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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or just an all around Hope-You’re-Having-A-Good-Day to you all, religion and beliefs besides! I want you all to know on this cold December night that I love you all and wish I could have mailed myself to all your houses so I could be there under your tree, or just in your living room in general. And eat all your food. I am a beast of perpetual indulgence, what can I say? 

Ling and I felt bad that we’ve both been so swamped this holiday season, so I’m pulling through at roughly 10:31 PM Pacific time to give you all a late as hell gift.


Here are some of my favorite headcanons I have for each of the Overwatch babs. BEWARE. This post is huge. I apologize. 

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hi! i have a character (high school senior) who intends to become a professional dancer but has never attended an actual dance school (she goes to a normal public school but has dance classes outside of school). after graduating high school, what kind of options are there for her? i tried to find info about dance academies/training programs etc. but it's all just kind of. confusing. i know there's also the option of majoring in dance but i don't think she'd go to uni so. help?? thanks!!!

Hi there!

She could audition for some dance company or academy or maybe a competition, but the most common thing she could do is try to get into a summer intensive program. Actually, it would be reasonable for her to already have enrolled a few summer intensives in the past since she want to be a professional.

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Summer intensive programs last a few weeks and are, as the name says, dance intensive programs offered by ballet schools (usually to youth and students) during the summer. The more prestigious the school that offers the program, the more selective the admission program will be, much like college in a way. If your character cannot do a live audition, then she will have to follow the selected program’s admission guidelines and send a photo, a short video of her doing a piece or a variation etc. Just like with college, have her apply to a few programs, not just her dream one, so that if she get refused she will still have a chance to enroll somewhere else or maybe add up the programs and train in more than one program in the same summer. 

According to her tastes and aspirations, she can select the schools that best match her personality, dance style, and ambitions, both because of the school’s name and style and because of the teachers. If she manages to get accepted, she can now pack and travel all the way to her summer destination. Summer intensive are pretty hard, so make sure to mention that she is fatigued and maybe didn’t think it would be this tiring. She will also be away from home for a few weeks: how does this affect her? Is she homesick? Is this the first time she is away from home for so long?

Summer intensives are not only a way for young dancers to train and refine their technique, but also a way for dance companies to select new dancers. If your character is lucky and exceptionally talented, she may be deemed an interesting student and offered a scholarship or a place in the school’s corps. As an alternative, she may make some good friends and know a potential employee or teacher for the first time, only to meet them again during a later audition. It could always come in handy.

Hope this helps!

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idk how many of my OG followers remember who I am but I just wanted to post an update

my name is ava gordy and I used to be haltiamava and I also used to make YouTube videos p regularly

I was super lost in a relationship with a guy that made me feel even more lost a few years back and I stopped dancing and feeling like myself

I’m a writer and a host now of a YouTube channel called sourcefed. getting an 8-5 job was the best decision I’ve ever made

I’m a contemporary ballet dancer with a company called Kelly Alvarez and Artists, we’ve been touring and performing at festivals and I have a show on the 22nd of this month

I’m still a dance teacher. I’m training a wonderfully dedicated male ballet dancer for youth American grand prix which is one of the most competitive ballet competitions ever

I came out officially as bisexual last year and it was a bit of a mess, but I’m okay about it now.

And I’m happy in a beautiful new apartment with my supportive af boyfriend

If you don’t really care about this…. oops. I just used to share a lot of my life here and kind of miss it

I still love bee movie.


Best Wishes to Avery Gay as She Competes at YAGP