I apologize for the lack of pics lately. We’ve been dealing with some stuff on the other side of the screen and nothing much has really been getting accomplished of late. Hopefully this marks the start of a much needed turnaround. Enjoy this little beauty in her very unprofessional shot!

This girl is a lesser Huffman and has recently shed. 


Some different variants ball pythons,<3. 101 ball pythons anyone?

cred: JDConstriction

Ty @wheremyscalesslither for clearing everything up: {Stormtrooper is not a morph, but an individual animal. She is pictured in the first and 3rd images of the post, however the middle picture is just an axanthic bumblebelly. Stormtrooper is at least a pastel axanthic, however im certain shes a pastel axanthic desert ghost with John’s unique amd mysterious “the darkness” axanthic which is causing her odd color change.}