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L.A. County Sheriff’s Department switches from silver to gold belt buckles at a cost of $300,000
By Maya Lau

Sheriff’s officials are spending $300,000 on items they say would make deputies look more professional in their jobs and could help make them safer.

But the taxpayer dollars won’t go toward tools such as higher-quality ballistic vests, backup guns or body cameras, all of which are optional items that deputies have to pay for on their own.

Instead, Sheriff Jim McDonnell is spending the money on a minor cosmetic makeover of deputies’ uniforms: changing the color of their belt buckles and other metal pieces of gear from silver to gold. 

The agency is facing a chronic staff shortage and a recurring budget deficit.


1K Deaths
Vintage Japanese Fireman Kimono
Undercover O4H03-3 Marquee Moon Cap
1KCORP Custom Ballistic Modular XPAC Vest
1KCORP Final Boss Tee/Belt
ΛCRИM P20-S | 3A-MK1 | 3A-MP2TS
Visvim 7 Hole Moc Toe Boots

Pics by Alexander Scars

The crew of the American bomber B-26C-6-MO “Miss Emily” (after returning from a combat mission. Bomber from 323 th bomber group of the US air force was damaged by anti-aircraft fire during a combat sortie over the French town of Merville. Burst of a shell, the aircraft carried the nose glazing and shrapnel struck the fuselage in the area of the second pilot saved by ballistic vest. All the pilots survived.

Gear Up Guide: Commando Outfit

“The Commando outfit offers Lara a flexible and lightweight approach to combat in the Siberian Wilderness. Snow camo patterned cargo pants are paired with a custom ballistic vest and ammo pouches, all layered on top a dark gray tank. Nylon injected molded knee pads offer added protection when scrambling along the forest floor, and the durable double strap tactical leg holster keeps her pistol handy at a moment’s notice. Reinforced fingerless gloves give extra grip for traversal, and the hardened knuckles pack a punch in combat.”

- Art Director, Brenoch Adams 

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Ballistic Vest Done 

Just need to add the top straps and sew the lower ones on, will be applying the fabric to the rest of the suit very soon, just need to order more. Going to be making a start on the Vulcan Minigun too.This will be taken to MCM London on Saturday but possibly more days with the way things are going.


anonymous asked:

What's the longevity of body armour like? How much abuse does it take for a stab vest, soft bulletproof vest or ceramic insert to become ineffective, and at that point is it possibe to improvise repairs or do you pretty much have to buy a new one?

Just fair warning, I don’t have any hands on experience with ballistic armor, so this is cobbled together from basic research I’ve had to do over the years.

For Kevlar, I’ve been told the rule of thumb is roughly 6 months for a vest. Moisture and UV exposure result in deterioration, so as body armor this stuff has a fairly short lifespan. (It’s worth mentioning, this might only apply to the Zylon based ballistic armor that was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, and not Kevlar armor.)

Kevlar is just a polymer fabric, so there isn’t really anything to replace. You just need to swap out the whole vest. Soft ballistic armor is also single use. Once it’s taken a bullet, it’s time to toss it and get a fresh one.

Ceramic inserts should be good until they break. Strictly speaking, ceramic armor can refer to steel or ultra-high density polyethylene, though it’s called “ceramic.” Either way, replacement plates are available for sale, and swapping out plates is easy enough. Once the plate itself is broken, there’s basically nothing you can do with it except replacement.

With stab vests, I’m honestly a little unsure. I don’t know what’s in them. If it’s just a different Kevlar weave, or a metal mesh interwoven with a polymer fabric. Either way, you’re probably looking at another case of replace after use.


Cash Catchem song lyrics!

I wanna wear the ballistic vest, like noone ever does.
To stealth heists is my real test. To rob banks is my cause.
I will travel across DC, searching far and wide
Each special unit, to understand. From cloakers I will hiiiiideeeeee
It’s you and me. I know it’s my destiny
Oooooh, Bain’s our best friend. Tells us where we must defend!
Ooooooh a vault so truuue. Our thermal drill will burn right through!
You rat Hox and we’ll kill you!
(Gotta get that drill)

(As written by sG | Acebats on Steam)

The Rules According to Forbes

The list of rules from a rather influential and inflammatory harpy, Johnston Ramsey Forbes, as left behind with his ballistic vest and other assorted personal notes.

1. Know when to break the rules, especially your own. 

2. As Napoleon is credited with having said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” (Each time they refer to you as a Neonate, when the whole of the Tower knows you are Confirmed as an Ancilla, is one more point in your favor and against theirs.) 

3. Never tell a direct lie; just be the best at telling your version of the truth. 

4. Never attack someone’s grammar; that’s the petty game of a simple mind. 

5. Always be polite and courteous; others may take the high road, but you own the high road.

6. Idiocy comes equipped with its own spotlight; just help them find a place to plug it in. 

7. Do not hesitate to leave a few, very minor, grammatical errors in your writing. These are traps laid for the aforementioned simple minds. The moment they attack your grammar, the weakness of their own argument is laid bare.

8. Use their words against them judiciously. 

9. If they can be of further use to you, leave them an out where they can save some face.

10. As Harpy, you are the architect of the truth, and the truth is a high value commodity; treat it as such. 

11. There are always three truths: what really happened, what you say happened, and what people think happened based on what you said. The first is largely irrelevant. Control the other two, and you control the truth.

12. Odds are you will someday walk into a room you will never walk out of; make sure you still have the final word.