The Poor Man’s Guide to an Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig

Do you have a bald doll? Do you have absolutely no ability to sew or make wigs? Well it’s your lucky day! Because with The Poor Man’s Guide to an Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig, your bald dolly can have hair in no time! *yaaaaaaaaaaay*

The first thing you need is some tacky glue, a cruddy paint brush that you couldn’t care less if it died in a fire, and saran wrap!

Wrap your dolly’s head in the saran wrap like you’re trying to suffocate it! Seriously, stretch the saran wrap downward so there’s as few wrinkles as possible, and secure it tightly with a rubber band / twist tie / etc.

Wrap the doll’s head tightly again, but this time with a thin fabric that you will use as the base of the wig. I used thin cotton. start painting a layer of tacky glue alllll over the head.

Let the tacky glue dry (you may want to do a few layers) and when the fabric has hardened, you can cut the cap to the shape of the hairline. If you cut the saran wrap, you must wrap the doll again! Keep the doll covered safely in plastic wrap!

Apply hair (whatever you wanted to use, faux fur, alpaca, etc) by adding a small chunk at a time. Be sure to remove any undercoat or extra fluff from each bunch before applying to the wig cap. Paint the spot where you want to apply with glue, add hair, paint over again with glue to secure.

Go row by row until you reach the top.

This is where it gets tricky - It’s hard to see in the photos, but first you apply a chunk of hair going *against* the direction you want it to lay. Then, you add a small amount of glue and *fold* the hair so that it lays flowing in the correct direction, and creates a nice looking part in the hair.

And there it is! The Poor Man’s Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig! Enjoy!

!Extra tips!
+This method works with faux fur, alpaca, fibers of all sorts, thread, feathers, whatever you want! The glue is what worked best for us! There is nothing set in stone, Get creative!
+Drawing on a dried wig cap can help if you need to know where your part will be and which direction you want your hair to go!
+This is an excellent method for boyish or pixie wigs! Cutting as you go is also possible, but the end result can look a little choppy if you aren’t careful. For some people though, its much easier to cut as you go to create a more layered look!
+THE WIG CAP WILL END UP A HARDCAP! It will only fit similar dolls to the one you made it for!
+You can also keep a pair of scissors handy to cut into wefts first, paint glue on, and then add them.
+Laying down Saran Wrap on your workstation can help with keeping an easy to clean spot. 
+Glue WILL dry on the brush. In our experience, hay brushes are the easiest and don’t stick to the fibers as much.
+The finished products are delicate, and should only need light brushing or treatment with appropriate products!
+There is no set method for the part, everyone has their own method!

Lastly, if you use this tutorial, we would LOVE to see your wigs! :)
Here are some made using the method here!


Cherry USD BJD Photo shoot 2/  루시아돌 체리 USD 구체관절인형 화보2 

As soon as it stopped raining, I went outside to do another photo shoot.
This photo shoot is with a basket full of cherries and my two Cherries.
I had this concept a few months ago. Yet, since I’m not making the props,
I was worried if it would come as planned.
Fortunately, the shoots came as I wanted in my mind, and I’m delighted.

Lastly, since it’s September, I have also taken pictures in an Autumn mood;  they will be shortly seen.
Most importantly, I will be officially releasing my dolls, so please give a warm welcome!
Thank you.

비가 그친 대로, 밖으로 나가 제가 원하는 다른 화보를 찍었습니다.
이번엔 바구니에서 체리들과 함께 있는 컨셉으로 만들었습니다.
몇 개월 전부터 만들고 싶은 작업이었는데, 가발이나 소품들은 제가 직접 만드는게 아니고 구해야 해서, 잘될지 몰랐는데 생각대로 나와서 너무 뿌듯해요!
마지막으로, 9월로 넘어가니 가을 분위기로 찍은 사진들도 있는데
조만간 보여드리고, 곧 정식 발매가 되니 기대해주세요.


BJD Making USD Process6 Finished! / 구체관절인형 만들기 USD 과정6 완성!

My BJD has finally been finished!
It took a long time, and it was a time of endurance.
However, my passion for dolls has kept me from going.

This is my first doll, and the process was full of learning and discovery.
There’s so much to improve, and so many designs I want to venture.
I am so curious about myself in decades later.
I love creating dolls, and I hope my authenticity will be felt to you as well.
I hope for your love and support for Lucia Doll’s present and future.

Now is dress up face up time~

구체관절인형이 드디어 완성 되었습니다!
정말 오래 오래 걸렸고, 저의 인내심을 심험하는 과정이였습니다.
하지만 너무 즐거운 작업이였기에 계속 할 수 있었습니다.

저의 첫 인형이고, 정말 많은 배움의 작업이였습니다.
발전할게 많고, 하고 싶은 디자인이 너무 많습니다. 몇십년 후의 제 자신의 궁금해지네요.
전 인형 창착하는게 너무 즐겁고, 여러분도 제 마음이 느껴졌으면 좋겠습니다.
앞으로 제 루시아돌의 현재와 미래를 함께 응원해주세요!

이제는 뀨미는 시간 ㅎㅎ


Cherry USD BJD Photo shoot 1 / 루시아돌 체리 USD 구체관절인형 화보1

I did a photo shoot for Cherry!!
I made many dolls since my high school years
and I always gave head pieces to them.
I believe I will continue this style.

The current shoot is in a minimalist style.
I used the least I can to depict the concept.
There are more shoots coming.
My next plan is to shoot outdoors, yet its pouring these days. T.T
Have a wonderful last week of Aug.
Thank you for your love and support

The last shot is Cherry doll wallpaper. So adorable~

체리를 위해 화보를 찍었어요!!
제가 고등학생때부터 인형과 관련된 조형을 많이 했는데,
언제나 모자같은 헤드피스를 만들었습니다.
앞으로 그렇게 꾸미고 싶어요!

현재 화보는 아주 미니멀한 화보에요.  
최소한의 물건으로 표현한 컨셉이죠.
다른 화보도 기다려주세요.
밖에서 찍고 싶은데 계속 비가 오네요.. ㅠㅠ
8월 말을 즐겁게 보내세요!!
많은 사랑 부탁드립니다

ㅎㅎ 마지막은 언제나 하고 싶었던 인형 벽지 디자인…
너무 귀엽죠~


Cherry Default Face up /  구체관절인형 체리 디폴트 메이크업

Cherry’s default face up has finally arrived.
They are done by a very skilled face up artist.
It’s a cute face up that I wanted. Like her name, the cherry-like lips look fuller.
I love the simple and neat face up and it looks better in real life.
From now on, this will be the new default face up option.

Now, I will be styling and shooting for my dolls to be officially sold.
Please await!!

구체관절인형 usd
체리의 디폴 메이크업이 도착했습니다.
실력있는 메이크업 작가님한테 의뢰를 받았습니다.
정말 제가 원했던 앙증 맞은 스타일입니다. 특히 이름에 맞게 앵두같은 입술이 더 돋보이네요!
심플하고 깔끔한게 너무 마음에 들어요!! 정말 실물이 훤씬 더 예뻐요.
앞으로 디폴 메이크업 원하시는 분은 이런 메이크업이 발송됩니다.

이제는 꾸미고 스타일링 한 후에 정식으로 팔 생각이니까