YUKKIN IS ADDED TO LOVE SCRAMBLE YAAAAY! Of course, because Saizo is there so we bound to get Yukin because they are inseparable, fufufufu!

So here MC is introduced to a bunch if new shields members. MC has encountered Saizo before but no one knows.

Yukkin introduces himself and told Saizo to be polite and introduce himself. When he says nothing (a troll that he is), Yukkin makes the introduction on his behalf (koitsu wa Kirigakure Saizo da = this one here is Kirigakure Saizo)


@ jyp, I would like to propose a concept: a mv for twice’s song “one in a million”

a chill, happy music video that’s 100% the girls hanging out and having fun and going around filming themselves with go-pros, much like seventeen’s healing, another song, like one in a million, which was written for fans.

i.e, twice being happy and having fun in a music video is something I need and am very passionate about

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i'm sorry if i'm bothering you in any way but,, do you by any chance have a link to the ENTROPY soundtrack anywhere?? i played the game and i found the bg music really inspiring.

Haha really? It was literally just me hitting buttons randomly on different softwares. Making the music was probably the most frustrating part of making ENTROPY. I don’t have any musical talent so that’s why I have two lovely musical composers for CB.

But yeah sure here’s a link to the google drive folder with the sounds.

FAIR WARNING though to please turn down your volume for a few of these. They sound different than in-game because I changed the pitch in the actual game software. Most are really short (and I’m talking few seconds) and just loop nonstop.

The violin soundtrack that plays in the “question game” scene was actually from under a CC0 liscense.

(Questions never bother gamedevs! Most gamedevs love questions and never see them as a bother)

Circular song

Medieval music books, with their merry notes jumping off the page, are a pleasure to look at. This sensational page from the 14th century adds to this experience in a most unusual manner. It presents a well-known song, the French ballade titled En la maison Dedalus (In the house of Dedalus), be it that the scribe decided to write both music and lyrics in a circular form. There is reason behind this madness. The maze created by music and words locks up the main character of the song, the mythological figure Ariadne, who is a prisoner in the house of Daedalus - she is represented by the red dot. The book contains treatises on music theory, notation, tuning and chant. In other words, it was meant for experts readers. The beholder likely enjoyed the challenge of singing a circular song (did he or she spin the book around?) and how it held its subject hostage in the merriest of ways.

Pic: Berkeley, Music Library, MS 744 (made in Paris in 1375). More about the manuscript here, including more unusual images. This is a study of the book (the ballade is discussed at p. 14).