and don’t have a pokemon game… Why?)

2. Get yo fishing pole ready (if you’re beyond too pro you could use your fists)

3. Face the water. Look it dead in the eyes. Establish dominance.

4. Cast yo rod out into that sea

5. Reel in dat fresh fish. Sushi is my JAM. Err, anyway…

6. Is that fish sparkling? Does it have that shininess you so long for? No? THROW IT BACK IN THAT DAMN OCEAN (aka run away). We don’t need that weaksauce BS here. You’re too pro for this.

7. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT. but whatever you do, DON’T LEAVE YOUR SPOT!!! It’s YOUR spot, use it when YOU need it! Each time you consecutively reel in a sexy fish, your chances of finding a shiny increase! HOLY MACKEREL (get it? Hehe)

8. Catch yoself a fine shiny fish creature. Marvel in its glory. Show it off to your less pro friends.


Things that will break your golden chain:
-Moving from your spot. What did I JUST SAY??
-Failing to reel in a fish. No bite, reeling in too quickly, or reeling in too slow are all no-nos
-Using the internet. Just don’t socialize while you chain fish. You don’t need this.

-Get a pokemon that knows Suction Cups or Sticky Hold to lead your party. No fish will be able to resist ya now! Did it faint? Don’t worry! It’s ability will still work. That’s so badass.

-Have that lead pokemon hold a Smoke Ball (props to primrosethemeowth
for this tip) so you can run away easily. Just like I run away from responsibilities.

-If you have the balls to risk it, put a pokemon with the ability Synchronize in the front of your party. There’s a 50% chance the pokemon you catch will have the same nature as your Synchronize pokemon, if that’s your thing.

-Pack plenty of poke balls. Because balll iz lyfe.

Disclaimer: sometimes life doesn’t hand you that shiny. This guide won’t guarantee you a shiny even if you follow da rulez, but it WILL make you more well-versed in chain fishing.

Godspeed, yo *salutes* -TC