• Italy: You've been really stressed so I thought I would take you for a spa day, just you and me.
  • Germany: A what day?
  • Italy: A spa day.
  • Germany: What is this word "spa"? I feel like you're starting to say a word and you're not finishing it. Are you trying to say "spaghetti"? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?

Sony’s E3 was super disappointing imo

+Shadow of the Colossus remake looked pretty

+Monster hunter (even though I’m super wary of it for now)

+Spider-Man without moon webs

-David Cage’s new bad game

-Kratos and his wife’s son’s spectacular adventures looks lame

-generic zombie game #236234

-Uncharted 4.5? I think?

-way too much time spent on VR shit nobody cares about

-them audio problems at the begninning 


that sucked, D-


Happy 45th Birthday Pac

the world still feels empty without you but i know that you are in a far better place in paradise free from pain, sadness, and drama. i love you so much and i’ll always be one of your biggest admirers. you’re the reason most kids picked up pens & notepads to jot down thoughts, those unspoken. it wasn’t a teacher who pushed me to write. it was you. you were prophetic, a messenger with strong sense. tupac, your music continues to spark the minds of young individuals everywhere. may you rest in paradise, ballin’ it up in your thug mansions. legends never die. we miss you g.
Bofur x Reader

Summary: Thranduil decides to have a ‘talk’ with you after Thorin declines his deal and insults him. He uses you to send a message at your and Bofur’s expense.

Characters: Bofur, The company, Thranduil, Legolas

Warnings: Strong language used though very little

Word Count: 2,541

“I told him he could go Ishkh khakfe andu null him and all his kin!” You heard Thorin snarl angrily from your shared cell with Bofur, you turned to him alarm on your face.

“Bofur what does that mean?” You asked him frightfully, you were only half dwarf the other half of you human and had been living on the streets of Bree scavenging and stealing to survive until Gandalf found you and asked you to assist a friend of his on a quest. You of course had said yes eager to leave your miserable life of the streets behind you. This of course led you to meeting Bofur and the two of you falling in love.

“It means may you die in dragon fire.” He replied voice quiet. You visibly paled at his words if Thorin had insulted the King whatever slim chance you had at getting out of here was now gone.

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