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Bethesda-Type Open World Mod-Game Idea

Probably gonna reblog this for tomorrow b/c it’s so late most of y’all won’t see it, but here’s the thing about the Mod Simulator game.

Okay, so the basic idea of it is, it’s set in what’s essentially part of a dimensional sinkhole for all of the flotsam and jetsam of the multiverse, which by sheer coincidence is based on Tucson; Arizona because TUCSON PRIDE Y’ALL, but also because it feels weird and fitting for a mod-inspired game.

The player races include Human, Anime, Skeleton, Pony/Tinyhorse, Hedgehog, Not-Xenomorph (Starbeasts), Not-Terminators (T-Models) and Not-Renamos (DigiRens). There are two types of abilities to get, the “tech tree” determined by race, and a system like Fallout’s Perks system pre-Fallout-4.

Monsters include such things as Bigfoots, Train-Dragons and Wrestler Dragons (Bitter foes), Giant Ominous Obelisks, Monstergirls (Based on very esoteric JRPG monsters with a very bizarre culture), Phantom Cars, Crash Test Dummies, Manimals, hate groups against races that don’t exist, loads of thinly-veiled pop-cultural references, a parody of horror-mod monsters called The Grawlix and more! And the weapons would double the length of this post!

And the main plot would be a bit of a meta-joke, in that you are summoned by a mysterious voice to kill all five of the guardians of the place to leave (IDK about all of them but I KNOW one of them would be Ashura The Hedgehog ). As anyone who’s played OFF might guess, this slowly destroys the zone; with you as the patsy of something truly sinister with everything dead. and you floating around in a void.

But, if you don’t do that and noodle around on side-missions, you will randomly end up finding the actual plot, the actual reason why you’re here, and who it was that was giving you that task. And the ideas for said missions include…

  • Kaiju v mecha battles
  • Going into the game’s equivalent of POkemon’s Glitch City, ala Moonside from Earthbound
  • Cooking duels
  • Setting as many members of the aforementioned hate groups on fire as possible
  • An arena where you fight animate inanimate objects and the battles get more and more ridiculous,
  • Jury-rigged B-Ball games,
  • Looking for Stop N Swop/Triforce/Schala-type mysteries
  • Bounty hunting sidequests for Haunted-Game-Creepypasta-type creatures
  • A FNAF pastiche that goes screaming off the rails when you start fighting back
  • Building dumber and dumber automobiles for a gaggle of schmucks to destroy
  • Running a Dragon dating service, via a dating sim
  • Trying to find a way to launch a beached ship through a building
  • Breaking through the skybox and bringing whatever matter is behind it back
  • Racing on the most awkward mounts ever
  • An escort mission where you use your escortee as a blugeoning weapon but have to make sure he doesn’t die from too much blunt force trauma
  • Defeating the aforementioned hate group’s attempts at attaining popularity-through-comedy via the medium of Monkey Island-type Insult Swordfighting.
  • Going into a stomcloud to find out what’s causing the strange rains coming from it. There you fight a Final Fantsy Boss-type version of Charles Fort.
  • An RTS side-mission inspired by The Warriors and Streets of Fire where you have to gather as many followers as possible beforehand via drinking contests,
  • A motorcycle street race where the opponent is a Touhou who throws large quantities of bullets at you
  • Feeding the sun victims you launch into it with a specialized baseball bat
  • Breaking up a ring of cannibals and then having to sell off their “existing stock” via an economics-management sub-game
  • Kill and eat the last (incredbly vicious) Unicorn
  • Going to prison in what turns out to be a parody of Riki-Oh
  • Finding bits of junk data across the environment to bring “cut monsters” to life
  • A Yu-Gi-Oh-type card game tournament using Tarot and regular playing cards.
  • A mission where you have to chase a car across the city, In a submarine. On land.
  • Innovations In Troll Physics for Science!

So yeah, not a fully fleshed-out proposal, but one I might as well share…


Welcome to the headylands.
5/6/15 Philadelphia, PA
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pinesinthewoods  asked:

I just can't get the idea out of my head of Ford legitimately TRYING to understand the complex politics of Stanley's soap operas, because he's trying to be a good brother. And like, late into the night he has pages taped on the wall and scattered everywhere as he attempts map out the ridiculous and baffling relationship dynamics and plots of the show so he could understand it and talk about it with Stan. (1/2)

Then the next day Stan asks"So what did you think of the horse race? Lord Prentis is a real slime ball to rig it like that! He doesn’t even have a chance with Lady Catterwall!“ Stanford nods sagely (he’s rather sleep deprived). “Sir Roderick clearly is a better suitor for Lady Catterwall as demonstrated in season 2 episode 5 at the rose competition"Stan is impressed and secretly happy that Ford remembered all of this and keeps chatting away about the show. Ford smiles and takes a sip of coffee. 

YES YES YES YES YES. Ford putting effort into things that make Stan happy is my jam.

I also love the idea that after his binge-watching/research session Ford can’t help but become invested in the lives of these characters and they two of them end up getting into long arguments on the Stan O’War II over who should have married who and which Lord or Lady was in the right over some such thing.

“Lady Hortence was such a jerk to  Augustine just ‘cause he was from the middle class and had a job, unlike the rest of ‘em.”

“I realize her actions may seem harsh to us, but you have to consider the changing values of the era—Lady Hortence wanted to protect her family name which meant presenting a certain image of class to outsiders.”

“Pfft, Augustine was just as fancy as every one of those other hoity-toity fellahs!”

“What? Are you forgetting the Season 1 finale when he ate his salad with a seafood fork? This is cutlery, Stanley!”

I think I mentioned this during the stream, but my favorite part is thinking, you know…maybe some of their disagreements about the characters stem from ways they might see themselves in them? So they start working out and resolving any residual bad blood and emotions they might have through the show?

“It was crummy of Lady Valerie to rub it in Camille’s face that she was a better marriage prospect. They were sisters and she stole Lord Cedric out from under her just to prove she could! I mean, did you see Camille’s face? She must have felt about two inches tall.”

“Well, maybe…but it was absolutely unforgivable of Camille to send that letter revealing Valerie’s affair with the foreign dignitary. She knew that would crush Valerie’s aspirations, she knew it would cut off so many of her prospects and humiliate her.”

“Okay…yeah. That was a really awful thing to do. There’s no excuse for that…I mean…anyone who’d actually do something like that to their own sister–you know on purpose, not on accidentis a total scumbag.”

“…Hmm…well. I suppose what the Catterwall girls need is a loyal brother like you to show them what’s what, eh?”