ball to the head


Anxiety was wedged into the corner of the couch, knees drawn up to his chest. The epitome of physical comfort, he smirked to himself as he scrolled through tumblr. Physical was the key word there as he attempted to distract himself from his thoughts which were, to put it mildly, uncomfortable.  He glanced up at Prince who was sitting at the dining room table, polishing his katana and humming a happy tune that Anxiety didn’t recognize. Anx felt a stab of jealousy as he watched the man work. Though he may not have been as physically comfortable as Anxiety currently was in his warm soft ball, it was obvious that the inside of Prince’s head was very comfortable.  

“You’re staring.” Prince said in a light hearted, sing-song voice; not bothering to look up from his work.

“No I wasn’t” Anxiety said a bit to defensively. “I was just zoned out.”

“Sure.” The fanciful man said, his tone one of teasing disbelief. Anxiety rolled his eyes and settled deeper into the cushions before turning his attention back to his dash, but he couldn’t keep his eyes from straying to Roman’s face, so happy and concentrated at the same time.

Morality and Logic came into the room just then, on their way to the kitchen. Logic’s face was twisted up as he tried to make sense of Dad’s inane babbling. Anxiety would  remind him that it was a hopeless endeavor, but it was much more entertaining to watch him get wound up. Dad made another terrible joke which caused Logic to throw his hands in the air and make a very frustrated sound before turning to the fridge.  Morality turned and threw the other two a mischievous wink before launching into a set of even worse dad jokes.  

Prince and Anxiety shared a dumbfounded look. He had always assumed that Morality was just that oblivious, the idea that he was purposely rilling Logan up was near unimaginable.

“Aw, don’t be mad at me.” Morality said to Logic’s backside. “Tell you what kiddo, let’s make a couple sandwiches then we can watch a documentary of your choosing?” Logan visibly brightened at that.

“Aren’t they cute?” Prince asked once the room was empty again.

Anxiety made a disgusted sound but that jealous feeling was niggling at him again.

“You know…we could be cute.“ The other man continued. That actually made him snort, not even bothering to look up to see if Prince was serious. “I’m being sincere

Anxiety stared at Roman for a long time, a whirlwind had started in his head and each thought was worst than the last.  “Look,” he started slowly, “I get not wanting to be alone, but that doesn’t mean you should just pair up with whoever’s around. There is someone out there for you.” the optimism felt unfamiliar on his tongue, but not necessarily false. He was sure that for someone like Prince there were a thousand someones.

The other man sheathed his blade with a snort, Anxiety flinched away from the sound. “A) I’m not some lonely guy looking to hook up. B) You are not some lonely guys hook up, okay? And C)” there was a pause as Prince’s face shifted into a grin,” You’re my yang.” Then he gave him his best Charming Smile. The one that said ‘I know that was cheesy but you loved it anyways.’ Anxiety’s brain raced trying to figure out what was going on, his whole body was screaming “Danger!” However, Roman’s smile was gentle and sincere as he moved to sit in front of Anxiety on the couch. He placed one hand on Anxieties knee which was still drawn up towards his chest.

“Anxiety, do you remember that day we talked about Disney films?” Anx gave a wary nod. “You’ve been on my mind a lot since that day. I thought perhaps I had a missed judged you, and indeed I had. I have watched you closer the past few weeks, and all I can think about is talking to you again, seriously and deeply. I want to know you and understand you. I want you challenging my ideas and occasionally calling me out on my crap. Also I suspect you to be a fantastic cuddler. “ That last was said with a giant grin, but the longer Anxiety simply stared at him the more doubt crept into the others eyes. It was an expression he had never seen on the others face, it broke his, heart which was hammering against his ribs, but he still couldn’t force any words past his throat.

“I’m sorry, I know that’s a lot all at once, but think about it will you?” With that Roman rose gracefully, placing a kiss atop his head before leaving the room.

Now alone, wedged in the corner of the couch, Anxiety trembled struggling to believe what he’d heard, struggling to drown out the dark voices whose words were harsh and bitter.  Could Thomas’ Dreams and Nightmares get along, coexist? Could they be a …Dream Team? He thought channeling his inner dad.


Anxiety went looking for Roman, not sure what he would say to him and doing everything in his power not to think about. He focused on finding the other and reciting the lyrics to songs instead. The effect was wearing off, he needed to find the other quickly or the dark thought would win out and he’s just go home. Finally he spotted him, his white shirt and red sash barely visible in the dusk. He was seated on the top of a grassy hill, watching the fireflies come out. Anxiety walked up quietly behind him, heart thudding and hoping hard than he’d ever hoped that the Prince had ment each of his words.  Roman looked up at him questioningly once he realized he was there, but once again his words were stuck in his throat. Instead he sat down next to the man, leaning his head against the broad shoulder and threading their hands together. All of the tension left Prince’s frame and he let out a small relieved sigh that Anx would have missed had he not been sitting so close. It made him smile a little, surely even Prince was not that god an actor?

Roman Kissed the top of his head again before leaning his own against it. “I’m not perfect. Much as it pains me to admit it.”

Anxiety raised his head so he could give Prince as confused look. “I’m not perfect but I’m going to try, Anxiety I’m going to try so hard.” Before his stupid cloudy dark brain could catch up with him he leaned forward and kissed him.

“Me too.” He whispered.

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OKAY OKAY OKAY. BUT LISTEN. My initial thought is that she would go down on him and tease the fuck out of him. Even more than she usually would. Just like how he teased her when he was helping her get off. Playing with the head with her tongue and rolling his balls in her hand, until he’s squirming and whimpering. And every time his breathing picks up and gets heavier she pulls off and maybe kisses along his pubic bone or nips at his hips or thighs for a bit before getting back to sucking him off, smirking at how he whines when she pulls away, pushing his hands through her hair to try and tug her closer. This continues until he’s shaking and she finally gets him off.


How hot would it be if she was all: “Do you wanna cum all over my tits, baby?” Before kneeling between his legs and playing with her nips/boobs and doing a little dirty (sh) talk. Like: “Are you thinking about me? How wet I get for you? How good my walls feel around your dick? Yeah?” 

She wouldn’t even have to touch him and he’d be gone in less than a minute. xx.


Ed x Reader - Insecurities

Edmund x Reader – “When I look at the mirror and I see myself, I don’t like what I see.”

Word Count: 654

Setting: Golden Age


Edmund looked at himself through the mirror, a sigh escaping his lips. Edmund closed his eyes as his insecurities fill him. A tear fell as he couldn’t help it anymore. Everytime Edmund looks at himself, he never liked what he sees but no one knew he felt that way. “Ed?” A voice called from the door, a knock following. He heard the door open and he shook his head, wiping the tears off. “The ball’s just about to—hey, are you alright?” He opened his eyes as he turned around, his best friend looking at him, worried.

“Yeah, let’s go?” He asked, forcing a smile. Y/N eyed him suspiciously, biting her lip. She closed the door behind her. She could hear the lump in her best friend’s voice. She could see the sadness in her best friend’s eyes. She could feel that her best friend is not ‘alright’.

“No,” She said, walking over to him. “Not until you feel better.” She held his hands, looking at him. She ran circles through the back of his hands with her thumbs. Edmund looked at his best friend. He sighed, wrapped his arms around her shoulder, resulting Y/N to wrap her arms around Edmund’s torso. Y/N’s heart warmed up as she felt Edmund nestled his face on the crook of her neck.

Edmund sigh one more time before finally letting the tears go. Y/N’s eyes widen as she felt the wet tears on her neck, pulling Edmund away from the hug. She looked at the broken boy with puffy eyes, who bit his lip. “Hey, what happened?” She asked softly, wiping the tears off.

“Nothing,” Edmund said, turning away from Y/N. “It’s stupid.”

“It’s not ‘nothing’, Ed.” Y/N said, pulling the boy by his wrist. “C’mon, tell me.” Edmund’s tears continue to roll away from his eyes as he was turned to Y/N. “When I look at the mirror and I see myself, I don’t like what I see.” Edmund mumbled, looking at the ground.

He sniffled, wiping his nose. This made Y/N smile a bit. In her opinion, it was cute. Every time he does the little things he doesn’t notice. She just find this adorable. “Every time I look at myself, I see nothing but the betrayal that I did.” Edmund said, frowning. Again, he sniffled, wiped the tear off his eyes. “What?” He asked as she noticed her smiling.

“You’re just really cute when you sniffle especially when your nose is red, and your freckles really stand out every time it happens,” Y/N smiled. But that smile faded when she realized what she said. “I-I mean, you—“
Edmund laughed, pinching his nose. “You’re pretty cute yourself, Y/N.” He smiled. Y/N blushed madly, her hands covering her face up. “Oh my gosh, you’re blushing.”

“I’m not! And I need to go,”

Edmund pulled her back by her waist. Edmund pulled her hand away from her face. “Aw, little Y/N is blushing. I just made her blush.” Edmund teased with a smile, pinching her cheeks.

“Ed!” Y/N said. Edmund chuckled. Edmund crashed his lips against hers, which send Y/N a wave of shock to the point that she can’t move. Edmund pulled away, looking at Y/N.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have.” Edmund said, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. Y/N pulled him back, kissing him. Edmund kissed back, smiling through the kiss. Y/N pulled away, smiling. “Should I show you my insecurities all the time to make me cry and then you, blurting out things that you like about me? Because I felt really good instantly.”

“No need to,” Y/N smiled, “And correction, I don’t like them. I’m in love with them.”

Edmund smiled. “Shall we go now, my lady?” Edmund said, offering his arm. Y/N rolled her eyes and slapped Edmund’s arm.

“Formal is not your middle name, Pevensie.” Y/N said.

Edmund laughed, kissing her forehead as he draped an arm around her shoulders.

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Tfw you stand up to fast, get super light headed, pass out, fall, hit your head really hard on your desk, and when you eventually wake up enough tto go downstairs and tell your parents who are usually really on the ball that you hit yr head and are gettig an ice pack, they respond "yeah we heard a crash but figured you were ok bc you didn't call" I mean. . Sure.. but I was unconscious so??

((OOC: sounds like something my parents would say… you should probably get yourself checked over by a doctor though love because that sounds pretty serious.
And eat some chocolate, it helps))

And then she stopped his heart.

She lifted her head, her chest heaving as she panted and she shot him a triumphant look, her bluebell eyes sparkling from under the reach of her dark fringe. And she smirked.

And right then and there Adrien knew he was absolutely screwed.

Because he wasn’t playing Dodge Ball with Marinette.

He was playing with Ladybug.

Inspired by this fic!

  • person: how can you keep that in your ROOM? it wants to kill and eat you!! it's vicious!!
  • my snake: (balls up because I wiggled her feeder at her)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw a paper towel)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw her reflection)
  • my snake: (periscopes too high and falls over dramatically, balls up and peeks around like "WHO DID DAT")
  • my snake: (hides in my bra for warmth)
  • my snake: (puts her own head under a running faucet and sits there for ten years) (it feels nice I guess?)
  • my snake: (rubs her chin all over my hand until I scratch the itch)
  • my snake: (gets stuck inside a paper towel tube, balls up when I free her from it, immediately goes back in)
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: totally agree