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a witch's tools

athame is a black handled blade, similar to a dagger used to invoke, cast circles and channeling energy.

bells are used to cleansing at the beginning and end of a ritual.

besoms are used for spiritual and psychical cleaning.

candles contain all the basic elements of the world — air, earth, water, fire. earth is the dry wax. water is the melted wax. the flame is obviously fire. and the air is smoke.

cauldrons or mortars are used for brewing potions, burning herbs, incenses, oils, etc.

censers are used for holding incense.

chalices are used to hold liquid offerings.

crystal balls are used to scry.

crystals are filled with energy. which makes them epic for spell work.

grimoires. it’s where you put your witchy experiences, your research. all the things you have learned about magick.

herbs have magical properties for healing and spells.

jars. it’s pretty obvious — you can contain your crystals, herbs, etc in them.

pendulums are sharp crystals hanged by a chain for asking yes or no questions.

pentacles are commonly a centre piece for altars.

runes are crystals with symbolic alphabets on them that are used for divination.

sigils is a symbol created for specific magical purposes. so, they are powerful if you know what you want out of them.

staffs are used as a larger wand.

swords are used as larger athames.

tarot cards and or playing cards. a simple card reading can tell you about your past, present.. and future and how you can shape it.

tea and coffee are often used in the witchcraft community. they are energy manipulating drinks.

wands are used by a witch pointing the wand and directing all energy towards the subject at the other end. it is viewed as an extension of the witch’s energy. it is extremely helpful in long distance spells.

your local library is bound to have some non-fiction witchcraft books. not really a tool but it’s definitely a resource.

Uncharacteristically Accurate Spark
  • Candela: [takes out a jar of ping pong balls] It’s called “Guess How Many Ping Pong Balls Are In The Jar?”
  • Spark: Umm… [studies the jar] …237.
  • [the other two look at him warily]
  • Candela: Spark… how did you know that?
  • Spark: …Isn’t it obvious?
  • [the other two take a step back]

anonymous asked:

do you have any recs for visual stim toys that work for other kinds of stims as well?

Hey, anon! There’s actually some toys that are both visual and tactile, mouldable or manipulative to varying degrees. I have no toys in my collection that are solely visual, and the ones that are closest to solely visual (glitter jar, liquid motion bubbler) are the ones I use least. As a person with aphantasia, prosopagnosia and limited visual sensibility, I get too bored otherwise. Stimboards, stimming videos and game apps do absolutely nothing for me.

Keep in mind, too, that toys like slime and kinetic sand are intensely visual (or else there wouldn’t be so many slime and sand videos/GIFs on Tumblr) whilst also being intensely tactile. I’ve spent many a time just dribbling kinetic sand on a tray or moulding it and cutting it just for the sight of the parting sand - the trick for me is that I need to be the person dribbling and cutting.

Here’s the more visual stim toys in my collection that also require other forms of sensory experience or interaction:

[image description: a collection of stim toys laid out on a red and green round watermelon pillow. From left to right, top to bottom: a blue, green, yellow, pink and orange Hoberman sphere; a red screw-top bottle of bubble solution with the label “Rainbow Bubbles”; a clear plastic glitter ball with coloured glitter sitting at the bottom and the white “Smiggle” logo printed on the top; two rainbow glitter batons, a shorter one with blue stoppers and a longer one with metallic purple stoppers; a clear glass jar containing yellow-green gel and layers of different-sized green and silver glitter; a pink and green plastic liquid motion bubbler; an orange puffer ball with round black and white eyes; a mottled blue-on-blue balloon filled with slime; two clear cube puzzles containing black puzzle plates and tiny silver ball bearings, designed to be positioned on the plates.]

- Mini Hoberman sphere. I bought mine for $5 AUD from Toyworld stores. (I found knock-off ones on Amazon for $6.99 USD: pink and white | rainbow | black and pink | black and green.) You get the fun of watching it open and shut whilst tossing/pulling it. Trying to toss it (an upwards flick with my fingers) in the right way so I get to see it open in mid-toss is actually quite engrossing for me!

- Bubbles. These cost me $.50 AUD from Woolworths/Safeway, but they’re available in every dollar shop. Often in multipacks! Watching the bubbles is a lot of fun, but I usually stim by trying to get as many bubbles in the air as possible. Scented bubbles, too, turn this simple stim into a scent stim.

(For even more non-visual interaction, you can now buy those special bubble kits that come with gloves that allow you to catch and bounce the bubbles. $2 AUD at K-Mart, but I’ve seen them in other dollar shops as well. The gloves might be too small for some adult hands, though.)

- Glitter ball. Mine came from Smiggle ($3.50 AUD on sale, usually $7) but if you want it to be even more visual, I’ve seen versions of these containing flashing lights (Smiggle, $7 AUD) also in all the dollar shops for $2-$3 AUD. You don’t just have to shake it, unlike a jar - you can roll it and toss it.

- Glitter baton. The large one came from Smiggle ($3.50 AUD on sale, usually $7) and the small one I bought yesterday from K-Mart (2 AUD). Twirl them, turn them upside down, spin it around, spin around holding it…

(Smiggle also has an online-only item: a glitter baton pen, 2 for $7 AUD. Want!)

- Glitter jar. DIY! It’s the least interactive item here, because you do just shake it, but I often tilt mine, seeing how much I can make the layers of glitter move before the goo - glue and water - becomes flooded by glitter. There’s actually a fair bit of shaking and turning of the jar in my hands.

- Puffer creature. $2 AUD from a dollar shop. So many of the dollar store ones are light-up toys (my trouble has been finding ones that aren’t) so if you want something tactile (touch it, squish it, pull it, tug at the fronds) that flashes for visual stimming, these are everywhere and inexpensive.

(Additionally: light-up prickle balls, similarly priced, also everywhere.)

- Marbled balloon stress ball. DIY: I’ve seen the balloons in Lombards ($1.10 AUD each) and K-Mart ($2 AUD for a pack of six: one | two). I filled mine with slime (homemade or storebought is fine) and deliberately left it under-filled because when you squish all the slime into one end, it balloons out, stretching the latex into different patterns. It’s a very small, simple stim toy, yet I really like moving the slime around to see the different patterns it makes in the marbled balloon skin. It’s like an ordinary stress ball but far more engrossing.

- Cube puzzles. $2 AUD from Target. (My review post is here.) These require hand control/finesse, but you have to look at what you’re doing to solve them; they’re very visually engrossing.

I hope that’s a beginning for you. Like always, if my followers have other thoughts, suggestions or additions, please let me know!


We had a marimo invasion. 

I got marimo happy. I wanted to make a small marimo aquarium/jar for the plant stand, but I also wanted to add a couple to the fish tank and make jars for friends. 

The big guys for the aquarium arrived about a week ago, but the little guys didn’t arrive till yesterday, so today it was marimo jar day!

I threw in a couple action shots. The light bulb jar came from Michael’s craft store, but I’ve seen them available online as well. The other two jars came from either a craft store of the dollar store. For viewing purposes, the light bulb and mason-type jar seem to be the best, though the marimo will eventually get too big for the light bulb and have to be busted-outta there somehow. Good luck to my friend Matt when that day comes a couple years from now. 

The “ingredients” or decorations were gathered outside or were purchased from the dollar store or craft store. I always check the dollar store first because the craft store is stupidly expensive. 

I funneled the sand in for ease, a quick paper funnel will work if you don’t have a plastic one laying around, and I used a chopstick (thank you bonsai for showing me the way) to move things around once I dropped them in. I tried to keep decorations simple so the marimo ball was the focus. I actually went all out on a bag of marbles, only to discover I didn’t like the look. I’ll have to save those for another project ;)

And lastly, tank shot with little marimo and big brothers :D 


Some quick notes on Marimo:

Marimo is not a ball of moss, it’s actually a ball of algae. 

Turn your marimo regularly to keep the round shape, otherwise it will start to grow uneven or flatten out. 

Marimo is found in a handful of lakes around the world, one being in Japan where they get their name. It’s the regular rocking back and forth of the waves/currents in the lakes that cause the algae to roll around and grow in a ball.  

Marimo prefer mid to low level lighting. Do not place directly in front of a south facing window. 

Change water once a week in summer and a little less in winter. 

If the jars get too much light, you can get competing algae. Scrub away with an untreated sponge or cloth and move jar to a dimmer location. Fluorescent lighting is enough, 


From a couple days ago! A lil milky way ☺️💫
🌟 Tools: Cotton balls, jar, water, food coloring, glitter.

Heres a simple how to on how I made this:
⭐️ Mix food coloring with water, any combo you want, in separate containers.
⭐️Pour a little bit of the mixture into a jar. Then stuff cotton balls in the jar, leaving some space for more.
⭐️ Add a bit of glitter and use a stick you don’t mind getting dirty to mix/move the glitter around.
⭐️ Pour a bit of water. (opt.)
⭐️Add a bit more cotton balls/shred pieces of cotton balls (opt.)
⭐️ Pour the next colored mixture and repeat the steps and then done!!

What my friend thinks an anime is about just from the title

Dramatical Murder: “murder by chicken.. Cause you know, being murdered by chicken is pretty dramatic”

Tokyo Ghoul: “Tokyo drift”

One Piece: “One piece of cake”

Bleach: “people with lots of Hair dye”

Naruto: “a show about nachos”

Fullmetal alchemist: “Walter White on crack”

Wolf’s Rain: “Raining on wolves”

Attack on Titan: “Hercules and Xena fighting the Greek Titans”

High school of the dead: “living
undead at high school”

My neighbour totoro: “I have a
neighbour named totoro

Haikyuu!: "A show about people’s IQ

Kuroko’s Basketball( Kurkoko no basuke): "people eating fruit baskets”

Free! Internal summer!: “a man with internal bleeding in summer”

Blue exorcist: “a guy with blue balls exercising”

Durarara: “jar of dirt”

Sword Art Online: “men playing with saw dust online”