ballet blanc

The world’s major ballet companies are making huge efforts to hold on to the past and the so-called Ballet Blanc - dances from the 19th Century with an ethereal element, where the dancers are costumed in white, and were traditionally performed by white-skinned people.

Do ballet companies today want to be part of the contemporary society we live in? If the answer is yes they need to start to look a little more like that society.

Jennifer Homans to the BBC

Les Sylphides, Ballet Blanc to the Music of Chopin, Original Choreography by Diaghilev.

The premier was conducted by Rimsy-Korsakov, and the final canonic suite of 8 pieces used by Diagheliv was arranged by Glazunov, Lyadov, Taneyev, Tcherepnin and Stravinksy.

Original premiere included Najinsky and Pavlova as soloists, and Alexandra baldina and Tamara Karsavina.

Art work: IDK. I found it on the internet fom a sight that no longer exists. If anyone knows the artist please let me know.