ball pit


Summary: Bond realizes how often he caves in to Q’s requests.

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“James, it’s official. I sold my soul to the devil with no hope of return.”

Bond snorted without bothering to look up from his newspaper. Either his hearing was better than he’d assumed, or the noise level in the fast-food restaurant had gone down for a change despite the numerous kids he could still see swarming the play area out of the corner of his eye. “Q, I highly doubt your sister would appreciate you calling her a devil,” he said, sipping the weak coffee that made his eyes water. He glanced up from his paper to find Q watching the play area with a raised brow, and he glanced over to see Q’s two, young, babysitting charges climbing the play structure. He suppressed a sigh: two days ago, he’d imagined a lazy Saturday morning in bed with his partner, preferably with no clothes, maybe getting up every now and then to deal with the cats, something that wasn’t related to work.

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Millions of Shade Balls Pour Into the Los Angeles Reservoir to Conserve Water Amidst Drought

On his cue of “balls away,” Mayor Eric Garcetti released the final 20,000 shade balls into the reservoir on Monday in the city’s effort to conserve water and maintain the reservoir’s water quality. Los Angeles is the first city in the country to use shade balls to preserve its water.

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