FIRSTLY , ballet shoes are actually incredibly uncomfortable to wear,at least for the dancers,so I don’t know if this is an ironic joke or something.

SECONDLY,as you can tell from Star and Janna’s reaction to Marco’s sexy dance moves,you can see clearly that Star has a giant crush on Marco,and Janna has a crush on Star.

it’s officially canon


Hoffalt is Voguing - New Collection
Danseuse de l'opéra de Paris: Marion Gautier De Charnacé.
Réalisation: Antoine Ravache
Photographie: Edward Lane
Musique: La Brousse

Review: Gaynor Minden “Fierce” Leotard

First off, I just want to say that I absolutely love the name of this leotard!

Regarding the leotard, I found the look to be really pretty. It has two lacey/mesh squares on it (seen in the photo) which adds a unique, fun aspect to it. The back of the leotard has ‘v’ shaped straps which also look very nice. Overall, I found the fabric and general look to be very pleasing. 

Unfortunately, the main issue I had with the leotard was the sizing. I received a Medium and it turned out to be too small in the upper area (straps/chest, etc). I also asked my friend to try it on to see if it was like that for her as well, and it was also a bit too small in that area. So my advice here is to size-up. It would definitely help the fit, in my opinion. 

On the whole, I found the leotard to be really aesthetically appealing. My only advice is to size-up to make sure it fits well! 


Paris Opera ballet

Défilé 2016