ball trading

My part of an art-trade with @chiptune-prince of their OC Maya !! Who drives mech and also sports some really cute outfits~ Mechs and cute outfits ?? Yeaahhh !! 

See this guy? This is Malaka. This guy has been around for a long time. 

He was there when Goku was born

 when Vegeta was injured

 when Frieza was brought back as a cyborg 

and he’s still here for Frieza’s revival!

Honestly, I gotta give kudos to this guy for lasting as long as he did! Good on you kindly lizard doctor guy!

World-Building/Headcanon; Pokeballs and Transferring Pokemon

- All Pokeballs are produced at different rates, due to the technology that is required per each ball and materials to make them.
- A single Master Ball can take weeks to produce, requiring very strong and rare materials with powerful technology. These are then individually indestructible, un-damageable by regular throwing and battering, needing be taken apart to be destroyed if by hand, or otherwise.

- Pokemon are able to be transferred from an old Pokeball to a newer one. After some time and depending on the model, it may become necessary for a Trainer to transfer their Pokemon.
- Pokemon can be transferred at the Pokemon Center from ball to ball, on request from Nurse Joy. By default, if the Trainer chooses to not buy a new ball themselves, the Pokemon will be placed into another standard Pokeball.
- Most Trainers will transfer their ace first, before other Pokemon, since they are sent out the most and their balls are more likely to be dented or damaged. Trainers also tend to buy more expensive balls for their best Pokemon (Like Ultra Balls or Luxury Balls).

- All Pokeballs are internally and digitally marked with an ID code to match with a Trainer Card, which is how Pokemon are retrieved in places like Pokemon Centers and not mixed up.
- At PokeMarts, Trainers must hand over their IDs so the Balls they obtain will carry their signature.
- Pokeballs do not work after failed capture, due to Pokemon breaking the actual ball while resisting.
- During Trades between Trainers, the machine is used to rewrite the code in the ball so it is under the Trainer’s ownership.


The lovely Ashayla and dashing Commander Cullen on their way to share one last dance before the night ends (▰˘◡˘▰)

My very first art trade with cullen-wullen! Not really satisfied with the coloring, but I’m quite pleased with everything else. I hope you like the results. Thanks for the trade! :D


An anon suggested Jungkook’s part be about him and his female guard so credit for the role idea to said anon but now, it is time for the golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka Kookie

  • Another shy prince
  • Okay but like Kookie in a crown !!
  • He tends to be more quiet and reserved and kinda just lets the king do the talking unless someone speaks to him  
  • Similar to Yoongi, it’s not bc he’s being rude or bc he doesn’t care about them he’s just shy
  • He works hard to make sure everything is in the right place, that the town is taken care of and that everyone’s happy bc that’s his main priority
  • His parents make monthly trips to the town and he normally goes with them just to make sure everything is in order
  • He also does a lot of volunteer work
  • He’ll just casually help people build houses or clean up trash around the town
  • He normally wears a mask over his face for those days but people still know it’s him
  • They always make sure to tell him how grateful they are for him helping out so much and he’s just a blushing lil bunny bc like he’d tried to be sneaky about his identity but everyone saw through it
  • You’ve been his personal guard for over a year and you’re still finding things out about him
  • Like how he actually sneaks out of the castle for those days he volunteers
  • Everyone knows that he does it and they eventually stop trying to get him to take a guard with him bc he didn’t want to draw attention to himself and an entire group of guards is definitely an attention grabber
  • The first time it happens with you, you’re so !!! bc oh my god the prince is missing why is no one freaking out why is nO ONE SEARCHING FOR HIM
  • After running around for like an hour asking the workers if they’ve seen him, a guard is finally like he’s out volunteering but that only intensifies the !!!
  • Bc why is no one with him why is no one worried what is this
  • They tell you that he’s been doing it since he was like 12 and he wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon  
  • It takes you a few times to finally give in and let him go and eventually it does become the norm
  • For the first few months, he was quiet as a lil mouse and he couldn’t even look you in the eyes bc you’re really pretty and he doesn’t know how to handle this new situation
  • It takes him a month to realize he’s got a crush on you
  • It takes you two to realize you’ve also started to fall for him
  • Both of you have the same reaction though
  • “Shit”
  • But I mean he’s just so charming and polite and once he starts to open up you realize just how funny he is
  • And he also becomes your best friend
  • He likes to train with you bc you’re the only person that doesn’t go easy on him bc he’s the prince
  • That’s one of the biggest reasons he likes you so much
  • You don’t treat him like he’s the future king or some precious gem that would break under the slightest pressure, you treat him like kookie
  • Despite discovering the crushes pretty early on, neither of you make any moves or even hint at it until like a year in
  • It starts subtly tbh
  • You two lowkey start flirting with each other and neither of you notice until another worker is like “you two are so oblivious”
  • You’re the first one to understand the comment and then it’s just like oh shit he likes me what do I do now
  • You start to realize just how flirty his lines are and how sometimes when he thinks you’re not looking, he’ll look at you with this look of adoration and you’re pretty sure you blush every single time but he never comments on it
  • The thing that really kicks him into gear is when the annual ball comes up
  • You trade in your knight’s clothes for a dress that you never would have worn if the king and queen didn’t insist on it
  • The workers help you do your hair and they even add in a few lil flowers
  • When he sees you, he just turns O.O
  • He says goodbye to whoever he’s talking to and just makes his way over to you
  • He’s kinda speechless tbh so he just holds out his hand to ask you to dance with him
  • You have no idea how to dance in this type of situation so he looks around to make sure no one’s watching and then he has you stand on his toes
  • He starts to dance around the room, bringing you with him and you’re both just quietly giggling to each other and you both stand a lot closer than you need to but neither of you moves away
  • It’s one of your favorite memories with him tbh bc it felt like you two were the only ones in the room despite it being crowded
  • You two eventually go onto one of the balconies for some fresh air and the ability to move around without bumping into someone
  • You two are just chatting about anything that comes to mind and he ends up giving you his jacket to keep you warm and he uses it as an excuse to stand closer to you
  • This time, when he gave you that look of love, you return it and he finally realizes what that comment meant
  • When he finally does kiss you, practically all of the workers are just cheering in the background
  • “Finally”