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Katie re-emerging from the Land of the Fae after what feels like an eternity of dehydration, skipping around with Oisin like the most adorable dork ever, look alive people!

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Hey, remember when I told you I had an idea for a KobaTohru child, but couldn’t show you because her sis was still being designed?

Here they are! Kobayashi Miho (美火 meaning: Beautiful Fire) and her sister Kobayashi Midori (翠 meaning: Green (designed by @askmisskobayashi))

Miho looks a lot like her working-mom, not just appearance-wise, but also personality-wise. So much that people often joke about if she’s even related to her maid-mom. Whenever they do, she casually shows off her fangs and tells them “I got these from her”.
Unlike her sister, she’s a human but can secretly use magic. She often pranks Midori by setting the curtains on fire and blaming her because “I’m a human. I can’t use magic.” She’s very laid back and often prefers playing indoors to doing anything active. Not very fond of physical contact, which is not so much fun when you have Tohru as a mom. 
Kobayashi once bought clothes for her and after getting scolded by her wife because these are not cute or fashionable, she was finally able to admit that Miho was the one who wanted to buy these. 

Midori is a happy-go-lucky dragon child. Her wings and tail are still non-existent, but she’s really proud that her horns are already growing. She’s the youngest sibling, but also the tallest which bothers Miho just a tiny bit. 
As sweet and loving as her mythical mother, Midori is a ball of sunshine and joy. Honest, but a bit of an airhead, she enjoys spending time with her mom and tries not to mess with her sister because she hasn’t forgotten all the pranks Miho pulled on her. 

Still they love the other a lot and often use each other’s laps during nap time, a habit that auntie Kanna taught them. 

Sirius: James and Peter are waiting. 

Remus: Hey, you don’t have to tell me… I’ve been waiting on you- *looks up and freezes* 


Sirius: *stares for a moment* *shakes his head and coughs* … I feel like I’m missing out on a really awesome joke right now. 

Remus: You were just up there for so long… trying to find something to wear- *snorts* Merlin…

Remus: … And then you come down in that… *wheezes*

Sirius: *stares in fascination as Remus struggles to contain himself* *grins from ear to ear*  

Remus: *takes a deep breath* 

Remus: *glances down* Where… *corner of his mouth twitches* Where are your shoes?

Sirius: *shrugs casually* 

Remus: ……… 

From a breakout ‘Thrasher’ part to signing with Nike, how a California girl grew up to be one of the best skaters on the planet

With a shaved head and androgynous look, Baker, 25, is known in skateboarding as much for her outspokenness against the misogyny of the corporate industry – which she has called “a bunch of dudes making decisions and judgments” – as her technical finesse on a board. And both as a queer woman and a person who doesn’t necessarily identify with a traditional view of femininity, she’s brought a rebellious approach to a sport that has largely become accepted by the mainstream, becoming one of skateboarding’s youngest outsiders. Yet with a kind manner and an infectious sense of humor, Baker’s got a focus and drive that make her a beloved figure within the scene. “She’s a ball of joy, so much fun to be around,” says Vanessa Torres, her teammate on Meow skateboards. “Her talent is undeniable.”


tonight’s agenda: harry performing two songs from his self-titled album, harry in skits, harry pulling looks with wardrobe changes, harry being a ball of joy, harry, harry, harry, and more harry

I need this yes

Blackwatch boys marriage proposal

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Gabriel Reyes

  • He is not nervous at all
  • He loves you more than anything and knows you love him
  • So when he is cretin he wants to spend the rest of his life with you he is more than ready
  • He gets you a black ring with a large diamond
  • If you are a extroverted person he will propose in front of everybody
  • “Look at this babe im gonna be husband too! Jealous anyone?”
  • If you are a bit on the shy side he will propose in private in a very romantic setting
  • He is just as happy as you up until the wedding is approaching where both of you get very hype
  • But rest assured you can expect a loving husband for the rest of your life

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Jesse McCree

  • He is just as nervous as he is excited
  • He is confident you will say yes but is nervous all the same
  • Buys you the biggest ring he can find (He had to do some overtime with Ana to pay for it)
  • Expect the days before him asking to be mega lovey dovey
  • He will definitely ask you in front on people 
  • He wants everybody to know who he is gonna be husband too
  • He is MEGA hype
  • Hootin and hollering the entire day of the proposal

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Genji Shimada

  • Out of all the boys he is the most nervous
  • Slightly paranoid you don’t accept him
  • The ring he gets you is somewhat simple with the Kanji for your name and the date you met on it
  • When he works up the nerve ask you its a very private thing
  • Extremely romantic
  • He has his mask off the whole time
  • He is a big ball of joy when you say yes
  • He is not the type to brag. You are more likely to talk about it
  • He is very zen throughout the engagement.
  • Even when you two are getting married he is calm
  • Rest assured. He is more than happy

A unicorn, behind the scenes on The Handmaids Tale [x]