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anonymous asked:

Are any other 104 grads interested in ballet?

…104th? I mean, there are some people from my high school in the classes with me.

I think Ymir is here for Christa, Christa’s been dancing with the class for about as long as I have. Ymir’s really flexible, but not the best at the actual DANCING part (and she kind of scares me when we get paired up)…

Annie spends more time on her phone than actually dancing… I’m not sure why she’s here to be honest.

And then there’s Eren and Mikasa… Mikasa’s really good, actually. Great poise- I… I don’t know about Eren though. I think his mom signed him up because she wanted him to have an outlet that wasn’t a contact sport. He steps on my feet enough for it to be one at this point though….