ballet shoes


High-Tech Ballet Shoes Hypnotically Trace The Physical Movement Of Dancers’ Feet 

Designer and amateur dancer Lesia Trubat has a true appreciations for this frenzied action of dancers. Her past projects have sought to illuminate the movements of ballet, transforming the fleeting image of a physical dancer into a whole new visual language (think two-dimensional reliefs that turn the drag of a pointed toe into alphabet-like artworks).

How ballet shoes work

So some people showed interest in a post with references about how ballet shoes work and little things that the average person wouldn’t notice, but things that seem obvious to people with ballet experience.  I took a couple of pictures of myself and explain things below the cut.

(Dancers, please don’t judge my feet.  I haven’t had a class in 4 months and am semi retired now.)

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The pointe shoe post!!
This is how I sew my shoes:
I use floss instead of string because it’s stronger and won’t break as easily.
One elastic lower, so I don’t sink into the box.
One elastic higher so the shoes form fits to my arch.
Two weaker elastics cris crossed by the ankle so the heel of the shoe doesn’t fall off.
And ribbons sewn in the middle of my arch, to help lift my foot up in the shoe and help the shoe break in the place I want!