baller babies!

roxy lalonde goes on earth c’s version of “teen mom” as a joke but actually gets very connected to all of the moms there. she uses her void powers to make baller gifts for their baby showers. ratings are the best they’ve ever been

Okay! So the guy I last posted who I was flying out to meet for dinner INSISTED on picking me up from the airport when I told him I’d like to take an Uber to my hotel from the airport. I have never had that happen before and there is no way I’m comfortable getting into a car with a stranger I met online even if he did fly me out first class. RED FLAG. As as OLDER MAN he should be respectful that I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. So I politely said that would not work for me.
Thankfully, my lil southern bae just texted me and wants to meet for dinner after thanksgiving! (I was supposed to meet him Halloween but I got the flu) So tickets booked for that trip and he just sent me this via western union because he’s the best!! 💕💕

Just got my hair blown out, and booked a local pot date for next Wednesday:: hope everyone is having a good day loves! 😘

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how tall you like ur men?

My man* but 6'2+ 🤤 can’t settle for less, we gotta have baller model babies