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My #stylechallenge meme! I did with my OC Olivia. It’s complete now and you can see it - hope you like it!! I’ve enjoyed it so much!

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Something I love about BotW is how many things you’ll only see by looking all over the map? Like, there are a lot of places that NO NPCs or quests will point you in the direction of, so you’ll only find them by actively exploring.

Like, there’s a pond north of Death Mountain, and there’s NOTHING around the pond, so the only ways to reach it are by climbing for like 15 minutes from ground level… or by paragliding down from the tippy top of death mountain.

and if you go there, what do you find?

A Goron who talks just like Randy Savage, standing on top of a big rock and demanding you prove you’re worthy of being on top of the rock with him. 

He’s like miles away from any civilization and he wants to sell you a fitness program.

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3) things you said too quietly

Prompts: Things You Said
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Bright yellow sun amongst a brilliant blue made for the perfect day for training. A breeze kept the heat bearable, maintainable as the little blond danced across the field, ball of wind in one hand and the other outstretched to keep balance. The triumphant shout of laughter as he successfully dodged a well-placed toad sang through the air.

“Minato, you should see him.”

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I Don’t Have Anyone Else (sequel to Two Little Lines)

Pairing: DeanXReader

Words: 1519

A/N: Here is the second Part of Two Little Lines. I hope you all enjoy it. If you haven’t read the first part you can find it here

You sighed as you pulled your car into the parking lot of the local super center. How was it that every time you came to the god-forsaken place you were forced to park in Egypt? Did no one understand that it was a ridiculously long distance for an 8-month pregnant woman to walk? You passed a group of loud teenagers as you waddled your way into the building. You watched them get into their car, which was parked in the second row, and gave the young boy driving the stink eye. When you made it inside you found a bench and decided to take a breather. Being pregnant was not what you expected. Your stomach was the size of a beach ball, you got winded after only a short walk, your feet were swollen and you had to pee like every five minutes. You took a deep breath and ran you hands over your belly. “Your not even here yet and your already wearing me out” you smiled when you felt a foot kick out at you. “I know Nugget, it can’t be very easy to be squished in there either. You just have to wait a little longer. Okay?” With a newfound energy you stood and retrieved a cart from the bin, thankful that you had something to lean on as you walked. 

      A few isles in you began to feel dizzy, but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle. You have pushed through a lot worse during hunts before. A shopping trip was not going beat you down. Working your way through the store you had accumulated a lot in your cart. Bottles, formula, diapers… Onesies, baby powder, crib sheets, more diapers…. There was just so much! Luckily you already had a good amount of things in your tiny apartment. You had bought a little bit at a time, taking what was left from your paycheck from the little dinner where you worked as a waitress each week and putting it aside. This was the last haul though, after this you were finished. You had impressed yourself actually. When you left the bunker it had only been a few hours of driving before you pulled over on the side of the highway with tears in your eyes, and no breath in your lungs. It had struck you how difficult doing this on your own would be, and you almost turned around. But you channeled YOUR inner warrior and refused to let your fear ruin Dean’s life. You could do this for him. You loved him too much not to try…. So here you were, walking the perimeter of the baby section of the store, getting the last few items on your list. An hour later, with all of the items in your cart, you struggled to get to the check out. You couldn’t catch your breath, and the black spots in your vision were making it difficult to see where you were going. You were next in line when your body betrayed you, your legs buckling beneath you as you felt yourself fall to the ground. There were instantly people at your side, trying to help you up and asking if you were okay. But it was overwhelming your brain and you couldn’t make your mouth work to give them an answer. You couldn’t fight the darkness that crawled up from the back of your mind, and after a few minutes of struggling, you let yourself give in to the darkness.

Before you even opened your eyes you knew you were in the hospital. The smell of sanitizer and industrial cleaner burned your nostrils. The monitor beside you played a kind of melody, every deep and swish of your baby’s heart beat lulling you back to sleep. A few minutes later, a knock on your door forced you to open your eyes. A man, who you could only assume to be your doctor, was standing next to you, looking at your chart. He looked up from the papers and smiled at you. You were suddenly aware of the situation and remembered passing out in the store.

“How are we feeling? Any better?” He asked as he checked the various machines around you, making sure they were in working order. 

“Fine I guess, I still can’t believe I passed out” your voice was rough and dry. You would probably kill someone for a drink of water. Sensing your discomfort he pulled a cup from your small side table and passed it to you. You gave him a weak smile, trying to show him your gratitude. You took a sip, feeling the cool liquid instantly soothe your throat. 

“Well I can! Your body was trying to compensate for all of the hard work you were putting it through. Someone in your condition shouldn’t be putting extra stress in the body…. Do you know what preeclampsia is?” You shook your head no, feeling a slight panic rise in your chest. “It’s a condition that results from high blood pressure due to the pregnancy. It can cause fatigue, blurry vision, dizzy spells and nausea. If it’s not treated it can cause you and your baby a lot of discomfort.” He moved to put the chart down, and pulled up a seat next to you as he continued to talk. “Luckily there are things we can so to prevent that. Normally we would induce labor, but because you are a month away from your due date we don’t feel like that is your best option.” You rubbed your stomach in soothing circles. You weren’t sure if you were trying to comfort yourself or your little nugget.

“What do you suggest?”

“I want to put you on bed rest. You need to keep your feet elevated and your blood pressure down in order to decrease your symptoms. This is the best thing you can do right now. Will the father be able to take care of you?”

“No. He ugh *cough* doesn’t really know about the situation.” You replied feeling a bit guilty.

“Well is there anyone else that can take care of you? A family member, or a friend maybe? As much as I want you to be able to go home and rest comfortably, I don’t think I can ethically let you go without knowing someone will be there to make sure to help you if you need it. This is a very serious condition. I will give you a minute.” You nodded, watching as he left, closing the door behind him. You understood completely were he was coming from, but it was a pain nonetheless. Before, you didn’t have anyone besides the boys and now that you had left you didn’t know if they would pick up the phone. Even still…NO. You couldn’t call Dean. It would ruin everything you had worked hard to set up. With only one person left, you grabbed your cell phone from your purse and dialed the number, silently praying that it was still in service. You put the phone up to your ear and listened to three rings.

“Umm hello?" 

"Hey Sammy” There was a silence on the other end of the phone, and you were became nervous. “Sam?” Your fingers played with the edge of the hospital blanket as you waited for a response.

“(Y/N)?” Sam’s voice was quiet, almost like a whisper. “Is it really you?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Thank God. (Y/N) you had me worried sick. You just left and we couldn’t reach you on any of your phones. I was beginning to think the worst.” Tears pooled in your eyes at the sound of his voice. It sounded like you felt, scared. You had been so worried about Dean and protecting him that you hadn’t thought about your best friend. You felt awful.

“I’m so sorry Sammy. I ditched my phones and credit cards. I wanted do disappear. I thought it would make things easier for all of us if I just..” a sob escaped from the back of your throat. “But now I don’t know what to do” You were full on crying now, unable to hold anything back.

“(Y/N)?! Calm down, okay? Just tell me where you are.”

“Lincoln Nebraska.”

“Okay, Lincoln Nebraska… Where are you staying?’’

“Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital”


“SAM! Its okay! I’m fine. I’m not bleeding; I still have all my arms and legs…. I’m fine.” You reassured. You didn’t mean to through him into a full-blown hysterical fit.

“If your fine, then what the hell are you doing in a hospital?” he asked, calling you out.

“I kinda…. collapsed when I was out shopping. Now, they wont let me leave without someone to sign me out. I’m really sorry Sam, I did an awful thing by just leaving without any notice, and I understand if you don’t want to help me. I wouldn’t blame you at all. I just….” You sighed, “I don’t have anyone else.”

“I’m on my way.”

Tea Headcanons for Each Flight

There’s nothing I love better than a nice cup of tea, so these are some of the teas I like to imagine the different flights in Sornieth might enjoy. 

Fire: Masala Chai steeped in the heat of the forge, a strong and vivid flavor redolent with spicy cinnamon, the zing of ginger, and the heat of black pepper. Some dragons like to throw in a pinch of Lapsang Souchong for a touch of smoke. 

Wind: Jasmine pearl tea, with a delicate floral complexity that smells and tastes just like blooming jasmine. They’re often arranged into little balls of blooming teas, leaves and flowers carefully rolled up, then served in a clear glass teapot so that everyone can watch the hot water make the ball unfurl and “bloom.” Wind dragons almost always have a pouch of the little pearls on them, to share with new friends they meet on their travels. 

Arcane: Kashmiri tea, a special tea made with milk, salt, pistachios, almonds, cardamom, and cinnamon. A unique tea with an unmistakable blend of flavors, and an equally unmistakable pink hue, perfect to drink while stargazing.

Plague: Cranberries harvested from their many bogs, blood oranges with tough, leathery skin, and hibiscus stolen from the verdant edges of the Gladekeeper’s domain stain this herbal tea bright red, and give it a sharp, tart flavor. It will curdle milk if you try to add any. When fresh ingredients are unavailable however, they carry bricks of pressed pu-erh, tea which has been fermented and oxidized. The leaves are gathered from wild trees in the parts of the Scarred Wasteland which were once the Gladekeeper’s forests before the land was corrupted and claimed by the Plaguebringer, and they make rich, dark tea with a faint taste of camphor. 

Earth: A strong brewed Assam, rich and flavorful with a hint of nuttiness, simple and straightforward. Serve with honey, and milk or lemon for a comforting, homey drink. A drink the Earthshaker would share with his siblings, if they ever came to visit. 

Nature: Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apple bits, rosehips, and violets are all easily gathered from the Gladekeeper’s lush domain to be dried and blended with a rich Ceylon tea. It’s brewed with fresh springwater and sweetened with wildflower honey, and most nature lairs have their own variation based on their favorite fruits and flowers. 

Light: A fine first flush darjeeling, blended with mango and apricot. The delicate floral muscatel that characterizes darjeeling as “the champagne of teas” is complemented by the lush sweetness of mango and apricot. Too bad they keep letting it get stone cold because they get lost in a book and forget they had it. 

Lightning: The dry, desert environs of the Shifting Expanse aren’t a fun place for hot tea, so they take an iced blend, flavored with lime, mint, coconut, and cactus blossoms. Cool and refreshing, so you can drink it and immediately get back to work.

Water: There’s a mushroom tea that induces visions, but don’t try that one at home. More commonly drunk is Moroccan mint tea, with the smooth but surprisingly strong taste of gunpowder green tea complemented by the cool sweetness of fresh mint and sugar. Like the ocean it changes, and each of the three steeps in their varying flavors are considered conducive to seeing varying prophecies: “The first glass is as gentle as life, the second glass is as strong as love, the third glass is as bitter as death.”

Shadow: They favor a blend called Shadowbinder’s Lullaby, with a  grassy mintiness of chammomile and the astringent but soothing taste of lavender to lull you into relaxation. Forest berries dance sweetly around the edge, while anise seeds bring out a hint of licorice at the very end. But be careful how much you drink. They like to add in hemlock, and you can never be sure if they mean the evergreen, or the poisonous herb.

Ice: Silver Needles white tea, blended with the lightest touches of peony, spearmint, and pear, delicately flavored and meant to be drunk with nothing added, is considered the classy blend. However, the Southern Icefields are a cold place, where you need something hearty and warming when you come in out of the snow, so don’t be surprised when you’re actually offered a steaming cup of strong brewed tea rich with caramel, maple, almond, vanilla, apples, and cinnamon, with plenty of cream and rock sugar stirred in,