SLBP Beauty Survey - Dreamiest Eyes Winner

1st Place - With an amazing 52 votes, Masamune!🏆🎉

2nd Place - Yukimura with 31 votes

3rd Place - Kojuro with 16 votes

4th Place - Kenshin with 11 votes

5th Place - Tied! Saizo and Nobunaga with 9 votes

6th Place - Mitsuhide with 7 votes

7th Place - Tied! Mitsunari and Hideyoshi with 6 votes (Ironic much?)

8th Place - Ieyasu with 5 votes

9th Place - Inuchiyo with 3 votes

10th Place - Shingen with 2 votes 

Of Playgrounds And Turtles - Katakura Kojuro [Modern AU]

He waited to see any reaction from him, any sign that he liked that new gift, that new toy. Was he spoiling him too much? Perhaps. Was he going to stop? Probably not.

A/N: Why do I love embarrassing him so much? I have no idea. But, anyway, I hope you enjoy this little joke. Masterpost can be found here, and some other Modern AUs are this and this, if you are interested.

Tagging: @a-night-on-polaris because you always laugh with Kojuro being a dork. And @kenn-mikorin, hope this makes you laugh a little bit. Enjoy Kojuro being the usual dumbass.

Of Playgrounds And Turtles

It was hard.

So many options, so many tanks, yet he could not choose one. It was a hard decision, indeed, and Kojuro had to choose wisely. The shop assistant looked at him with a somewhat fake smile, probably tired of seeing how long it had taken him to choose one. 

“I’ll take this one.”

Kojuro took the box and put it on the counter. The cashier shot a look to the other man, then reached for it. It was the first time they saw someone taking so much time choosing a playground for a turtle. It was actually the first time someone bought those things.

They had gotten to the store a few months ago yet no one seemed interested… And now they had just seen the complete opposite.

“You want a bag for…?”

“Yes, please.” He smiled.

Was he excited? Definitely. He could not wait to get home to try his recent purchase. And he could not wait to see his son having fun with it.

“I’m home.”

His voice echoed through the empty halls. Reaching for the interruptor he turned on the lights, and complained again about how dark his kitchen was. It was the only part of the apartment where sunlight didn’t reach; maybe he never minded it much because the kitchen was not a place he’d be using ever.  

A sigh escaping his lips, he took out the box from the bag and opened it.
If he had to be honest, the whole thing looked like one of those pool sets for Barbies he had seen announcements on TV. Did he care? Not really. It was a way to enjoy summer the best he could, instead of just locking Bontenmaru away in his tank.

Before getting ready to put all the pieces together, he went for his son. No fair would it be if he had fun on his own when the gift was for Bontenmaru and not him. If Kita saw him she would tell him again that he needed a girlfriend, get married and have kids on his own. Yes, that was the usual talk they had whenever she visited. 

But there was no one, and so, all he could do was dote on his turtle, right?

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A Dance with the Devil [x]

If there was something she could do, it would be to move her body like water. The waves of her dance could send a tide across shores, plunging those who witness her acts unto the depths of her trenches, and allowing themselves to be devastated by the beautiful tragedy that came with her presence.

The music belonged to her, and she belonged to music.

It was perfect. The way her toes twirled sent her whole body into a spiral, creating ripples that delivered men into an awed state, into some kind of trance that had their eyes be pinned on her.

I was no different.

It is no secret that I enjoy a little entertainment, one that involves theatrics, for the most part. There is always something about body language that continues to amaze me. The body never lies*. It betrays humanity’s freewill, acting on its own natural whims as it shakes people to their core, to have our faces burn in heat the more we try to suppress it.

But hers was flawless, her movement disciplined with an impeccable display of control, that even in the face of flattery or exhaustion, she remained unreadable; a blank slate that had me puzzled, a mystery I felt the burning need to discover.

“I wish to speak to the dancer.”

“But she is —“

Brushing the propsman aside, I made my way across the narrow makeshift backstage they had. It was hardly a long way, but the rows of cloth and the number of performers coming in from the other side made it a chore to do so.

“Seven Hells…” I grumbled, shaking my foot to be rid of a coiling lasso around my ankle. A pathetic twist had me limping, causing me to crash against a column of wooden planks lined up for who-knows-why. The noise was enough to have people come to my aid, but the frown painted on my expression sent them scurrying like preys in the midst of a predator.

Brushing myself in an attempt to straighten my clothes, I saw her the moment I turned.

She had her back exposed to me, but our eyes met through the mirror in front of her.

Frankly, I had trouble where to pin my sights next – upon the reflection of her face, or the slender curves of her backside. I mentally shamed, slightly shamed, how both eyes are allowed to focus only on one thing at a time within one’s field of vision. One sees everything, and yet can only study a single tree out of an entire forest.

But the face has numerous tales to tell, and hers told me to look at how her hair dangled from her neck, and how her skin smiled as she moved her shoulder blades. Seated, she swayed her hips slowly, right and left, and her spine waved, as if to tease me as she let the rest of her mane fall like a curtain, sealing the final acts of a play I have yet to thoroughly enjoy.

Cruelly fascinating.

Achingly tempting.

“What brings you here, Lord Nobunaga?” She asked, smiling at me from her view in the mirror.

I had never been so taken by a sole performance on stage, not one that had me seeking out a woman like this. And yet, despite the resistance, to put what I thought was only a show set up out of the sheer boredom that I wanted to dispel, I have found a pearl I was never looking for in the first place.

It was oddly satisfying, serendipity, they call it, that my lips refused to hide the amusement a moment longer, and soon turned it into a smirk glowing with enchantment that I finally said,

“We shall dance.”

*I read this idea by Milan Kundera from his novel, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which is, as you know, my favorite ever hehe.

I totally forgot Robin Hobb has the last book of the Fitz and the Fool trilogy out sooooo off I go to read it!  I usually reward myself after finishing something by reading, though I only finished a sketch/first draft and Paralysis is not edited.  Still, I’m going to read some Hobb.  I’m trying very hard to give her the benefit of the doubt because the first book in this series draaaaaagged onnnnn and the second cut off at an unsatisfactory place, and the Rain Wilds series were also a lot of non-motion and boredom.

Anyhow, since I am reading things, if you guys have fics you’d like me to read, throw ‘em my way!  I’m finishing Binti: Home tonight (it is pretty damn good and I like it better than Binti and I’m looking forward to the third installment, whenever it comes out) and will likely crack open Ken Liu’s The Paper Menagerie in honor of his win, and then there’s the Robin Hobb, but I do still enjoy reading fic.

On the list so far are:

Go forth and rec fic and do not be ashamed of sending me your work!  Trust me, I feel you.


Title: Hide Nowhere (Live Acoustic)

Artist: Devin Townsend

Album: Infinity (Bonus Track)

Lyrics below (Altered to fit the more improvised live lyrics in this version):

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@amigoingbananas Every time I try to sketch Hideyoshi, I think of you. Maybe because the first time we ever talked was when I’m about to finish his route and I have no one to fangirl with. You also dragged me into Yasu’s fans club and looking back now… I can’t believe that it’s been that long!

Thanks for being such an amazing friend to me. Hihihi. Love you to moon and back.

anonymous asked:

I have a question about Nobuyuki and yandere in general. Is it a sign of insecurity because he has someone watch over MC so she won't run away? I would think he had enough confidence in himself to think that he'd be enough to make MC stay.


Rather than insecurity, I would think that it’s a lack of trust in his partner. Since she has proven that she’s not 100% about him, I don’t think he, as a yandere, would be comfortable with the possibility that she might get close with someone else/cheat/leave him. He can’t watch her all the time due to his position, so it’s only logical that he would assign someone else to do it in his place.

Btw I think in an event story? Or maybe one of the event story teasers? Nobuyuki insinuates that he would never let his partner get away from him. :O

anonymous asked:

Omoooo.. It's saizo.. But other ask said they are feed up with saizo.. So u probably shouldn't 😢Terima kasih atas keprihatinan dan kasih sayang.. Eh.. Ehh. Ehh.. Xoxo.. Dunno how to reply anonymous ly. Hahhahaa

You’re on anon tho! And you’re welcome XD

Don’t worry about the other anon. They meant they’re fed up of Saizo in the game. Saizo fanart/edit from me should be ok (because I never make Saizo fanart anyway).

30th Anniversary Medley
Tomomichi Takeoka
30th Anniversary Medley

Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link’s Awakening)

Palace (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)

Realm Overworld (Spirit Tracks) 

Sun’s Song & Clock Town (Majora’s Mask)

Tal Tal Heights (Link’s Awakening)

The Dark World (A Link to the Past)

Song of Awakening (Link’s Awakening)

Staff Roll (Link’s Awakening)