ball pit


Nestled in an airy office building on one of the busiest streets in New York City’s downtown SoHo neighborhood is a cathedral of adult play. I don’t mean the Fifty Shades kind — you won’t find floggers or cuffs here — but a sophisticated version of a pure, unadulterated experience of joy most of us experienced in childhood, one that enkindles a pure, dizzying and gloriously uncomplicated sense of euphoria. I’m talking about an adult ball pit.


Actual footage of DashCon.


To honor your contribution as a Strexcorp employee by ErinPtah

(Transcript at the source.)

Inspired by thundercaya, who suggested there would be a ball pit at the Company Picnic.

(Pretty sure the Strex version of “three-legged races” requires each team to literally have three legs. However many amputations that takes.)


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