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Whenever you ask an artist how to git gud at art their response always seems to be something along the lines of "practice a lot". What do you practice on, though? I feel like just doodling aimlessly is not wery rewarding, at least for me.

Well of course.  You’re not supposed to doodle aimlessly, you’re supposed to doodle with the intent of getting better.  Draw the things you don’t know how to draw, draw them again, and draw them a million more times after that.  The things I practice on are gonna be different from the things you practice on.

You don’t “git gud” at soccer by learning a few tips and tricks, you “git gud” at soccer by kicking the ball over and over, running around, kicking it more, and discovering in the process of doing so what techniques you need to work on to make yourself better.  A coach helps, but a coach isn’t gonna be able to tell you “the secret plan” to make you good at soccer.”

Not to mention, the “doodling aimlessly” thing… I get the feeling you’re categorizing notebook drawings and sketches that don’t get finished as “aimless.”  Dude… what do you think I was doing my entire career in school?  What do you think I still do these days?  What do you think ANY artist ever did?  Those “aimless” doodles ARE practice.  It’s a matter of mindset.  If you think they’re pointless, then yeah, they’re gonna be pointless, because you’re going at it with a defeatist attitude.  That’s gonna get you nowhere.

about last night (m)

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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: enemies to lovers | explicit smut, fluff and angst

length: 15k

summary: you had promised yourself; if you were to ever hook up with that asshole park jimin, it would be just a one night stand.

a/n: dis was a monster to write im so tired. i stayed up until 12pm to finish this and now its finally done :) also how does every new fic i write get dirtier and dirtier?? idk. 

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"Getting kicked in the balls is WAY worse than periods!"

(Before I begin, just let me say that pain is relative and one particular ball kicking could be worse than one particular period)

Call me when you get kicked in the balls so hard you collapse on the bathroom floor at school. Call me when you get kicked in the balls so hard that you have to ask an acquaintance to run and get the nurse because you can’t stand without passing out. When you have to ask your friend to get you ibuprofen and you’re in such pain that you can’t even swallow it. When you call your mom to tell her that it’s never hurt this bad and you absolutely cannot stay, all while sitting on the bathroom floor and sobbing.

Call me when you get kicked in the balls so hard that the nurse has to put you in a wheelchair and wheel you across the school to her office while your shoes are off because you’re too hot and too cold and while you hold an oversized trash can, praying you don’t throw up because everyone in the halls and the lunchroom and classes with the doors open is staring at you. When you sit in the nurse’s office, trembling and crying, on the verge of a panic attack because you feel like your brain is melting but you’re also freezing. When you have to call your best friend to help you stop panicking while you wait for your mom to come get you. Call me when the nurse has to wheel you down to your mom’s car. Call me when you pass your AP teacher and she shakes her head and mutters, “it’s a bad day to miss…”

Call me when you get kicked in the balls so hard you have to leave school right before all your enriched and AP classes, leaving you with so much homework you start to panic again. When you get home and immediately collapse on the couch, crying and shaking because it hurts so bad. When the pain is so bad it makes you throw up so much that you can’t even drink water. Call me when you take Advil to help the pain that’s causing you to throw up, only to throw up the medicine before it can help.

Call me when you get kicked in the balls so hard you can’t even function because the only thought in your head is “oh God, this is how it’s going to end for me. No way the human body can survive this.”

Because that’s what happened to me today. I got my period today.

Things my family has said but with Voltron #2

Allura: what’s that in your ears?

Pidge: *wearing wireless headphones* headphones.

Allura: what are you listening to?

Pidge: music.

Allura: ooh let me hear! *plucks headphone out and puts in own ear*

Allura: …

Allura: *puts headphone back in* you need help.

Pidge: I know.


*everyone is in the car, Allura and Shiro are just getting something from inside*

Lance: you can’t sing.

Keith: yes I can!

Lance: prove it then.

Keith: *sings Irresistible by Fall out boy perfectly*

Pidge: *turns around* yes he can.


Lance: where’s Hunk?

Keith: still coming down the stairs.


Allura: Hunk pls



Pidge, Hunk and Lance: *walk in with pegs on their faces*

Keith: W H A T T H E F-

Shiro: LANGUAGE! Also guys what the fuck.


Lance: PIDGE!

Pidge: wat.

Lance: I’ve made a plan on how we can destroy Keith!

Pidge: *obviously not listening* ok

Lance: so we can kick him under the table at dinner, and we can lock him in the cupboard,-


Lance: and then we can scribble on his pictures and-

Pidge: Lance I don’t care about your weirdness I just want to go on the trampoline with Coran.


Lance: *kicks football* Y E E T


everyone: LAAAAAANCE


Pidge was listening to Ear Rape


| Fluff | Comedy | Smut | Slight Angst | Nerd!Hoseok | Braces!Hoseok

word count: 10k

❝ An engineering prodigy and your resident college loser, Jung Hoseok coerces you into teaching him the ways of the dating world. 

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For the Future

Pairing : Tom Holland x Reader (female pronoun, 1st person POV)

Genre : Fluff

Warning : Ayy late night future contemplating with Tom Holland

Word Count : 1203 words

A/N : I wrote this in 36 minutes, 6 hours before my flight to Singapore and I actually thought about the plot 2 minutes before I sleep last night so before this idea dissolve, i decided to quickly write it so it kinda suck. Sorry.

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A/A/N : I’m sorry, i just love Tom Holland. He could break my heart and I would probably say thank you.

Night time seems precious to the both of us.

The darkness of the night sky and the glittery twinkling starlight made life seem so much bearable.

So thank God for the huge window in Tom’s apartment.

Well… It’s now more like our apartment considering how much time I spent in the said apartment and I’ve left probably a quarter of my things around. His mum even told me to just move in so Tom wouldn’t bug her so much whenever he felt like he’s seeing less of me each day.

So here we are now, cuddling on the sofa, facing the big window in front of us with only a dimly lit lamp to help us see better. We were both draped in a huge, soft, woven blanket with our legs tangled like an octopus and our arms on each of the other’s torsos.

“Okay, but seriously, though… How could you think football is insignificant?” he asked while feigning an annoyed expression at me.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “Tom… it’s a game where you would almost literally kick one another just to get a ball and you kick the said ball everywhere until you score, I just don’t get all the hype”

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Humans are Weird - Part 5

I hope you guys have been enjoying my past parts. I’m not sure. Everything is pre-typed. Anyways, enjoy!

Xylion had just opened the door to the break room and was making his way into it when he heard a guttural groaning. His eyes widened and he looked around for the source of the sound. Xylion then saw Human Jenny laying face down on the couch, unmoving. He glanced around to see if anyone noticed, and saw the men playing a ‘card game’ over at a table, completely ignoring their coworker.

He frowned as he made his way past Human Jenny and towards the other humans. When he made it to the table, he eyed each one as they looked up to him. “Can we help you, Xylion?” Human Isaac said, his voice drawn out.

“Why is Human Jenny not participating in this card game with you? Do you no longer like one another? Or are you just ignoring her completely? Did she do something bad? And, is she dying?”

Human Fredrick chuckled. “No, she is not dying, and we are still friends. She did nothing wrong, but we are ignoring her.”



Before Human Fredrick could explain, another loud groan sounded out from Human Jenny. Xylion quickly turned to the men. “Are you sure she isn’t dying? She sure sounds it.”

Human Isaac sighed. “She’s just being over-dramatic. What she’s going through is nothing.”

Xylion was about to ask what that was when he heard the sound of shuffling footsteps. Human Isaac looked to something behind him and his eyes widened. Xylion glanced behind him to see Human Jenny standing there, her eyes mad with rage and a look that could only result in someone’s death clear on her face.

“What did you say, Isaac?” She asked, her tone sickly sweet. Xylion felt his spines begin to stand up once more. Because of these humans, they were doing it a lot more often.

Human Isaac waved his hands. “I- I didn’t say anything, Jenny.”

“I heard you say something that is completely wrong.”

Xylion was confused. Had Human Isaac said something wrong? “What’d he say that is wrong?”

Human Jenny looked towards him, and her look of rage diminished slightly. “He claimed that I was being over-dramatic, when he has no idea that pain I am in! Both physically and mentally!” She was shouting now, and Xylion couldn’t help but feel fear.

Human Isaac sighed. “It can’t hurt worse than being kicked in the balls, Jenny.”

Human Jenny scowled at him. “I’m on my period you asshole, so I suggest you don’t aggravate me anymore than you already have!”

“Which hurts worse, giving birth or getting kicked in the groin?” Human Fredrick said out of nowhere.

As if on cue, Human Isaac and Human Mason both answered with ‘balls’ (whatever that meant) and Human Jenny answered ‘birth’. They all immediately stared at one another, pure anger on their faces.

Xylion backed up. “What are those?”

Human Fredrick sighed. “The difference between genders for humans is our privates. Females have a different type that performs different tasks, while men have a different looking one that works differently as well. While both give us the ability to urinate, they also have different uses that help impregnate the females so our species can reproduce.”

“But what’s a…period? Is that what Human jenny called it?”

“Yes, a period, or menstruation. Females have sacks of eggs inside them that, if during a sexual activity with a male get fertilized by the man’s…stuff, a baby is created. However, if the egg is not fertilized, everything inside what we scientists call a uterus is torn apart, and flushed out. The process can be painful as the flesh is literally being torn off the walls. See, the uterus builds up walls of nutrients to help feed the fetus while also giving it a comfy place to grow. These walls aren’t needed normally, so once an egg is deemed ‘dead’, everything is torn off and flushed out the lady’s privates. They basically bleed out their private area.”

Xylion was stunned. What a terrible thing indeed! “What about being kicked in the ‘balls’?”

“Well, male humans have different privates than females, and one of them includes the testicules, better known as balls. They are highly sensitive, and one of the best ways to stop a male human is by kneeing him in it. It hurts like hell. Trust me, I don’t think I’ll ever experience something more painful than that. I mean, your sensitive area is essentially being crushed! Sure, everything females go through is painful, but the same thing occurs with males! Pain. We all feel pain.”

“And…what is pain?”

Zellnor shook is head, his scales now a sickly shade of green. “Wow…to think that humans go through that…great Galactia above!”

Xylion nodded. “I know, it seems particularly disturbing when you think about it. Humans are odd creatures, sir.”

“Yes, they are quite weird.”

“So, what would you like me to do?” Xylion asked, straightening up as he looked at his boss.

Zellnor sighed. “I’d like you to still keep an eye on them. You never know what might happen with them. We need to keep them on our side and safe, as we would and crew member. Now, I’d recommend going and finding them as soon as possible. Who knows what trouble they might be creating?”

“Y-yes sir!”

I hope you guys liked it. Sorry about the long descriptions of one thing and the shorter of the other, I don’t have as much knowledge of the second, though I did my best. But aside from that, I have an ask and submission box now open on my page so you can ask stuff and submit things! And, if you ever want to draw anything for this stuff, know I am not opposed and will gladly accept it. I love art. Anyways, see you in the next part!