ballet make up


crazy ex-girlfriend season 2

i’m just a girl in love, i can’t be held responsible for my actions

i was working as an art TA for some 5-8 yr olds the other day and one of the kids came in wearing a ballet costume: tights, tutu, make-up, uggs and nothing else. she insisted she wasn’t cold at all but i s2g i was shivering just looking at her so i forced her into my sweater and scarf. im a big proponent for burying kids in warmth lmao. 

anyways here are some mspaint teen/baby nightstars. sorry i havent been posting much and i missed a lot of cool stuff ppl have been doing

Yes, I colored her.
I think that a Black Swan version for Duchess needs a lot of black, feathers, pearls and delicate fabrics.
She has fabric wings that follow her arms till they get wraped in her bracelets. 
I think she could have pointed feet and wear simple and realistic ballet shoes.
Her make up is intense with black wings over her eyes with lavender details. A carmin lipstick is a delicated final touch.
Do not come for her. Cause she will destroy you with majestic, gourgeous and delicated steps all over you.