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Sometimes I really wonder how people could come out of watching all the IM and Avengers movies hating Tony Stark and thinking he’s a self-centered asshole. Did we even watch the same movies???

George Weasley x Reader: Family Matters

AN: Thank you for the patience <3 Here is some George for you tonight, and hopefully I will have more fics out this week

Warnings: There’s a playful NSFW part, but nothing explicit 

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Ice rolled through Y/N’s veins, and it felt like someone was air popping corn kernels in her stomach. She fussed with everything, fluffing her hair and making sure her clothes were pressed precisely. A spot of perfume but not too much, and any blemishes were covered up to make a good impression. Y/N charmed her shoes to dispel any water or mud, thinking she’d just die if she got the carpet in the Weasley household dirty.

Not the best way to be introduced to the parents of Y/N’s boyfriend.

She tried to stay positive, she really did. There was no way that such sweet (albeit mischievous) children could come from hateful people, and George assured her that Mrs. Weasley was already in stitches having heard good things about Y/N from himself. It was high time that they met, Y/N and George had been courting for a good number of months. As her parents had decided to visit foreign relatives during the winter break, the Weasleys invited her to Christmas dinner and other festivities. She was thrilled to receive their enthusiasm, but the butterflies certainly landed in her tummy when she woke up on Christmas Eve morning.

George wasn’t exactly unshakeable either. He knew that his parents would love Y/N, that was stupidly obvious. She was a Hufflepuff ball of sunshine, and anyone who was graced with her presence had their day improved. Y/N had a solid gold heart, and the Weasleys would see that immediately – George knew that he did. However, he was nervous for his own good. The second the baby book full of pictures of George and Fred in the nude appeared, he would be taking Y/N out for a walk. There was the tiniest bit of dread in his stomach, fearing that Y/N wouldn’t want to be with him anymore if she saw the more embarrassing parts of his life.

Swallowing his anxieties, he rapped a knuckle on Y/N’s door.

“Are you in there, love?” George called.

“…No.” Y/N replied, her voice shaking.

George gave a chuckle.

“Come on, we’ve got to leave for the train, sweetheart.” He insisted. “Don’t be nervous, I’m one hundred and ten percent sure that my parents won’t stop fussing over you and will be writing me daily about how much they adored you. It’ll be annoying, I promise!”

“George I’m taking this a lot more seriously than you are!” Y/N shouted back.

“Let me in.” George said.


“If you won’t let me in, I’ll just come in.”

“No George, I’m seri-“

He snatched the door knob, and tugged, walking in to see a topless Y/N, angrily clutching a shirt to her chest. George pulled his eyebrows together, smirking evilly. She did not share his joyous sentiments.

“I told you not to come in.” She snapped.

“But I’m so glad I did.” George said, with a cheeky wink.

Y/N sighed, sitting on her bed, which was littered with different articles of clothing. George rubbed her back, and pulled Y/N into his lap. She curled into his button up shirt, and relished the kisses he placed to her forehead.

“I promise you that if you feel uncomfortable, we will leave. I will not make you stay if you do not want to. It’s your Christmas Eve too.” He whispered, combing through her hair with his fingers.

Y/N uncurled and slipped her shirt on. Nodding and clenching her fist in George’s, she let him lead her out of the room.

The train ride was mild. George got some club soda into Y/N to calm her stomach, and she watched the scenery go by out the window, leaning against him. Snowflakes floated all around the train, and tall trees became coated in white. George’s plush scarf provided good cushioning, and Y/N quickly fell asleep watching the pattern of snow falling.

A pair of soft, warm lips on her cheek woke her gently when the train chugged to a halt. As her y/e/c eyes blinked open, she was welcomed back into consciousness with the view of her auburn-haired prince grinning down at her from above, with a halo of winter sunshine glowing around his head, making his freckles pop like embers from a sizzling fire. It was pure bliss, and she smiled up at him.

“-‘ve got to go. Dad’s waiting outside. Everyone else is already there, love. Can you even hear what I’m saying?” George was explaining.

Oh. Daydream foiled.

However, the fact that she was keeping Mr. Weasley waiting certainly lit a fire under Y/N’s keister, and she clambered out of the seat within seconds. George wrangled the luggage, and soon they were out of the comfy train car, and into the realm of frosted breath and goose bumps. Shielding her eyes from the sun, Y/N looked onto the platform for someone who resembled George, or any of his siblings for that matter.

A very excited man with a receding red hairline stood a few paces down the platform, rocking back and forth on his heels. Y/N swallowed all of her nerves, and followed George down onto the pavement. Mr. Weasley caught sight of them and started forwards at once. Y/N prepared for their first encounter with a warm smile and an outstretched hand, but Mr. Weasley went for a bone crushing hug.

“So nice to meet you, Miss. Y/N!” He said, releasing her. She looked a bit startled, but kept her cool. “Hope that my son has been treating you well. Molly cannot wait to see you, she’s been bustling about all morning – cannot keep still. Too excited.”

“And you know, to see her son who she has missed dearly…” George grumbled, rolling his eyes.

Mr. Weasley gave him a hug and ruffled his hair, then the three traveled off of the platform. Once outside of King’s Cross and muggle scrutiny, Mr. Weasley held out both arms for apparition. Y/N looked uncertain at the notion. George caught her glance.

“Try to hold it in.” He said, tapping her stomach.

“No promises.” She said under her breath, and the familiar whirring sensation stirred her entire body like it was in a cocktail shaker.

Suddenly, they were a few hundred feet from a crooked looking house and a large grassy lawn. There was a raging Quidditch game going on in the field to their left, and up ahead a short and squat, but very friendly, looking woman with busy red hair ran forwards with outstretched arms. George smirked at Y/N and ran a hand through his hair, expecting to be enveloped with hugs and kisses from his adoring mother, but instead found that she had flocked to his girlfriend instead.

“Can’t catch a break today.” He chuckled.

If Mr. Weasley’s hug was tight, then Mrs. Weasley’s hug could be considered pulverizing. Y/N could smell cinnamon and fresh linens, and felt comforted by Mrs. Weasley’s presence. When she pulled back, Mrs. Weasley smiled brightly at her, her crows feet crinkling with joy. Behind her, George mouthed “I told you so”, and followed his father into the house.

“Hello Mrs. Weasley, my name is-“

“Oh Y/N dear, please call me Molly. I’m so pleased to meet the young lady who has been making my son into a respectable man, heaven knows I haven’t been able to.” Mrs. Weasley responded.

“Ma’am I don’t think anyone will ever be able to do that, but I’m making progress.” Y/N chuckled. “Thank you for the invitation and for your hospitality.”

“The pleasure is ours! Don’t be a stranger, supper is nearly ready. Let me show you around.” Mrs. Weasley offered.

As Y/N was led inside, she felt the butterflies settle in her stomach. Everyone dawned a smiling face, and the din within the household was comforting. Taking a seat beside her beloved boyfriend, she felt right at home.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N.” George whispered into her ear.

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I don't know if you're still doing this but let me talk to you about Park Sunyoung AKA Luna real quick. Luna is angel with a beautiful voice and she makes me so happy and I get so giddy when it comes to her. Her heart is made of pure gold and her smile can brighten up any day. And she's beyond gorgeous. And her talent!? Oh my! She's such a well rounded performer. She can sing and dance and I know she got the capability to rap and she can compose. All I want is this beautiful women to be loved.

Of course I am!

Ahhhh Luna! I only know so much about her because of you and I’m so happy about that lol. She’s one of the most incredible female idols out there. She’s literally the whole package; talent, looks, great personality, and everything else you can think of. I admire her tenacity so much and wish her, and f(x), nothing but the best.

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On Burned Hufflepuff Primaries

Note: in our sorting system, a “primary” house is why a person does things–their motivations, moralities, and priorities. Secondaries are tools and traits–how a person acts. 

This is part of the “burned” primary series. A burned primary happens when a person distances themselves from the core of their primary–a Hufflepuff’s community, a Slytherin’s people, a Ravenclaw’s truth or a Gryffindor’s morality. It can be a decision, a gut reaction to trauma, a safety mechanism, or a downward spiral.

In this post we are discussing the Burned Hufflepuff. For unburned primaries see [here].

One of the major aspects of a burned Hufflepuff primary is the shrinking of a community the Hufflepuff once belonged to. For whatever reason, the Hufflepuff has found that having a community (or at least a community that large) is unsafe. They have raised their barriers, cut themselves off, put alligators in the moats. 

What distances the burned Hufflepuff from the Slytherin primary, who also prefers smaller circles, is that the Hufflepuff wants a larger community. They wish the world was the kind of place where making those kind of broad and warm connections was feasible, practical, and not dangerous. The Slytherin is sated with their small circle; the burned Hufflepuff is aching for things they cannot or will not allow themselves to have. 

A Hufflepuff can, it is important to note, cut off a portion of the community without burning. A Hufflepuff cutting off, say, a bully, betrayer, or abuser, because they don’t deserve to be part of their community–that does not have to be a burning (though it can be– for instance, the actions of one villain might make the whole world into an untrustworthy place). 

Hufflepuff primaries are not inherent doormats, despite the common stereotype–standing up for themselves and their right to safety, happiness, and autonomy does not make someone not a Puff. Hufflepuffs are inherent valuers of community–whether that community is their town, country, gender, field, or family; or even something that focuses less on the warm bodies of a community and more on the traditions, structures, trappings, and history of a culture or place. Adjusting their definitions of “community” as the Puff learns more, grows, and figures out what their boundaries should be is just change, not a burning.  

The burned Hufflepuff comes in not when the Hufflepuff simply prunes their community, but when that pruning is an act of despair, desperation, or sacrifice. They are not cutting off the dead leaves or excluding a poisoned limb. A burned Hufflepuff can’t handle the world as is and they are cutting off portions of the community they love, value, and feel a debt and duty to, or cutting off the potential to have a community altogether. A Hufflepuff burns when they act against the values they hold and refuse to support, aid, or stick with a part of a community that they do consider their own and owed. 

Hufflepuff is one of the most common “burned” primaries in our present media. Very often, a burned Hufflepuff is at the core of the “Jerk with a Heart of Gold,” the “Sour Knight in Armor,” or any gruff, jaded hero who saves people despite seeming very very done with this whole people thing (stripped Gryffindors can also, though less often, fill this role). 

Burned Hufflepuffs are an easy way to write a character who can be good, sacrificing, and noble without being a ball of cheerful, loving sunshine or a lofty mess of shiny but impractical ideals. They populate dark-and-gritty settings and grim dystopias, where they thrive, angst, and usually end up either building or falling in with small, tightly knit families of misfits. 

A Hufflepuff’s burning can happen for a host of reasons. A Hufflepuff who feels compromised in some way might feel the rest of the community is safer or better without them, and will cut themselves off. Over the nine plus seasons of trauma, growth, and new and exciting types of unhealthiness, Dean Winchester of Supernatural is sometimes this sort of burned Hufflepuff. A monster hunter and a child of violence, Dean wishes hard and hopelessly to be part of the oblivious civilian population–his greatest temptations tend to be a normal life, a family, barbecues. His brief domesticity with Lisa and Ben, his dream in the djinn’s imaginary world, and his joy at finding the Men of Letter’s homey bunker (a kitchen! his own bedroom!) are all places where his underlying desires seep through. 

Dean’s world is a dangerous one, however, and he is a dangerous one. It’s what causes him to leave Ben and Lisa, after bringing supernatural threat home to them. It’s why, other than a few often regretted instances, Dean never even attempts that sort of family or peace. He thinks he is unfit for such warmth and goodness; he is a hunter and that requires sacrifice.

A Hufflepuff could also be so exhausted and traumatized that they have to put up walls and boundaries to survive–this act of survival will feel both wrong and necessary. Will Graham in the show Hannibal is a Hufflepuff whose empathy and work with serial killers has put such a drain on him that he’s cut himself off as much as possible–refusing eye contact, living out by himself in the woods with his dogs, ferociously refusing connection while also leaning into it (most apparent with his growing “friendship” with Dr. Lecter, but also visible with Jack and the lab techs). The world of Hannibal is an ugly place and to survive in it, empathetic Will must Burn. 

A Hufflepuff could also look around at the hard, damning world and decide that their ideals are impractical and impossible, and limit themselves to the few they can help– and damn themselves for every one they can’t. Malcolm Reynolds, the captain of the TV series Firefly, is this type of burned Puff. When his Browncoats lose their civil war, Mal circles in on himself, losing his faith in man as well as God. He defines his new community as just the crew of the ship he captains–nine wayward souls. 

One of the places Mal’s burning is most apparent is in the sequel movie Serenity, when Mal and some of his crew are escaping a doomed town. A townsman clings to the back of their vehicle, slowing it, and Mal shoots him (the attackers who are coming to town are a fate worth than death). When his second in command questions him later, she tells him, “In wartime, we’d never have left a man behind.” Mal responds, “Maybe that’s why we lost." 

Mal did his best in a situation where he believes you inherently can’t save everyone, and it still eats him on dark nights. But his traumas in war and loss have forced his Puff into a system of grim practicality that defines one type of the burned Hufflepuff primary. 

There are of course many ways of being burned and of being a Hufflepuff primary that we haven’t discussed here. But the basic tenet of the burned Hufflepuff is this: abandoning a community or a chance for one, while wanting desperately not to have to. 

  • friend: one good reason why you love luke hemmings so much?
  • me: luke hemmings he's just a ray of sunshine no no no! he's a ball of sunshine, his giggle reminds me of a happy child, his eyes mirrors his angelic soul, his smile brights up a gloomy night, he holds a heart of gold, his lyrics are poems the flows with music, his voice is more melodious than an angel's harp, his persona is like no other, you can feel the vibe of positivity from him, he...
  • friend: I SAID ONE!!!
how i see each sign
  • aries: fierce crazies with a heart of gold
  • taurus: beautiful 10/10 would recommend
  • gemini: we arent compatible BUT HEY i still love ya
  • cancer: you annoy me sometimes but still, i love you to death
  • leo: ayyyyy wassup homie
  • virgo: ily little ball of sunshine
  • libra: BAE
  • scorpio: i want to BE YOU SO BAD how are you so COOL
  • sagittarius: BUDDIES 4 LYFE
  • capricorn: CUTE BABY NERD ILY
  • aquarius: i love you so much but i hate you

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how can people not like suho he is like the sweetest butterfly ever

ikr he’s a handsome disney prince, he has a heart of pure gold, he’s talented and ambitious and hard working and smart and funny (YES SOMEONE ACTUALLY LAUGHS AT UR JOKES BOO) and polite - AND he’s dorky and awkward like us WHAT MORE DO U PPL WANT

how can u not love this harmless little ball of sunshine??

plus all ur faves love him (unless ur fave is changmin I GUESS) he’s the insta king and he don’t even have insta??

just accept bb leader as ur bias and ur soulmate

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i just started getting into bts and i want to know more about them so can you describe each members personality? especially jhope and v! thank you! P.S.- I love your blog


Okay first Jin. He’s the handsome awkward one with the broad shoulders. You can’t miss ‘em. He’s the oldest of the bunch. Super Mario fanboy. Nickname’s Pink Princess but don’t be fooled, he’s still quite manly. Cooking mama of the group. Dancing isn’t he’s strong point but he’s been improving a lot. Thick lips. According to the boys he’s also Grandma. Always taking care of the members. Can get a little sassy. He eats, he eats and he eats. Works hard. Vocal line.

SUGA. People actually thought he was scary back in the day(how?) but he’s actually a cute soft ball of cuteness that loves the members. Grandpa. Gummy smile. Normally doesn’t give a sh*t. Loves to write lyrics and produce music. Min PD. He will tell a hater like it is but he’s really a sweetheart that’s passionate about his work. He looks tough but he has a soft side, very soft. He’s always sharing his heart with the fans. He keeps it real. Works hard. Sleeps hard. Second oldest. Rapper Line. My bias.

J-hope. And like his name, he is a hopeful ray of sunshine and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that will brighten up your dingiest days. He’s your hope, he’s your angel. Another mom of the group. He doesn’t control his face nor his body. Likes to twerk and werk and twerk some more. He has a serious side too but doesn’t show it often. He gets scared easily, like really easily. He’s an amazing dancer and his rap skills are everything. He can sing pretty well too. Writes lyrics. Works hard. Third oldest. Rapper line, dance line. My sister’s bias.

Now the leader, Rap Monster. People tend to think the name is a bit much but believe me, he can rap quite a few under a Christmas tree. He may be the leader but he gets cray at times. Like Jin, dancing is not his strong point. It’s RAP Monster not Dance Monster, never forget. Still obsessed with the word “sexy”. Pink monster. Kim daily. All about fashion, fancy words and some deep philosophical sh*t. And like SUGA, writes lyrics, produces and he’s really just a ball of dimple cuteness. Works hard. Fourth oldest. Rapper line.

Jimin. Everybody loves Jimin. Cute. Cute. Cutie with a booty. Troll of the group. All about revenge. He loves Jungkook, LOVES Jungkook. Loves Suga too. He’s just really sweet and caring towards he’s members in general. Taeyang fanboy. His vocals will send you straight to Heaven. Looks cute but has a sexy side. If you’re having a bad day just listen to his laugh. Eye smile. Superb dancer, Perfect Man perf was just well.. perfect. Works hard. Vocal line, dance line.

V! His real name is Taehyung. So 4D you probably won’t be able to wrap your head around it so don’t even try but guess what? He says he’s not 4D! So… he’s just Tae.. I guess? Yeah. Rapper line’s fanboy and loves all the cyphers more than the fans probably. Dance skills are everything, he can get it. Secret handshake with Jungkook. Lovely deep vocal chords. May appear as class clown but he has a sweet serious side. Great with kids. Lots of celeb friends. Works hard. Loves to eat. Cute in every way. Vocal line. (my secret bias shh)

Last but bet your bottom dollar not least, Jungkook. Golden maknae. Sassy. International playboy. He can sing like the sweet birds early in the morning. Sassy. At first we thought he was the sane member of the group but turns out he’s just as crazy as the rest. Sassy. G-dragon and Zion.t fanboy x100. He’s got all the noonas in his back and front pockets. If he’s not your bias, he’s still your bias. He can rap, dance, sing and everything… he’s good at everything. Sassy but really a sweet kid. Strong. Works hard. Vocal line, dance line.

Hope this helped you get to know BTS better. Have fun stanning them~

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I think Felicity would be devastated, but I think to a certain extent she might bottle up her grief. I imagine there will be tears, but the instant someone like Digg mentions anything about her loving him or vice versa, that's the instant she closes off. Every single time a third person has brought up her feelings for Oliver, she immediately steers the convo elsewhere. I think apart of her kinda thinks no one but Oliver should get to hear those words or have a convo about her feelings.

I think apart of her kinda thinks no one but Oliver should get to hear those words or have a convo about her feelings.

That’s an interesting way of looking at it. Like she tells Dig - if Oliver has something to say, he should say it to her. I always thought that Felicity was the kind of person who would confide in others, who would seek advice or comfort from others outside herself and her relationship with Oliver. 

How interesting it has been to realise that actually, Oliver is the open one in this dynamic; for all his issues, he’s always been the one who’s found it easier to talk about these things. Felicity is the real closed off one in their relationship; she talks and babbles and reveals minor personal details so effortlessly that you don’t realise in the barrage of all the cute that she’s actually keeping parts of herself tightly locked up. She doesn’t reveal herself that easily, which is another reason why she hasn’t yet said ‘I love you’ to Oliver. 

How interesting a subversion of the trope - the grouchy, woe-is-me vigilante who is actually more open than we all realised; and the ball of sunshine with a heart of gold and endless compassion for everyone, who keeps herself so carefully hidden behind walls of steel. 

God, I love these two.