complimenting your dance friend:

Shout out to these awesome ballet blogs (in alphabetical order):

  • balletomaneassoluta: Many many beautiful gifs.
  • dancehistory: If you’re looking for vintage ballet photographs.
  • ele-bee: Lovely blog with great opinions.
  • juotin: Posts unique, never seen before (by me) ballet pictures.
  • masterpiecesofhumanity: Lots of pretty ballet pictures. Super jealous with her blog name.
  • myswancostume: Posts some of the greatest text posts (hilarious, witty, charming) ;) 
  • somaymalou: Beautiful blog.
  • thedailyballet: First ballet blog that consistently post with proper credit (I think), one to follow definitely.

anonymous asked:

every blog on your faves page follows you?

No, some of them don’t follow me but I don’t care :) I love them anyway

I think vaganovaboy, balletomaneasoluta and gisellemadnessscene are some of those blogs in that page who don’t follow me (I edited this answer: vaganovaboy and balletomaneassoluta are following me) but I’m not sure because that’s not very important to me… Of course I stay very happy when my favourite blogs follow me but I’m not always checking who follows me or not.

And sometimes I think I’m following people and then I notice I’m not following them so, trust me, if someone is following you or not it’s not that important :)

I mean, in the ballet fandom I realized there were lots of people I wasn’t following and I thought I was. Why? Because their comments on posts, for example, made me accostumed to their constantly presence on my dashboard. So, and I’m happy to share this with you, ballet fandom is like a family because when someone receives hate (and most of the time what haters say doesn’t make any sense) everybody helps and shows how that person who received hate is beautiful and amazing. This family made me forget about the number of followers (of course sometimes I share with you how many followers I have but that’s not very important) and made me enjoy even more tumblr. And that’s beautiful.