ball of candy

“I’m shy. People get confused. They think as an actor you can get up and be confident on the screen. ‘Why aren’t you like this in normal life? Why can’t you act in your social life?’ Because I can’t!”

Happy 38th Birthday Heathcliff Andrew Ledger (April 4, 1979- January 22, 2008)

Little Foods🍴✨💙

- Macaroni and cheese
- Dino/Chicken Nuggets with ketchup
- Fish Sticks
- Sunny side up eggs with toast dipping soldiers
- Pancakes or waffles with LOTS of syrup and whipped cream
- PB&J sandwich
- Alphabet soup or spaghettios
- Pigs in a blanket (baby hotdogs wrapped in buttery dough)
- Lucky Charms cereal with banana

- Baby Carrots and Ranch dip
- Ants on a log (celery spread with peanut butter and raisins for ants)
- Trail mix
- Goldfish Crackers
- Applesauce
- Yoghurt (regular or frozen)
- Apple slices with peanut butter
- Pretzels
- Strawberries

- Rice Crispie Treats
- Oreo cookies and milk
- Jellybeans
- Superman Ice cream
- Mini cupcakes
- Fairy bread (white bread spread with butter and covered in candy balls)
- Gummy bears
- Donut holes

- Apple or orange juice
- Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
- Milk (warm or cold)
- Fruit smoothies
- Slushies


ADAW 35/52 - Marigolds

Finally I was able to take this photos ;w; as I planned the original ADAW with Enrico I wanted to take photos of him in front of my own raised Marigold flowers but they grew very slow. Now they are tall and so pretty. Enrico looks like he is in his natural habitat and fits this scenery so well ♥ I‘m so happy.