Cat had been at the house for 2 days. 2 days of good food. 2 days of good sleep. And, above all, 2 days of a weird feeling they got around one of the owners of the house: James.

They couldn’t quite put their finger on it. They didn’t understand what it was, but he seemed familiar, in a way. It bothered them to no end, which is why they, while laying on the couch with a rubix cube, stared straight at James who was sitting on a chair across from them.

This stayed like that for a few minutes, until James got unnerved. “What do you want?” He said, frowning as he closed the book. And that’s when Cat realized where they had seen the guy before. The frown, the hair, the face- yea, they knew the guy. Well, kinda.

Cat snapped their fingers at him, nodding to themselves “That’s it. That’s it, that’s where I know you! You were in a picture at the lab.” It was so dumb, they were surprised they hadn’t thought of it earlier. After all, it wasn’t like they knew many people.

“I was in what?” Oh. Maybe they shouldn’t have mentioned it.