They filmed a ball scene yesterday......

and there can’t be any Rumbelle, sob……unless it’s some sort of crazy FB or dream sequence.

I’m going crazy without spoilers; I hate not knowing if Bobby and Emilie have filmed.


Comparing “Beauty and the Beast”: The iconic ball costumes

1. The animated 1991 movie. 
2. The original stage design (1994), by Ann Hould-Ward. 
3. The Stage Entertainment design* (2005), by Miguel Angel Huidor. 
4. The first non-replica design, Copenhagen (2005), by Terry Parson. 
5. The German tour design (2012, originally Hungarian), by Erzébet Túri. 
6. The Oslo design (2014), by Rebekka Sørensen. 

(*first in use was the replica version, then they did their own design) 


In which Amiyah Shares some good advice for the girls… Take your time….