For the glass slipper in Cinderella (2015), Powell took inspiration from a 1950s shoe she saw in a museum. Since glass does not sparkle, they decided to use crystal instead. Swarovski partnered with Disney to make the famous shoe. Powell went directly to Swarovski headquarters in Austria to meet the product developers. It took 6 digital renderings of the shoes until they found the right one for the film. Swarovski made eight pairs of crystal shoes for the film, though none were actually wearable. Consequently, the leather shoes James wore on set had to be digitally altered into crystal. Alongside the slipper, Swarovski provided more than 7 million crystals that were used in costumes and 100 tiaras for the ball scene.

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It's a costume event/party and Dawn wants to as fairies. Marianne goes as a punkish fairy. Bog gets dragged along by his mother/friends/ it's his company holding the event as the goblin king. Sugar plum is a romance writer and is in a slump. She goes to the event and sees the goblin king being grouchy but hints of a soft side and a punkish fairy trouncing the boys in the sparring ring. New book released with a drawing of the two. Marianne and bog (haven't met) realize they are on the cover

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And as someone who actually has a deep and secret and thoroughly guilty love for romance novels, all I can say to this is: “Yesssssss…”

Oh God, what if they dance in their costumes? It would be just like the ballroom scene in Labyrinth…! Would “As The World Falls Down” play? 


And when they realize that they’re on the cover…! Oh man, torn between embarrassment and intrigue over that mysterious other person, who are they, why am I so curious about them…? 


your favorite ghost by augustbird

“My hair,” Bucky says, running his fingers through his now mid-length hair. “Will you cut it like you remember it?”

Steve touches the scissors. “I’ve never cut hair–we could go to a hairdresser tomorrow morning–”

“Please,” Bucky says.




Comparing “Beauty and the Beast”: The iconic ball costumes

1. The animated 1991 movie. 
2. The original stage design (1994), by Ann Hould-Ward. 
3. The Stage Entertainment design* (2005), by Miguel Angel Huidor. 
4. The first non-replica design, Copenhagen (2005), by Terry Parson. 
5. The German tour design (2012, originally Hungarian), by Erzébet Túri. 
6. The Oslo design (2014), by Rebekka Sørensen. 

(*first in use was the replica version, then they did their own design) 


In which Amiyah Shares some good advice for the girls… Take your time….