Breakfast At RadFauna’s

We’ll start with some whole ground cavies supplemented with ground mutton and chicken organs and bones for the ferrets (plus some ferretone as a treat). Entire diet is on constant rotation of animals with main focus being rodents and birds and macros (muscle, offal, and bone) always monitored. 

Now for the birds! They get a hand blended pellet + seed mixture (easy on the seed) and fresh grapes (that will actually be placed on the bars of their cage). On days where they don’t get a sweet treat they get your standard chop. 

Pen is next! Time for some stinky, disgusting blood worms, fed individually for enrichment and to make sure he doesn’t get the drop or other overeating related issues! He also gets brine shrimp on occasion but is your standard fussy betta.

None for the snek since he’s stressy and shedding. I already have whole pinkies and fuzzies for the ferrets so when he’s ready to eat I’ll have them on hand for him!

Yep, nothing like starting the day off ri…oh, wait, forgot one

That’s better. Breakfast all around.