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more than a few of my childhood idols have disappointed me as i’ve grown up, but not becks. never becks.

so idk how many of these ima get done tonight, the first signature is almost entirely the calligraphic paper (8 pages worth) and turns out it DOES NOT like pencil and i’m not v confident about portraiture in pen lol. so taking me a bit longer cause i have to fight the weird waxy nature of this paper

but yea thanks for the faces thus far, bless!! @slimeybee / @star-crowned-prince / @jakathine / @afrodragon

roxy lalonde goes on earth c’s version of “teen mom” as a joke but actually gets very connected to all of the moms there. she uses her void powers to make baller gifts for their baby showers. ratings are the best they’ve ever been

Season 4 Drabble #2- Office Lovin’

Hey loves! Back with another drabble dedicated to season 4. I started this one probably a day or so after the last drabble, I posted a few weeks ago. That’s the real reason I haven’t started on the next chapter of the prequel. But I wanted to keep it a surprise. I see one of our Dersha family members also had this same prediction/want for our faves. Guess great minds think alike, huh @romanholiday22. Enjoy!

Jelena Howard was beyond pissed. When she sent Derek and Ahsha packing, she figured they would stay away. To her surprise, they were back in Los Angeles and she couldn’t do a damn thing about it. When she took the job as team owner, she never thought that Oscar Kincade would steal it back from her. On top of that, she had been blackmailed. Oscar had something over her that kept the Devil Girl there under his thumb. Drugging Terrence was a huge mistake and Oscar would make Jelena pay if she crossed him again. What Oscar had the dancer doing was almost sardonic and demeaning. Jelena was basically acting as his assistant. Sure, she was still making a pretty penny, but the title disgusted her. How does one go from being the owner to an assistant? Until Jelena found a way to exploit Oscar before he put her on the hot seat. But, Oscar knew how to cover his tracks, making it difficult to prove he did anything wrong.

Jelena was working on setting up a charity event when there was a soft knock on the open door. Peeking up from her work, she saw the one person she wished would have stayed away. That bright smile and perfectly, perky attitude made her skin crawl. “What,” the hazel eyed dancer spat, glaring at her nemesis.

“Had a question about one of the dances. The part you choreographed. Kyle said the count is off,” Ahsha said, inviting herself into Jelena’s office. Why couldn’t she stay her perky ass in Miami, Jelena thought to herself.

“I’m working on something important. Kyle is captain, tell her to figure it out,” Jelena waved Ahsha off and turned back to her computer.

Ahsha smirked and crossed her arms over her chest, “What’s gotten into you? I thought the Devil Girls were always your main priority. If the choreography isn’t right, we’ll look like shit.”

Jelena sensed the sarcasm in Ahsha’s tone and it had her fuming. The already annoyed assistant slammed her hand on the desk, “Well, fix the shit then. That simple.” Being in a tough position had Jelena lashing out more. She couldn’t stand the fact that Oscar had one upped her and brought Derek and his perfect little wife back into town. The Devil Girls were the least of her worries these days. Getting back at Oscar seemed to be her main concern.

“Fine. I’ll fix the shit and just redo the entire dance,” Ahsha shot back.

Jelena placed her pen down and rested her hands on the desk. “You know…you’re real cocky for someone who doesn’t have a true say on this team. Your best girlfriend is captain and you and Derek seem to be afterthoughts right now. You don’t run a damn thing.”

“Jelena, you’re miserable, aren’t you? Miserable because no one gives a damn about you. You’re in the news these days because you lost the team and everyone’s trying to figure out how you became Oscar’s assistant,” Ahsha dug, watching Jelena’s jaw clench. She was truly getting under Jelena’s skin and it felt good. “Oh! Maybe that’s why you’re miserable. You lost everything. Terrence, the team…your relevance to this organization. Should I continue?”

By this time, Jelena was seething. “Your life isn’t all peachy. Sure, you married a baller but that doesn’t take away the skeletons you have lurking in your closet,” Jelena answered calmly, referring to Sloane’s shooting incident, that no one knew about to this day. That didn’t mean Jelena would keep it a secret. When the time was right, she would use her ammo. That information would most certainly be a banger.

One thing that irritated Jelena the most, was the fact that Ahsha appeared unbothered. “I’ll get that dance changed now. I’ll let Kyle know because I will be leaving soon. Derek and I have some business to take care of…. you know, since we’re an afterthought. Catch you later,” Ahsha jeered with a sarcastic grin. Jelena wouldn’t get to her anymore. That was a promise she made to herself when they returned to Los Angeles.

“Oh and Ahsha,” Jelena called out when Ahsha reached the office door. “Don’t come in my office again. Especially with some bullshit

“Sure, Jelena, sure,” Ahsha responded with a grin.


Two Days Later

Jelena usually kept her office locked when she was away for long periods of time. This day, she left the door unlocked in a rush. Ahsha needed to drop off paperwork and found the door cracked open. Ahsha knocked before she placed the file on Jelena’s desk as her cellphone rang from her pocket.

“Hey, babe, what’s up,” Ahsha answered, beaming.

“Hey, baby? You still in the arena,” Derek asked. “I need to talk to you about something before my practice? It can’t wait.”

“Yea, I’m in Jelena’s office. Everything okay?”

“Everything is good. Stay, right there. I need to talk to you in person,” Derek replied.

“Okay,” his wife said, confused by her husband’s news.

When he reached Jelena’s office,” he shut the door behind him. “My agent just called and said that Gatorade is offering us a deal.  They’re doing some kind of campaign featuring dancers and athletes. They are trying to make it as diverse as possible. They want us to be in the first commercial they release in the next few months,” Derek explained, grabbing Ahsha’s shoulders. “Baby this is big.”

“Wow, really? That’s sounds amazing, Derek,” Ahsha exclaimed. “Hell yeah, I’m in!” The dancer threw her arms around Derek’s neck. Blessings were falling into their lap over and over again.

Bringing his lips to Ahsha’s, Derek softly kissed her plump mouth. They almost forgot where they were when the kiss deepened. They were still in their honeymoon stage and staying off each other was hard. Ahsha walked back towards the desk, her bottom bumping a file to the floor. Feeling a little frisky and bold, Ahsha reached down and wrapped her hand around Derek’s length. “I could take your ass right now,” he muttered against Ahsha’s lips. He stiffened as her hand began to massage him, making him harder by the second. Ahsha sat on the desk, opening her legs, revealing the bright turquoise underwear under her dress.

“And what if Jelena comes in,” Derek questioned, honestly not caring who walked in on them. With the way Ahsha was looking at him, there was no way he could go to practice this horny.

“We can lock her door. I’m sure she won’t mind if we use her space for a bit,” Ahsha winked, jumping off the desk and heading towards the door. “There.”

“Hmm” Derek hummed, grabbing Ahsha by her arm and pushing her towards the desk. “Good, because I have five minutes to celebrate our big news.”

Ahsha’s insides tingled with anticipation and the sensation seemed to spread when Derek began kissing on her neck. “Then we can finish celebrating at home, tonight,” he added, running his large hands down to the hem of her dress before yanking it up to Ahsha’s hips.

They were about to have sex in Jelena’s office, the same one the assistant had told her to stay out of days ago.

“I like the sound of that,” Ahsha approved, walking towards the desk as Derek nudged her forward. Something about having sex in public was exhilarating. Their hearts were already thumping against their chests.

“Do you,” Derek whispered in her ear, his fingers tracing her hipbone. His hardness was resting against her ass. Suddenly, the top half of the dancer’s body connected with the desk. Seeing his wife in this position always turned Derek on and it usually meant they were in a hurry and squeezing in a quickie. Pushing Ahsha’s dress up further, Derek moved her panties to the side.

“I needed this,” she whimpered, feeling Derek’s thick thumb graze her warmth.

“Well, you know I’m always here when you need me, right,” Derek crooned, pulling his shorts down and guiding his length into Ahsha’s tightness. She was gripping the desk so tightly that her wrists ached.

“I gotta make this quick, baby,” the baller warned. This meant one thing and one thing only. They made love several times and this would not be one of those times.  Derek barely let Ahsha respond before he was hitting her with deep, long strokes. Careful not to make too much noise, Ahsha bit her bottom lip. But it was hard to stay quiet when you had a man that could dick you down properly. Ahsha seemed to perfectly fit around him as he continued his rough quest. Her hips met his with the same rough thrusts, causing even more papers to hit the floor.

“Stupid papers,” Ahsha choked out, her voice shaking due to the force of her man’s hard pumps. Was it possible for good sex to make you cry? Because Ahsha felt like crying and she was almost certain that a tear escaped down her cheek.  “Fuck….D…Derek!”

The baller gritted his teeth, pulling his shaft all the way out before sinking back inside his wife’s wetness. “To hell with those papers,” he huffed, gently pushing on Ahsha’s lower back with the palm of his hand. The shaking in her legs was just a small indication of how good he felt. Their flesh loudly clapped as their breathing became haggard.

“Baby….” Ahsha begged, not even sure what she was begging for. What more could Derek possibly give her at the moment? Not knowing how else to stress her satisfaction, Ahsha reached forward, hitting the telephone with her hands and sending it to the floor with the papers. “We’re making a mess,” she chuckled, before gasping, “Oh…yes, right there!”

“I’m sure Jelena won’t mind,” Derek grunted, his strokes becoming slower and a bit unsteady. They were both close and didn’t have a lot more time to spare. “Shit,” the baller cursed, his length becoming slicker. Ahsha already knew her climax would be powerful by the tightness she felt in the pit of her stomach. One more stroke and the dancer was paralyzed from the impact of her body being completely satisfied. She suppressed the urge to scream Derek’s name out loud when she felt the warm cum roll down the back of her leg. They were both left breathless.

“Thanks for that,” Ahsha said, trying to catch her breath, while cleaning herself up and fixing her clothes.

“Mmmmm, now I’ll have a good practice,” Derek hummed, capturing Ahsha’s lips. “I better go before I’m running laps.”

“Yeah, you need to save that energy for tonight. Because I’m going to wear you out,” Mrs. Roman teased, placing the papers and phone back on Jelena’s desk.  

“Looking forward to it, Mrs. Roman,” Derek replied, biting his lip while he hurried out of Jelena’s office.

Ahsha took one last look at the desk, hunched her shoulders, and made her way to the hall.  Just as she closed the door behind her, Ahsha was met with Jelena’s permanent scowl.  “And what do you think you’re doing?”

With the bitchiest smirk she could dig up, Ahsha simply stated, “Cumming in your office,” before making her way to the arena exit.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

Okay! So the guy I last posted who I was flying out to meet for dinner INSISTED on picking me up from the airport when I told him I’d like to take an Uber to my hotel from the airport. I have never had that happen before and there is no way I’m comfortable getting into a car with a stranger I met online even if he did fly me out first class. RED FLAG. As as OLDER MAN he should be respectful that I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. So I politely said that would not work for me.
Thankfully, my lil southern bae just texted me and wants to meet for dinner after thanksgiving! (I was supposed to meet him Halloween but I got the flu) So tickets booked for that trip and he just sent me this via western union because he’s the best!! 💕💕

Just got my hair blown out, and booked a local pot date for next Wednesday:: hope everyone is having a good day loves! 😘


“Late Night Sessions… #Baller 🏆🏆🏆”