Professional Division Students of Pacific Northwest Ballet, by Kyle Davis.

Free EDS & POTS Workouts

Here is a collection of EDS and POTS (I have both) friendly workouts that require absolutely NO standing, but the workouts are also challenging. I always feel food after these because my vascular system gets rejuvenated instead of stressed. If you do not usually workout start with only doing a few minutes (for example start with 5 minutes) of the videos each day, and then add on a minute or a few minutes every week. I recommend keeping a journal and logging down your workout everyday. These workouts are targeted towards building the muscles in the legs and abs which is essential to POTS. 

Ballet Beautiful Leg and Butt:

Ballet Beautiful Abs:

Ballet Beautiful Legs and Buns:

Ballet Beautiful Slim Thighs and Hips:

Ballet Beautiful Firm Inner Thighs:

Ballet Beautiful Lower Body:

Yoga Abs:

Power Flow Yoga (Advanced):

I am a nursing student with a yoga background so let me know if you have any questions or are stuck and need help!

i lack self-control and there’s other shit i should be doing so it’s time for the first installment of

Let’s Read: Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter’s first appearance is The Amazing Spider-Man #15 from August 1964, written by Stan The Man himself, which is how you know it’s gonna be batshit. Every comic writer has strengths and weaknesses, and in many cases you kind of have to overlook those weaknesses to really enjoy the strengths.

Stan’s strength is also his weakness, which is that none of his plots ever make any goddamn sense and all his characters come off as weird assholes, and whenever you finish a comic you are left with a vague sense that literally everything that happened in that issue could have been avoided if they’d just stopped being weird assholes for five seconds.

Some writers attempt to remedy this later. Those writers are wrong.

Stan Lee still writes the newspaper comic strip version of Spider-Man, as far as I know, and for years I thought those strips were just nutso because Stan Lee was old and out of fucks to give. Then I read some old-ass comics and realized that Stan Lee is just Like That, and always has been.

He also writes credits like these.

If there is a space where a man can reasonably fit more words, Stan Lee will find more words to put there.

Early Spider-Man comics feature a lot of weird old-timey bank-robbing gangsters? Like, straight-up Dillinger Gang motherfuckers. So anyway the issue starts with some old-timey gangsters, bla bla bla, the Chameleon bla, curse you Spider-Man, etc. We don’t care about that part. What we care about is that the Chameleon (who is also, to be clear, kind of an old-timey gangster) decides he’s gonna call in Kraven the Hunter to solve his Spider-Man problem.

Here are the first things we learn about Kraven, in order:

  • He’s been in Africa, where he defeats terrorbeasts single-handed and with his bare hands.
  • He’s a fucking hunk.

“You know what the ladies love? Rectangles. I’m gonna build a man entirely out of rectangles. For the ladies.” - Ditko, presumably.

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