Ringing in 2016 with @ryanseacrest

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Little known fact courtesy of Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest): The only way to get to the ball that drops 70 feet (21 meters) on New Year’s Eve is by finding a secret elevator in a drugstore, and then hiking up half a dozen flights of stairs to the roof, 25 stories above Times Square, New York. “Visiting it is always one of my favorite parts of being in NYC for New Year’s Eve, there’s really no experience like it,” says Ryan, who is in from Los Angeles, taking his place as host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve for the 11th year running. “In person [the ball] is smaller than you’d expect given how large it looks from the street and on TV, but it’ll still dwarf you when you’re standing next to it. The detail in each crystal panel is unbelievable.”

It’s a small group that gets to join Ryan with the ball. This year, Taylor Swift, who is debuting a highly anticipated new video, will be there — and hopefully she won’t be as cold as she was last time around. Ryan remembers Taylor on stage in a sequin dress, shivering, a few minutes before the countdown. “As anyone would do, I started to give her my overcoat, forgetting I had a labyrinth of audio cables taped down inside and enough body warmers to stock a ski shop. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out to be the smooth gesture I had envisioned in my mind, but eventually we got it done — just in time,” he says.

Snafus with giant stars aside, Ryan says he has “this New Year’s thing” down. His selfie game, on the other hand, is where he sees room for improvement. “I’m always a step away from dislocating my arm trying to find that Kylie [Jenner] angle,” he jokes, and points out that his feed reflects a “nonstop work life.” (At 41, the man hosts a radio show and a bevy of TV shows, is an executive producer of even more TV shows and is gearing up to be a host at the summer Olympics in Rio. And, last year he launched a clothing line.) “Most of my selfies are the result of a floating 15- or 30-second pause during a commercial break or backstage at a concert where I can take the moment to share what fans may not be seeing on their TV or through their radio,” he says.

Tomorrow, Ryan will take a breath though. “Whatever you would call a combination of actively sleeping and eating. Sleating? That’s what I’ll be doing on January 1, 2016, and I bet I won’t be alone.”

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