ball pit

  • People using an Ouija Board, 2096: What do you want?
  • Me: t o c r a c k o p e n a c o l d o n e w i t h t h e b o y s
  • People: ...What?
  • Me: s o m e o n e p e e d i n t h e b a l l p i t
  • People: We don't understand! Please, who are you?
  • Me: s h r e k i s l o v e s h r e k i s l i f e
  • People: Shrek? What is Shrek? Is that your name?
  • Me: *the entire Bee Movie script, one letter at a time*
:( The Jig is Up Guys

Hello everyone! 

We here at DashCon2017 apologize profusely for the blatant lies we told about how we would be hosting our convention at McCormick Place in Chicago. We will not actually be hosting it at McCormick Place in Chicago. This is also why we have deleted the original post announcing where we were at.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by this point, DashCon2017 does not actually exist. We will still be updating this blog as the time approaches the date we originally set up for our pretend convention, since we have put a surprising amount of effort into planning some of ruses we would be pulling to make this look more legit. However, there will not be any convention taking place at any convention center. At this point, feel free to meme it up in the comments, since that was part of the original goal for those who figured out we were fake after we posted the pictures we had planned. 

Anyways, we here at DashCon2017, hope that you enjoy today, and look forward to more updates as they happen! (we also wouldn’t mind some shilling as a parody account, because we DID put in a ridiculous amount of work on some of the updates we have planned)



P.S. There will be a ballpit, and it will be the original… pee free for your convenience ;)