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You know how when a guy is hard and it doesn't wanna go down? What about Y/n being horny and keeps going back at Harry to touch her? and he teases her like "What's wrong baby, you've been getting in me pants all day,am I that irresistible?" and she'll just roll her eyes and starts undressing

this hurt me more than it’s gonna hurt you fUCK.

So let’s say they’ve been out all day.

They attended Niall’s cook out and the entire time, she’s basically all over him.

She hates it. Hates it because she’s usually in control and can keep her shit down but today there’s just something kicking around her system that won’t leave her be.

Maybe it’s how good Harry looks, clad in black skinny jeans, his favorite tan boots and a striped, casual, short-sleeve button up. His hair’s all fluffy and soft from blow-drying it this morning, jaw covered with faint scruff from not shaving for a few days. He smells devine, his cologne a mixture of ocean salts and woodsy smoke, swirling in her lungs and nearly suffocating her in the best way possible. His lips look extra pink and juicy, the skin flushed of raspberry and looking soft and supple– perfect to bite on. He has his sunglasses tucked back into his hair so that his jaw and cheekbones are on full display, the muscles ticking as he talks or swallows or smiles or laughs and, fuck, how can someone be so beautiful with so little effort?

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Ooh headcanons! Casual intimacy? With the whole family! The careful way Wolf touches Cress's shoulder to move past her or quietly get her attention. Cinder plopping her feet in Thorne's lap. Winter twisting a curl of Scarlet's hair. Kai and Jacin in a crowded elevator, and Jacin edging protectively closer. Just little touches--things that show how close they are!

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Your examples are so incredibly adorable all by themselves! I can’t even express how much I love the idea of Wolf being so very careful about how he touches Cress. Instinctive little touches like that are such a big part of what makes the Rampion crew more family than friends. Touches and actions like…

  • Iko absently playing with the hair of whoever she’s sitting next to. She weaves delicate braids into Cress’s short locks (or Jacin’s longer ones), then unravels them to leave pretty little waves.
  • Jacin automatically throwing out an arm to halt any unpleasant jolts for his passenger—often Kai or Cinder or Winter—when the hover brakes unexpectantly.
  • Thorne gently tucking his flight jacket around Cinder’s shoulders when she falls asleep in the Rampion’s copilot seat after several hours’ worth of work on the control panel’s wiring.
  • Scarlet holding out a spoonful of the stew she’s just made to Cress for tasting, her other hand poised under it to catch any drips.
  • Winter propping her chin on Kai’s shoulder while they’re waiting for Jacin to bring the hover around after yet another exhausting press conference about the bioelectricity inhibitor.
  • Cress wordlessly handing any stubborn pickle/jam/jelly jars over to Wolf to open for her.
    • In turn, Wolf wordlessly handing over tangled headphones or knotted shoestrings to Cress because her small fingers excel where his giant hands fall short. 
  • Thorne carrying Cinder’s discarded heels (and Cress’s, of course) for her as the Peace Ball winds down and everyone’s walking back to the palace’s living space together.
  • Wolf snagging Thorne’s collar to haul him back before he accidentally steps off a curb wrong or steps in something unpleasant in the barnyard.
  • Iko holding onto Cinder’s arm for balance as she adjusts the strap on her sandals.
  • Scarlet dishing up second and third helpings at dinner without being asked because after all the meals they’ve eaten together, she knows who’s going to want what.
  • Kai bumping his shoulder against Thorne’s in greeting (and as a wordless “scoot over”) when he drops onto the couch next to him on movie night.

Seiyuu meet Legend of the Galactic Heroes

A little passed midnight, but here’s goodbye to my 22nd birthday, which ended up being not so… Happy as I would have liked. It was without a doubt the worst due to some rude events, a surprising amount people in my personal life forgetting about today, and my parents letting work heavily influence what was supposed to be a nice birthday together, but you know what? The few messages I did receive and the two lovely pictures that @jade-mod tagged me in managed to lift my spirits, even if it was just a little 💜

And I figured hey, I’m not gonna end on a sour note, so I decided to make this for myself. I really do love all of you with my whole heart, and I hope you guys had a good day at least. Gonna rush off to bed and just think about these sweeties having a fun time, so goodbye October 24th and here’s to another, better year 💜

Day 6: Oracle

Less sexy, more badass than recent ones.

Really wanted to nail the idea of a all-seeing diviner/oracle. So crystal ball, flaming eyes, dramatic wind, the works! What is she seeing? Ancient secrets? Long forgotten lands? Tomorrow’s lotto numbers??? YOU DECIDE

Falling Stars (3)

Pairing: Slight!kilix modern!oblivious!reader in this one (fem reader btw) (shoot me a pairing!)
Word count: 909 Lmao sorry its so short                                                        Summary; You just wanted a normal day for once but turns out you just can’t and end falling into middle earth and accompanying Thorin’s epic quest        

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It was freezing.

No, that had been an understatement. It was fucking cold, and all you had to protect yourself from the clutches of Jack Frost was a pathetic excuse of a blanket. Though, it was your fault you were a living snowman now. It was a spare one Gloín had somehow conjured up and with a great deal of reluctance he gave it to you after trying to swap it with his own newer, better one.

You regretted not taking up Bilbo’s offer when he insisted on sharing his thicker blanket with you now. You clenched your teeth as a shiver racked through your curled up form, a silent swear leaving your frozen lips.

This blows…

Your eyes flicked open and gazed longingly at Bilbo’s form across the camp. He looked warm and cozy. Maybe you could sneak over there? Nah, that was creepy and you’d rather freeze then have him freak out. You glanced at the dimming fire at the center of camp and an idea popped into your head. Of course, that meant you had to get up from your lovely position on the bumpy ground.

Stifling a groan, you managed to roll to your knees and shuffle close to the tiny flames, a few of your joints cracking as you moved. A smile crept onto your lips as thunderous snores echoed around the peaceful camp. Somehow it made you feel at home even if you had just met the boisterous dwarves and gentle Hobbit.

Your cold hands placed another minuscule log to feed the fire in hopes of regaining some feeling back to your fingertips. If there were more light you were positive they’d be blue. Oh well, if your fingers did fall off you could brag about it, much like the others did with their various scars and stories behind them. But loosing a finger to frostbite wasn’t exactly a story worth telling.


You jumped and toppled over, face landing in the soft earth. You groaned in frustration once you heard a light chuckle.

“I hate you.” You grumbled into the dirt.

Kíli scoffed and rolled his eyes before helping you up into a sitting position. The dark haired dwarf plopped down next to you and elbowed you playfully. “You love me.”

“Do not.” You hissed, biting your lip to keep the smile that threatened to form away. “I like worms more than you.”

“You wound me Ms. (y/n)!” Kíli cried softly, his hands placed over his heart in mock hurt. “I thought we were friends!”

“You wish.” You giggled.

“Mahal, you truly are wicked.”

You chuckled and elbowed him back before a violent shiver rushed through you from a chilly gust of wind. “Holy Balls, it’s cold.”

Kíli smirked and shuffled closer to you, close enough that you could feel his body heat through your blanket and tossed an arm around your shoulder. You couldn’t help but scoot closer under his arm in hopes of stealing some of that wonderful heat Kíli provided.

“You’re like a damn heater.” You mumbled partially to yourself, your numb fingers finding purchase on Kíli’s warm tunic.

“What’s a heater?”

“Um…it’s kinda like a portable fire?” You answered, forgetting  Kíli had no idea about the pleasures of modern technology. Poor dude…

“I wish we had one o’ those.” He said, grinning down at you.

“You and me both, Kee.”

Silence took over the conversation and as you stared into the flickering flames a horrible thought popped into your brain. Kíli must of noticed when your body tensed beside him, his warm chocolate orbs sending a questioning look.

“(y/n), are you alright?”

“W-what if I never get to go home, Kíli?”

Kíli’s brows furrowed slightly. He forgot you were from a world different from his own, you fit right in with all of them that he and the others barely noticed. He squeezed your shoulder and brought you closer to his side. You didn’t protest.

“Then you can live with us, dear (y/n).” He whispered, his goofy grin creeping over his lips. “I’m sure Thorin wouldn’t mind.”

You huffed and shrugged. “No offence, but I don’t think I made the best impression on your Uncle.”

You grimaced as flashbacks of the fateful day you told him he had a stick up his ass. You were surprised when Thorin didn’t drag you out into the forest that night and murder you executioner style. Though, there was still plenty of time for that…

“Bah,” Kíli said, waving off your words, “nonsense.”


“Don’t worry about it, (y/n).” Kíli reassured. “If my Uncle refuses, I’ll smuggle you in!”

That did not sound like a good idea.

“I don’t-”

“Will the both of ye shut yer traps?” A certain bald dwarf interrupted. “Ye both talk plenty ‘nough in tha’ day.”

The both of you jumped in surprise and after the initial spook, you both erupted in quiet giggles at waking the Hulk.

After your fit of giggles you reluctantly peeled yourself away from your personal heater, placed a soft kiss on Kíli’s cheek and wandered over to Bilbo’s side, oblivious of the bright red blush that put Clifford the Big Red Dog’s fur to shame on Kíli’s cheeks.

“Night, Kee.” He heard you say after you left his side.

He stuttered out a reply and placed a hand on where you had kissed him. The skin there still tingled and a large smile broke out across his face. No way in Hell would he ever let Thorin kick you out of the Company now…

My #stylechallenge meme! I did with my OC Olivia. It’s complete now and you can see it - hope you like it!! I’ve enjoyed it so much!

PD: I don’t know how to reply back on tumblr when someone comments a post but @laurenwilmshurst you were right!! :>