ballers shots

Okay! So the guy I last posted who I was flying out to meet for dinner INSISTED on picking me up from the airport when I told him I’d like to take an Uber to my hotel from the airport. I have never had that happen before and there is no way I’m comfortable getting into a car with a stranger I met online even if he did fly me out first class. RED FLAG. As as OLDER MAN he should be respectful that I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. So I politely said that would not work for me.
Thankfully, my lil southern bae just texted me and wants to meet for dinner after thanksgiving! (I was supposed to meet him Halloween but I got the flu) So tickets booked for that trip and he just sent me this via western union because he’s the best!! 💕💕

Just got my hair blown out, and booked a local pot date for next Wednesday:: hope everyone is having a good day loves! 😘

Some style/continuity/interaction practice with Law (and Bepo ❤︎ ) I’m thinking if i can get a bit better at this style I might offer it as a commission option since its fun af and also i rly dig the look of it. IDK i love messy art so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.18.15

DAY SIX: wedding extras
featured: stained glass ring boxes by abjglassworks

  • prism stained glass ring holder
  • stained glass hinged ring display box

even if you’re not going the ring bearer route, you could still treat yo self to a beautiful ring box or ring holder … if nothing else, for your photographer to get some baller shots of your rings pre-ceremony! these stained glass beauties from abjglassworks come in multiple shapes, styles, and color combinations so you can pick your perfect match.