ball jointed doll reviews

Eragona review

I already said that my newest project will be the Eragona Head from Lydia Studios. And today is the day i received my head. So what else to do as review the head first?! ^_^


Of course she will come with an certification and some mouse ears.

Very cute detail on her face cape. Love the strass around it.

My cute head with the face up i wanted. I really love her face and the face-up\makeup is really well made.

The head is selfmade, of course it can’t be perfect. The head cape isn’t perfect (color is lighter and it is a bit loose). But still, for the first head produced it is really good!

Sadly for me, mine has a small chip on the head…but you will not be able to see it with the wig on of course.

The mouse hears are cute and need a blushing first. But i don’t think she will be wearing those a lot ^_^

The head fits perfectly on the minifee body (I use a Moe-line body for her). The skin fits reaaaallly well together (she is in Normal skin btw.).

And with some (14 mm) eyes. It’s a bit hart to fit the eyes perfectly on the head but from the front you won’t see the gap!

Atm. I am working on her wig cape. I will show her when the wig is done again of course. ^_^

Hope you like my review of my little Eragona. I really love her and her big eyes.

Big thank you to Lydia Studios who made her!!!

Oh and if you want the head, she will be sold around December again for a limited time. Her basic price is: 100€ + shipping (no make up) or with make up: 145 € + shipping.


Have a happy Monday today! To cheer you up a little, how about watching the Tree Dragon posing on a video?? o/

DollZone Ivy

Time for a tiny BJD (ball-jointed-doll) review!

(apologies for the rather candid photos!) First of all, look at this teensie box! This doll is made by the company DollZone and is the sculpt called Ivy. I ordered her in-stock from DenverDoll blank in “normal pink” resin.

The eyes she came with are way too big for her eye wells. They don’t fit in properly, and you can’t see the whites at all. She’s also strung very loosely (as is common, and safer for the doll in transit). So She’s a bit weak feeling and also extremely “kicky”, snapping into the fetal position at the touch of a light breeze. However her resin is smooth and the sculpt is gorgeous. I always appreciate a company that removes the seams.

I was excited to get the winged body, as the difference between the non-winged body was about $5 (so why not?). However I’m not sure what to do with the wings as of yet, so i did remove them (they can be strung separately, so it’s easy!). They have a few joints of their own, making it seem like they may have a decent range of poses, but they felt pretty floppy when I first opened her. I will have to experiment with re-stringing them in the future.

(top - with Monster High larger 1/6, bottom - with Azone XS petite 1/6). She is an odd size. Too big for 1/12, but too small for 1/6. Somewhere in between, more standard action-figure sized, but her proportions don’t really allow her to fit in there either. So it will take a good eye and some creativity to find well-matched miniatures for her. Otherwise she can simply be considered fairy size. ;)

I painted her face, made some custom eyes from polymer clay (she can wear low-dome 6mm) and glued together a tiny nylon fiber wig (she can wear a standard ¾). Clothing is also a challenge, as I’m cheating in this photo. It’s a picco neemo outfit with the back completely split open! I will have to sew her some custom outfits in the near future. :) Overall I really love this doll. Her joints are probably the best I’ve come across on any BJD I’ve owned so far. She needed a re-string and quite a bit of glue-sueding to stop the kicking, but now she poses very smoothly, no joint-popping or anything odd. beautiful double-joints. I call her Soma :)

- Nico