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That coaches fic was brilliant buy it made me think. We've seen Chris and Victor being crazy and extra whereas phichit and yuuri are more subtle. How about a story where it's revealed that the two were arrested for like destruction of property or some other stupid prank while they were drunk and Celestine has to bail them out. And this comes to light when they run into the police officer at an event in detroit?

Innocent (Sequel to Ranting)

“Can you believe it? He wanted a live band to play while he skated. A LIVE ROCK BAND!” Alain groaned while rubbing his forehead, while the other three males at the table hid snickers of amusement behind their classes of beer.

“That isn’t allow,” Lilia said ever so softly while frowning at the destressed Canadian, “Right?”

“Exactly!” Alain shouted.

“It’s okay, Alain, we have all dealt with troublesome skaters,” Josef said while patting the upset Canadian shoulders.

“Everyone but Celestino,” Yakov mumbled.

“Hey!” Celestino said while raising an eyebrow, “Where did you get that impression?”

“Your ‘horror’ stories are mild at best,” Josef pointed out.

“Media scandals are your most common complain about your Thai Prince,” Alain pointed out.

“Phichit isn’t a prince. Don’t let him hear you say that,” Celestino said seriously before taking a large sip of his drink.

“I am interested to hear what type of complaints you have for your skaters that doesn’t involve social media,” Lilia spoke up, getting hums of agreement from the three other male coaches.

“Any of you ever had to bail any of your skaters out of jail?” Celestino questioned, causing the table to go quiet.

“Jail?” Alain questioned in surprise.

“Yep. When I was in America with Phichit and Yuuri, they got themselves arrested,” Celestino sighed deeply.

“Dare I ask why?” Lilia questioned with a frown.

Celestino opened his mouth, only to pause and let out a loud sigh.

“God, it is such a stupid story,” Celestino mumbled more to himself than his fellow.

“Now I really want to hear this,” Alain mumbled, earning a chuckle from Josef.

“Simply, it involved alcohol, spray cans and government property,” Celestino said with a sigh.

“That sounds,” Yakov started before trailing off, letting out a sigh and shaking his head.

“Boys will be boys,” Lilia pointed out, earning a deep sigh for Celestino.

“You say that, Miss Lilia, but my boys aren’t wild child’s unless alcohol is involved,” Celestino insisted while lifting up his beer and slamming it down onto the table again.

“Do explain,” the former prima ballerina said, waving her hand in a circular motion.

“Hold on a second,” Josef spoke up, “The drinking age in America is twenty-one.”

“That it is,” Celestino said with a nod.

“Thai Prince isn’t twenty-one,” Alain continued, earning a nod from Josef.

“I’m well aware,” Celestino groaned.

“Okay, I really need to hear this story now,” Alain said while catching a waitress as she hurried passed and ordered another round of drinks for the table.

“Yuuri had just turned twenty-one,” Celestino started before pausing to finish his beer which was half spilt across the table. “And gave them both a weekend off, let Yuuri experience adulthood, you know?”

Celestino paused and gave the other four coaches at the table a pleading look, clearly wanting them to agree with him.

“I did give Victor the weekend after his eighteen off,” Yakov mumbled.

“Do not remind me,” Josef mumbled with a sigh, “The current skating legend took my sweet, innocent Chris out clubbing. When he was underage!”

“Chris is far from sweet and innocent,” Alain snorted.

“I would have to agree. I feel like out of Victor and Chris, Victor is the more… innocent one,” Lilia piped up, earning a hum of agreement from Celestino and Alain.

“Okay, back to my story,” Celestino said as new drinks were brought to the table.

“So, gave the boys the weekend off, expecting Yuuri to go out with a few friends, experience alcohol and swear himself off the liquids for life. But no,” Celestino shook his head with a pained look on his face, “No, Phichit – somehow – gets his hands on a fake ID and convinces Yuuri to go out clubbing with him.”

“Doesn’t sound that bad yet,” Josef said while helping the waitress collect all the empty glasses.

“Did I mention that Yuuri is a horrible drunk?” Celestino asked while glancing around the table.

“I was at the banquet,” Yakov sighed.

“I’ve heard all about that banquet,” Alain pipped up.

“Do not remind me,” Josef sighed while shaking his head.

“What banquet?” Lilia questioned, earning a groan from Josef.

“Last years. Yuuri Katsuki got drunk, pole danced with Chris and somehow convinced Victor to be his coach, half naked might I point out,” Alain said with a bright smile.

“I… see,” Lilia said while slowly nodding her head.

“Yuuri isn’t a good drunk. It runs in the family,” Celestino explained with a weak smile, “Anyway, Phichit and Yuuri went out clubbing. Somehow, after getting kicked out of the club, for fighting, they somehow appeared sober enough to buy spray cans.”

“And then they vandalised some state propriety?” Alain guessed.

“Three police cars, a state library, the seventh floor of a popular hotel,” Celestino listed off, only to pause when Yakov held up a hand.

“Whoa, what? Seventh floor?” Yakov questioned confused.

“Yep, outside walls,” Celestino sighed sadly.

“Outside walls?” Alain gasped in surprise.

“I’m not even done,” Celestino said blankly.

“When did they get caught?” Lilia questioned with a frown on her face.

“They didn’t, they turned themselves in,” Celestino groaned.

“This… doesn’t surprise me,” Josef admitted.

“How much was it to bail them out?” Yakov questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Celestino gave all the other coaches are sorrowful look, “The police didn’t believe Phichit and Yuuri were the culprits because they were… too sweet.”

Alain started to laugh loudly at Celestino comment, laughing so hard that the table shook.

“Both boys do come off as rather… innocent,” Lilia said while giving Celestino a small smile.

“Neither of them are innocent, trust me,” Celestino mumbled before taking a large sip of his drink.

“Okay, so what have we learnt?” Josef asked, a smirk on his lips.

“That Celestino has the most innocent skaters?” Yakov said, the corner of his lip turned upright slightly.

“Over twenty-thousand dollars’ worth of government property damage!” Celestino declared loudly.

“Innocent,” Lilia agreed with a nod of her head.

“They beheaded the college statue!” Celestino groaned.

“At least your skaters don’t have a stamp tramp,” Alain groaned.

“Not again with the stamp tramp, Alain,” Yakov mumbled while sending the Canadian a bored look.

“They sent three people to the hospital with broken bones!” Celestino almost sobbed as he leant forwards and rested his forehead against the table.

“It’s okay now,” Lilia said while ever so awkwardly patting the long-haired man’s back.

“MY OWN SON HAS A STAMP TRAMP!” Alain yelled loudly while glaring at Yakov, “I have lost my pride!”

“At least you don’t have to dry clean your skaters costume after every use.”

The table grew silent at Josef’s words and the bald man nodded his head sadly.

“Gross,” Alain mumbled while shaking his head.

“I… have to agree,” Lilia said with a disgusted look on her face.

“They broke into a pet store and stole thirty-two hamsters,” Celestino ever so quietly mumbled into the table.

Roman Godfrey Imagine

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You were never a people person. Sure, you had your close circle of friends and enjoyed going to a local restaurant for dinner or having a girls night in but you never dreamed of going to a party. Especially one that all the kids from school would be attending. You never dreamed of going to one that is until a boy from every single one of your deepest and darkest fantasies acknowledged you.

He looked like he just walked out of the front page of GQ magazine. He was 6 ft 4 with dark locks of hair that were usually slicked back from his face. He dressed sophisticated from all the other boys from your school, wearing slacks or dark jeans with a blazer and v neck underneath. You often found yourself staring at the veins in his forearms or his prominent cheek bones. He was in most of your classes and you looked forward to seeing him everyday even though you two had never spoken two words to each other.

He was often found out by his car smoking cigars or cigarettes. That’s how you two first met. Smoking always calmed you down but you knew if your parents ever found out you’d be grounded for a long time. It didn’t help that your aunt was the guidance counselor at school so you had to be extra careful who saw you. One crisp Friday afternoon in early October you snuck out after second period heading towards the parking lot behind the school. As you lit your cigarette you noticed a tall figure making long strides to catch up with you from his stylish red car.

You tried your best to ignore him and mind your own business, but he had other plans. “Y/N, my fucking lighter isn’t working” snatching your pink lighter from your hands. Not knowing what to say you stared at him in awe. You’d never been so close to him and could smell the expensive aftershave that you imagined he had dabbed on his neck earlier that day. You we’re at a loss for words and figured you were looking like a complete idiot by now, standing there with a stupid look on your face and staring. Roman handed the lighter back and you mumbled a “Thank-you”. He looked you up and down as if contemplating his next move. “There’s a party tonight at Bryce Ryans, you going?”. “I had no plans on it, not really my scene” you replied looking down at your converse. Snuffing his cigar out he put it into a case and put it back into the pocket of his dark slacks, Roman looked up at you with his green eyes intent on yours. Pursing his lips just the slightest before saying “I want to see you there” then turning and heading back into the school.

6 hours later you found yourself standing before your full length mirror sizing your outfit up. You had choosen a navy green sweater dress with your flats. You wore a gold moon necklace which was your favourite and small golden hooped earrings in your pierced ears. You had choosen to leave your hair straight and had applied a little mascara and lipstick. You didn’t know what to wear to a party but decided this would have to do. All of your friends we’re going out to a movie tonight so you would be attending the party alone. The words Roman had said earlier kept playing in your mind. “I want to see you there”. Not a question but a request. You wondered if he was being serious or if it would be a big joke between him and friends, that you were so desperate for his attention that you would show up all alone hoping for him to see you. Deciding that if it felt awkward or if anyone even made the slightest comment regarding your interaction with Roman earlier that day, you would flee back to your house and hibernate there for the rest of the school year, or at least the weekend. 

It was now 9:30 p.m. and you headed down the stairs to your house, slipping into your blazer before opening the door. Bryce’s house was about a block away so you decided to walk instead of driving. Autumn had always been your favourite time of year, you enjoyed the early nights and the crisp fall air and tonight was no exception. 

There were alot of people at the party when you arrived, cars lining the street on either side. The lights from the house cast a glow on the lawn and you could hear the music booming from inside. Bryces parents worked for a law firm and were out of town for a business trip. Every time they left for one Bryce would have a party and it would be the talk at school for the next week. Somone always got a little too drunk, unexpected pairs hooked up and people still talked about the time your close friend, Betty Wheeler, threw up in Bryces mothers $3,500 vase. You had always liked to hear the stories but we’re too shy to attend one. As you made your way to the front door you started to get nervous. What would you even say to Roman? Why did he want you to come? You looked around the living room and kitchen, taking it all in. People were everywhere. Some were chatting and drinking their beer and coolers, others were dancing in the middle of the living room. All the furniture was moved aside to for a make shift dance floor. You grabbed a beer and were scanning the room for someone you knew when you felt somebody tap you on the shoulder. You spun around so fast that you almost lost your balance to see Peter Rumancek behind you with a big grin on his face. “Hey Y/N! I never would have expected to see you here at one of these parties!” Peter was a friend you had grown up with. You helped Peter study for Chemistry often and the two of you had gotten pretty close. His girlfriend Letha was in your friend circle and often came over to your house for girls nights where you would gossip and watch horror movies on Netflix. “Hi! Y/N!” Letha squealed “Happy to see you here, come dance with me!” Before you could reply to either of them Letha pulled you into the crowd. Soon you forgot about why you were here and all about Roman Godfrey. The alcohol flowed through your body leaving you feeling warm and relaxed. You swayed to the music and giggled. You felt a hand grab yours from behind and thinking it was Letha you closed your eyes swirled around like a ballerina. You felt the hand pull you in fast and you smelled the familiar cologne from hours earlier. Snapping your eyes open you saw none other than Roman Godfrey smirking a smile that nearly made your knees give away. “You listened” he breathed and pulled you off the dancefloor and out the door. 

Part 2???

This is literally one of my first times writing anything like this… please go easy on me!! Loved writing this and am thinking about writing more imagines and accepting requests. XO A

That’s not your girlfriend

request (yes): Can u please do a reader x Jason Todd imagine where the reader is a principal ballerina and the batfam is kind of surprised Jason found such a amazing person

word count: 765

A/N: I hope you like this! 

warning(s): none

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