Signs as lyrics from Panic! At the Disco songs

Aries: “So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?” (lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off)

Taurus: “This is gospel for the fallen ones. Locked away in permanent slumber. Assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories” (this is gospel)

Gemini: “It’s better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality” (I write sins not tragedies)

Cancer: “I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you” (nicotine)

Leo: “Give me a sign. I wanna believe.” (the ballad of mona lisa)

Virgo: “My life started the day I got caught under the covers with second hand lovers” (hallelujah)

Libra: “Back to the street, down to our feet. Losing the feeling, the feeling unique. Do you know what I mean?” (nine in the afternoon)

Scorpio: “The rooms have a hint of asbestos and maybe just a dash of formaldehyde” (build god then we’ll talk)

Sagittarius: “Cause these words are knives and often leave scars.” (this is gospel)

Capricorn: “Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses. It’s sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses. At the shade of the sheets and before all the stains. And a few more of your least favorite things.” (build god then we’ll talk)

Aquarius: “Into a place where thoughts can bloom. Into a room where it’s nine in the afternoon.” (nine in the afternoon)

Pisces: “Praying for love and paying in naivety” (but it’s better if you do)

Did Robin Hood really exist?

Legends and ballads have it that Robin Hood was an outlaw living in Sherwood Forest with his ‘merry men’. But did the legend of England really exist? Or is he a sheer fiction?

From the first time he was mentioned, Robin Hood was believed to be a real person. Throughout centuries, there has been much speculation about who the real identity of the legendary outlaw hero. Yet, the hero’s identity still remains unknown, and nobody can provide authentic records of his activities and his real background. The only thing we have is ballads, which let us learn much about Robin Hood.  

The first known records about Robin Hood and his merry men were made only in 1377. The Sloane manuscripts in the British Museum have an account of Robin’s early life, and it is said that Robin was born around 1160 in Lockersley, which is most likely Loxley in South Yorkshire in modern day. However, there is another account that suggests Robin was a different man and there are other theories about his identity.

I want to shrug me shoulders. When was Robin born? A long, long time ago, I made some research about the historicity of Robin Hood, which anyone can do any time. Today I just wanted to refresh my memory.

Robin Hood as the Earl of Huntingdon

In 1632, Martin Parker published a ballad about Robin Hood, seeking to make him a real historical person. He claimed that Robin Hood was ‘Robert Earle of Huntington vulgarly called Robin Hood who lived and died in AD 1198’. Parker stated that Robin was buried in the grounds of Kirklees Priory near Kirklees Hall.

It is written on Robin Hood’s gravestone:

Robert Earle of Huntington, Lies under this little stone;

No archer was like him so good: His wildnesse named him Robin Hood.

Ful thirteen years, and something more, These northerne parts he vexed sore.

Such out-laws as he and his men, May England never know again.

I wonder whether the grave was ever opened to check whether someone was really buried there!

Robin Hood as Robin of Loxley

In the 16th century, the antiquarian Roger Dodsworth claimed that Robin Hood was Robert Loxley, who was born in Bradfield parish in Hallamshire, South Yorkshire, and was outlawed for killing his stepfather when ploughing.

We don’t know where Dodsworth took this information about Robin Hood because there are no official records about that. Perhaps, he invented this story, trying to add something new in the Robin Hood legend. Moreover, there is a record of the appearance of “Robert of Loxley” in court in 1245, so either Dodsworth was mistaken or invented that, or perhaps throughout centuries there were many men with the name of Robert of Loxley as it was common to use the name of a hometown for a man/woman born there.

Robin Hood of Wakefield

In the 18th century, the antiquarian Joseph Hunter thought that Robin Hood lived not in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham, but rather in the forests of Yorkshire during the early decades of the 14th century. There are two men whom he believed to be Robin Hood: Robert Hood who supposedly lived in Wakefield in the beginning of the 14th century and ‘Robyn Hode’ who is recorded as being employed by King Edward II of England during 1323.

There is a long theory about Robin Hood actually being a follower of the rebel Earl of Lancaster, who was defeated by Edward II at the Battle of Boroughbridge in 1322. Hunter stated that Robin was pardoned by the king and became a part of the king’s personal guard, and so we have a record of ‘Robyn Hode’ appearing at the royal court in 1323.

This theory lacks credibility because if Robin was a rebel and then was pardoned by the king who recruited him for his bodyguard, then it is not clear when Robin became an outlaw and made a legendary career of a fighter for justice and a savior of the poor.

Robin Hood as a high-minded Saxon yeoman

In the 19th century, there were new developments in the incarnation of the Robin Hood legend. There was a popular opinion that Robin Hood was an Anglo-Saxon freedom fighter opposing oppressive Norman lords during the Norman Conquest of England. 

The most notable contributions to this idea are made by Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe and Augustin Thierry’s Histoire de la Conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands (A History of the Conquest of England by the Normans). I agree that Robin Hood is very likely to have Anglo-Saxon origins.

Robin Hood is presented as a follower of King Richard the Lionheart who helps the king and Wilfred Ivanhoe to fight with the king’s enemies, and then Robin gets royal pardon. “Locksley”, which became Robin Hood’s title in Scott’s infamous novel, has been applied by writers to the fictional leader of outlaws since then. It appears that Scott took the name from an anonymous manuscript, which was written in 1600 and employed “Locksley” as an epithet for Robin Hood.

Robin Hood as an alias

In the 20th century, John Maddicott suggested that “Robin Hood” was a usual nickname used by thieves. To prove that, Maddicott claimed that the first known example of “Robin Hood” used an alias for an outlaw dated back to 1262 in Berkshire, where the surname “Robehod” was applied to a man only because he had been outlawed. His idea is that the Robin Hood legend was called so because it was an appropriate name for an outlaw.

During the 16th century, it was widely believed and accepted that Robin Hood, who was really the outlawed Earl of Huntingdon, lived in Sherwood Forest in the times of King Richard the Lionheart’s absence in the Third Crusade. This time period of Robin’s life was officially first proposed by John Mair in his Historia Majoris Britanniæ of 1521, and it has gained popular acceptance since then. All current fictional and movie incarnations of the Robin Hood legend take this version of Robin Hood’s identity and life.

Robin Hood could have been even an ex-Crusader knight who returned from the Crusade before King Richard’s return to England; he could have been outlawed in the time when the Lionheart was in German captivity. 

BBC took this incarnation of the Robin Hood legend. In the Robin Hood BBC show, Robin of Locksley, the Earl of Huntingdon and King Richard I’s favorite, returns from the Holy Land and is outlawed by the Sheriff of Nottingham for saving several innocent people from hanging. BBC’s Robin is my favorite Robin Hood, the best Robin Hood I have ever seen in shows/movies. I doubt that there will be any show/movie which will give us a better Robin Hood than BBC’s cheeky and boyish Robin. I know that not everyone shares my opinion about BBC’s Robin, but I respect all POVs.

There are many theories about Robin Hood, but almost all of them give the same view on Robin’s death

The aging and sick Robin Hood went with Little John to Kirklees Priory near Huddersfield, to spend some time in comfort and be treated by his aunt, the Prioress, but a certain Sir Roger de Doncaster persuaded her to murder her nephew and the Prioress slowly bled Robin to death. Then the dying Robin asked Little John to bury him where his last arrow landed, which his friend dutifully did. This is the end of the legendary hero.

It seems that Robin Hood did really exist, but we don’t know who he was and when he lived. Everything else is left to our imagination. 

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Hayffie prompt: Effie and haymitch have been together since the beginning(before the 74th hunger games) and they have an unplanned pregnancy. Snow finds out and takes the child(or kills) thinking it would destroy them. It just makes them stronger and determined to bring down the capital. While is District 13, haymitch or Effie tell Katniss while at the wedding.

A/N: I didn’t think Haymitch or Efife would tell Katniss this at a wedding and ruin the mood, so I changed it.

In his memory

He dreamt of innocence and purity. At the back of his subconscious, he knew it was foolish but it was a beautiful dream, one he rarely had since his Games.

He saw the child; young and full of life. He saw her swinging him around, laughing happily. There he was; a tuft of messy dirty blonde curls, a shy smile, and a toothy grin. Haymitch dreamt of his soft heartbeat and sweet breaths, dreamt of his first steps and his first words. The images swirled in a hurricane of hope reborn, years of longing and yearning for something he had long squashed.

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The newest song from Cinema Songs and Frederator!

Throughout the Mission Impossible movies, there’s never been a stunt too big, no gun fight to epic, no car chase too awesome for Ethan Hunt to handle! But what if the real impossible mission is being able to make it all stop for just one second?? This awesome rock ballad, should you choose to accept it, will have you hanging by the edge of your seat!

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How about The Winchesters and drunk sex in a nice hotel after a wedding?

Okay, so just imagine that one of the Campbell cousins is getting married to some bigwig, maybe a lawyer they saved from a vengeful spirit, and the Winchesters are off to a four star hotel for maybe the second time in their lives.

Dean rolls his eyes through the ceremony and leans over and makes some comment about the amount of beading on the bodice of her dress and Sam just gives him this what the fuck, Dean, are you watching wedding shows or something now look. Sam’s the first one to casually threaten the groom at the reception but it doesn’t work because the groom knows about the Winchesters, the Campbells have told him the stories and he is basically groveling at Sam, just totally fangirling.

The band is great, a mix of romantic ballads and old rock, the bridesmaids are plentiful and pretty and there- look man!- an open bar: the recipe for both Winchesters getting laid tonight. Dean’s the first brother to get out on the dance floor, he has a cut glass of aged scotch in his hand held oover his head, the other arm wrapped around a curvy little brunette that’s already kicked off her heels. He downs the rest of his booze in a gulp before the Macarena so that he can really participate.

Sam is lured onto the floor by a willowy blonde during a cover of AC/DC’s Have A Drink on Me. She passes him a mostly full champagne bottle and he takes a long pull end then another, not pausing for breath or to break eye contact with his lady. She loosens his tie two songs later, and Dean already has his tie around his head like he thinks he is some kind of ninja.

The little brunette laughs and bats the waiter away when he asks Dean if he wants another drink- she squeezes the top of Dean’s thigh and purrs I’ve got other plans for him.

Dean just slings an arm around her shoulders and manages not to slur, thank you very much, whiskey dick ain’t gonna be a problem, sweetheart. They leave before even the bride and groom, leaving the poor girl’s underwear in the elevator, her slick on the button for the sixth floor.

She’s trying to get the door of her room open but Dean’s too busy trying to kiss her up against the door, his breath tasting of alcohol and bacon wrapped shrimp and man. Finally the keycard flashes green and they fall into the room, Dean trying to get his pants off at the same time as her dress and then getting the pants stuck on his shoes, but they laugh and kiss all over and finally they are both naked and falling onto the bed. Dean hops up again and peels back the weird duvet, muttering about hotel germs. She thinks it’s cute and yanks him into the sheets and he’s all lazy hands and slurred compliments, sho pretty, sho soft, love your shkin.

It’s missionary and not super athletic but it is warm and sweet and so very thorough and Dean was right, whiskey dick is the opposite of a problem, if anything he’s lasting longer than normal, just lazily thrusting while he sucks kisses all over her breast abd collarbones and throat.  

Sam and his blonde manage to wait until the bride and groom leave but not by much and then they are in the elevator and wondering about the women’s thong that’s in it. Sam had gotten progressively handsier as the night went on, going so far as to cup her ass under her dress on the dance floor and making it to second base more than once. In the elevator he had her alone and her eyes were dark and by the time it dinged to the eighth floor she had her thighs locked around his waist and his face was down in her cleavage (she’s thankful she smeared deodorant inn there). Getting his door open with an armful of woman is a challenge, especially since he finished three bottles of champagne, but she helps and they make it in eventually.

Just because they do make it into the room does not mean that they make it to the bed. No, it’s the tabletop for them, her panties shredded, his pants opened up only enough to get out his cock. It’s fast and it’s hard, but he helps her undress after and carries her onto the bed, spooning around her, trying to hide his little champagne burps in her hair.

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Super Junior KRY VS Super Junior T

(fight that was mentioned back on radio in 2007)

Shindong: Somewhile ago, KRY was picking on us, Super Junior T.

Heechul: Who! who?

Shindong: It was Yesung at first. Leeteuk came out after a shower and said the live performance (promotion of Rokukgo) was so tiring. Yesung tackled Leeteuk out of nowhere by saying, “Hyung, what do you mean by live performance? You need to be able to hit the high notes like us”

Heechul: LOOL

Shindong: Just because they sing ballad

Heechul: Did you just say KRY? The newly debuted rookie, KRY?

Everyone: LOOOL

Heechul: You’re just saying that this group just bashed on us? You should have just called me!

Shindong: So the unit groups divided up and we started to argue. Your singing is good/bad whatever… Yesung said something like this earlier,“It’s not even 100% live.” But in fact, it was actually 100% live. We just probably sang really well for him to notice.

Heechul: So…did… even debut? or perform on stage?

Everyone: LOOOL

Heechul: Well we gotta make the judgement through their performances. We don’t have enough information about them!

Shindong: To be honest, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were just watching Yesung argue with Super Junior T members. Yesung would sometimes say “Yah, you guys, say something!” But honestly, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun would just intriguingly watch Yesung argue and play along.

All I can say is that KRY is the ganster group that picks on all units (ex. DnE)


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From what I've gathered in my few months as a K-pop fan: Koreans in general LOVE ballads. KRY happens to be FABULOUS at ballads. ELF are (mostly) SUPER supportive of this. SM LOVES money. So I really don't see anything, besides Kyuhyun's accident from nearly 8 years ago, that is preventing a full length KRY album from being released. There are even K-netizens that aren't Suju fans that are waiting for this yo. SM has about a year before KyuWook enlists, so it's now or never/in 2 years. Now plz~

Honestly, people always use the “SM loves money so why would they shoot themselves in the foot” argument when they talk about their treatment of Super Junior, but no, if SM cared about money here (and had business sense of any kind), they would actually promote Super Junior in a timely way so that their existing fans could actually get the money to go to their concerts and buy albums instead of randomly barely announcing it and seeing how many come (basically the way SM handled all of SuperShow 6 and SJ’s last two albums - Devil got a little more promotion because of miraculous trending articles about their 10th anniversary but considering they only performed for 4 days and SM messed up the comeback in so many ways in that tiny period of time, I wouldn’t even consider calling it good promotion). They’re ready to leech money from the fandom but every time, it’s like, just the part of the fandom that knows what SJ is even up to - it’s a strange method because okay, SJ isn’t attracting new fans the way new groups are, but at least properly get the money from the existing fandom, which is actually in no way miniscule. Rumoring concerts and then only announcing weeks before and then canceling all the rest, silently dropping albums, and messing up teasers isn’t going to help them in any way business-wise, so I can’t say “SM loves money” guarantees anything for Super Junior.

Also, remember that Donghae and Hyuk released “Growing Pains,” which is a ballad type song, as their title single for their album and the few times Korea ever knew about it (basically the time it won on a music show and when Siwon played it on Infinity Challenge), they loved it, but SM STILL didn’t promote it at all or even tell D&E when they released the repackage and it’s OBVIOUS they could have gotten that song to be a digital hit but instead it’s this thing that happened that not even a lot of SJ fans know about.

To me, it feels like SM doesn’t care even if it’s a song the public will eat up - they have their own agenda and most of it is (rightfully) towards marketing younger groups to younger fans because those have the potential to attain a greater future market. And yeah, that’s fine, but they’re not doing what’s in any best interest for them even business-wise by shafting every other group, especially one with a huge fandom like SJ, so thinking they’ll actually put KRY first even knowing they could have a huge hit with that album is still more of a dream than a guarantee.

Also, I think you’re wrong. Kyuhyun’s accident from years ago is no reason for neglecting KRY as a subunit when they’ve proven time after time again that they’re brilliant and talented. Kyu slayed in so many SJ albums since then, including his own solo (the solo with a title track he considered for KRY and then chose to release it solo instead… (1) probably because he loved the song and really wanted it as a solo debut but (2) probably also because realistically, who knows if anyone would ever hear any song he reserved for KRY). Why would it get in the way of KRY finally releasing and promoting an album? The last time KRY was supposed to have an album, instead of releasing what rightfully should have been a debut, SM scrapped it and threw a lot of the tracks onto Super Junior’s Bonamana album (I believe it’s Bonamana?) And now, at best, KRY has a feature song in almost every SJ album. Since then, SM has formed and allowed TTS, considered SNSD’s COUNTERPART to SJ’s KRY, to release and promote two mini albums. And now EXO will probably get a similar subunit too. Yeah, there’s a chance that, as KRY is hinting, as is rumored once again, KRY will finally get their chance too, but there’s no reason that a subunit formed eight years ago, before subunits were a thing, a subunit of immense talent and even popularity back when SJ was trending, should not have released an album ages ago. And if SM valued money more than they valued whatever it is they value when they keep screwing over SJ (and robbing themselves of potential fandom money) - I’m not even going to pretend to know - , then this would not be a thing the fandom is still asking for, still uncertain about in 2015.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to go off on you there, anon, my anger is with SM. But I only mean to point out that until something official is announced, I’m not going to believe SM is going to finally think, “OMG WE CAN MAKE MONEY OFF THIS” because they could have made money off it for years and years, and yet, here we are, anticipating KRY’s first Seoul concert, knowing that outside of the fandom, Japan may be the only country where KRY has been able to shine… and they didn’t release anything other than singles there either.


The Ballad Of The Invisible Boy ‘series - explicit; 250,000+

This is a story of adolescence. This is a love letter for the slow burn, for Led Zeppelin, for the 90s. This is the story about how Sam and Dean didn’t fall in love. They never had to. It was always there, this desperation between them, like a real, breathing thing. When they came together, it was inevitable. As sure as continents colliding, as the phases of the moon and the life and death of stars. This isn’t a love story, but it’s a  story of love.

The Hunter Games - explicit; 92,000+

When the infamous Winchester bad luck strikes twice in quick succession, Sam and Dean are forced to compete in the most brutal reality TV show ever created. It’s  impossible to escape the battlefield, hiding can only be temporary, and alliances inside those dark, bloodstained woods last about as long as it takes for the other Hunters to figure out how to use your weapons. And then kill you with them.

Fumbling in the Dark: Love Advice for the Romantically Impaired - explicit; 70,000+

True love really is blind.

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the way that they mixed in the new songs with the older on the repack is interesting to me. do you have any speculation on what they might sound like based on the line up?

good question. i’m getting the impression that “savior” might end up being intense or some sort of middle ground to “married to the music” — but it’s really hard to tell there because we obviously have no idea what mttm is gonna sound like as of yet. i wouldn’t be surprised if “hold you” was a ballad because of it’s placement after the other two ballads on the album. i also wouldn’t be surprised if “chocolate” ending up having a smoother or r&b or slow jam vibe.

hopefully we get more info later today!

Flor De Venganza
  • Flor De Venganza
  • Jean-Pierre Mas
  • (H)ombre

Keyboardist Jean-Pierre Mas’ (H)ombre is consistently impressive. Each selection on his set utilizes slightly different personnel and focuses on a different part of the music. Toots Thielemans’ harmonica, Didier Lockwood’s violin, Juan-Jose Mosalini’s bandoneon, and Idriss Boudrioua’s saxes are in the spotlight in different times, as is Mas’ haunting voice. The music is sometimes explorative, sometimes melodic, ranging from Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz to bits of pop and ballads. Although generally a mixture of Latin music with jazz, the results are constantly unpredictable yet always colorful. This set grows in interest the longer one listens to it, and it is easily recommended. ~ Scott Yanow, Rovi

tokyo ghoul characters as panic! at the disco songs (yes really)
  • kaneki:this is gospel
  • hide:new perspective
  • touka:she held the world
  • yoriko:sarah smiles
  • tsukiyama:nearly witches
  • kanae:i constantly thank god for esteban
  • amon:hallelujah
  • mado:the calendar
  • akira:the ballad of mona lisa
  • suzuya:mercenary
  • nishiki:when the day met the night
  • rize:camisado
  • uta:let's kill tonight
  • yomo:do you know what i'm seeing?
  • takizawa:the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage
  • naki:london beckoned songs about money written by machines
  • yoshimura:that green gentleman
  • eto:mad as rabbits