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By the end of the first act, Steve couldn’t help but grin. He was looking forward to watching Bucky showcase his talents as the lead swan. It was a role that Steve was positive T’Challa had created with only Bucky in mind. The swans moved in T’Challa’s choreography with a fierce strength that Bucky’s lean, muscled frame encapsulated perfectly with his flexibility on full display.

If You Fall, That’s Ok (The ground will catch you) a new Swan Lake, Ballet AU fic collaboration between @mystrana and myself. Updates every Tuesday and Friday!

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I saw a photoset you made a few weeks ago titled "Degas hairbows from various replica productions" I was curious about the photo in the middle top row. Where is that photo from and why does it look like those two are kissing?

The photo shows one of the ballerina whispering something in the other ones ear. It’s a production photo from POTO in Moscow, and comes from a series showing the Degas rehearsal photographed from the wings:


You know just jammin and Dancin’ to a bit of Ducktales! Bc I’m what COLD DUCK … and 12…
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Beautiful Black and White dancer.

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Jasper tries out ballet with Daniel, and on the first day he's like 'hah wtf is this shit it's not even hard all you do is flail your arms and legs around, my muscles don't even hurt ya sissy' BUT THE DAY AFTER he can't move without his muscles screeching at him to stfu and lay back down. The Woodscouts think Daniel did something to him and go confront him, but the second they mention Jasper not being able to stand up, Daniel starts laughing and wheezing. Jasper doesn't talk shit anymore lmao.

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