ball python photos

AAAH YOU GUYS. I LOVE YOU ALL even you, porn bots, because I love this count too much.

I wanted to make a special photo that somehow expressed my thanks, and what better way than to provide as many snake as possible all at once?


Well I finally did it!! My favorite gal at work is now home with me..kinda. She’s at my bf’s house ( which I’m here more than I’m at my own house anyways) and I am totally in love. I wasn’t planning on buying her today, in fact I was waiting for my income tax. But, I had a mother and a son(maybe 10 years old) come in, looking for a bearded dragon. I told them everything they needed to know, but the son kept whining that he wanted a snake. The mom was totally disgusted by the idea. He wanted to at least hold one, and of course, I go to grab the most docile, which happens to be the banana ball python( since I handle her so much). The son is instantly fascinated, and that’s when the mother says she wants the snake instead. Red flags immediately pop in my head, since I don’t like to sell pets to impulse buyers…let alone an animal I have a bond with. I tell them it’s good to think about it, and that in order for me to sell them the snake, they would have to buy all the things they need for a ball python. We usually sell ‘kits’ that come with everything you need, but we were out of the ones specially for ball pythons. They decided to go check out the other pet store to see if they had the kits available. I immediately go talk to my mangers (who know I love this snake) and try to talk them into letting me have her at a discounted price. They eventually agree, and I am so happy she’s home with me now. The mother and son came back, a little mad she was sold, but ended up buying a normal instead. I’m so exited to learn more about the species through ownership!! I’ll post more pics soon 💕any advice or name suggestions would be appreciated!!!