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akanojikan  asked:

How would the lords react if MC told them she wants him to cook the meal for her??? (Plz include all 12 lords, Shizegane and Toramatsu 😳). Thank you 😘

hello! :D Thank you for the cute ask :D :D I apologize if Kenshin, Shingen, and Toramatsu seem out of character - I don’t know them very well, so I kind of made some stuff up. I hope you like it!!

Prologue: You are on a short vacation with your lord at one of his retreats. You sprain your wrist when you go to catch yourself after tripping on a tree root, and are unable to cook dinner. You really want to cook, but he insists that you should rest so your wrist can heal faster. You chew on your lip as your stomach starts to rumble with hunger. You peer up and look at your lord from under your lashes, “Milord? Could you… make dinner for us?”

Nobunaga: He scoffs, “Hmph! What a foolish question. When I told you to rest, who else did you expect to make dinner?” He blushes and turns his face as he tries to act like he didn’t think it was super cute the way you asked for him to make dinner. He makes something simple, but he is heavy on the seasoning and the smell of it makes your nose itch. He watches you intently as you take a bite, nervous and afraid you won’t like it. As you’re chewing he grows irritated and asks, “Insolent woman! How long will you wait to tell me that it’s good!?” You finish chewing and swallow down the food. Surprisingly, it tastes really good. You smile, “Thank you, Milord! The flavor is unlike anything I’ve ever had before, but it’s very good. I hope you’ll cook for me again sometime. MMph!?” He blushes and shoves another bite into your mouth. “S-shut up and eat it if it’s good. Hmph…” He mutters before taking a bite of his food, “I might make it for you again… if you’re lucky… or injured again…”

Mitsuhide: He blinks at you in shock, “Of course I’m cooking for you! I’m surprised you even thought the need to ask that!” He smiles and runs his hand through your hair, “I’ll make you whatever you like, just tell me what you’re in the mood for.” He comes out of the kitchen a while later with your favorite dish and places it in front of you. It looks perfect, and it smells wonderful. Of course he would also be good at cooking, too. You take a bite and he watches you intently as your face melts into happiness. “It’s so good, Milord. It’s better than I would have made it! It’s no fair… I guess I really have a long way to go.” He smiles and shakes his head, “Nonsense. You’re cooking is my favorite. If you were to stop, I’d be really sad. But I don’t mind cooking for you from time to time, if it’s something that would please you.” 

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Vocals: Kagamine Rin

Composer: レマノルド (mylist/27913695)

Art: つなまよ


manju-butt  asked:

How do you think Yukimura would react to hearing Saizo had fallen on the battlefield? Would he grieve his death or march on forward? Do you think vengeance would be on his mind or victory?

This is a really tough ask, because it’s very complicated to think about. I really think that Yukimura loves Saizo, and people can take that to mean whatever they want (lovers, friendship, brothers… I don’t judge). 

But I think we can all agree that Saizo is VERY important to Yukimura. And in that case, if Yukimura heard Saizo perished on the battlefield, I think his world would shatter. I don’t know if he would crumble right then and there. I personally think he would be so riled up from the bloodlust of battle that he would actually first go to rage. He would probably march forward with the thought of vengeance on his mind. I don’t think any of his retainers had ever seen him kill so many enemies as he did that day.

And then, when all was said and done, he would probably visit Saizo’s body alone. I’m sure he would embrace him, even if it was only in friendship, and cry. He’d be heartbroken. Absolutely devastated. Saizo was such a big part of his life. They were truly a balance of each other - he was light and Saizo was dark. One can’t exist without the other. He’d be different after that day - not as happy, not as bright… something would be missing from his world.